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Update #10 - For backers only

The Next Step for Loreful - FLURF


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Update #9

Farewell to Kickstarter...Ambrov X Continues!

To all of our Backers --

It has been a long week and even longer weekend. The Loreful Team has spent the time since our last update brainstorming and debating on our campaign. We have collectively come to the conclusion that our best course of action is to cancel the campaign and regroup. Our daily quota to reach our goal is simply out of our reach. 

But that's ok.

What happens now?

We continue! We never planned on our Kickstarter being successful. Kickstarter is an unknown and was never part of our funding strategy. We thought we would take a shot. We took our shot and it didn't pan out for us.

The upside is that we learned A LOT! We connected with some amazing people and we found 1,001 backers who believe in us. We also received some incredible feedback about our game that has made us rethink some crucial elements. We are taking this feedback internally and focusing our efforts on Ambrov X. 

One thing that is important to remember: We are in PRE-ALPHA. We are at the very beginning stages of this game and we have a long way to go. We decided against releasing the pre-alpha because we took a unique stance in doing so. We wanted to add a bit more polish than usual. But in doing so, many have confused our polished Pre-Alpha with a poor Demo. While we are immensely satisfied with the Pre-Alpha build, we felt that releasing it would actually do more harm than good.

So now, we continue our campaign into the private investment arena. We've had much more success there. We've also received some interest from publishers. So the options open to Ambrov X are many and we are going to continue on!

Will Jennifer Hepler join the team?

We certainly hope so. We are committed to working with Jennifer and we'll find the funds to bring her on. 

To the 1,001

To those of you that stuck with us. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! You gave us such great feedback, stayed loyal to the cause and we want to reward you. So we are promising all 1,001 of you Beta Keys to our Beta (when the time comes). We have your contact info and we won't forget you.

What can I do and how can I help?

Join our community at Join us on Twitter and Facebook. Your feedback is invaluable and we want to continue the conversation and the journey with you. 

While we have decided against continuing crowd-funding elsewhere (at least for the time being), we will have many opportunities for you to support Ambrov X in the near future. Stay Tuned.


We believe so strongly in what we are doing. We believe in Sime~Gen as a great, undiscovered property in gaming. And we are committed to it one hundred percent. Our project is ambitious. No doubt. But we believe in a world with more than a handful of Story-Driven, Science Fiction RPGs and we will not rest until we have made this amazing game come to fruition.

Thank you again,

The Loreful Team

Update #8


We are digging into combat this week and next week. We have a dev diary coming your way as well as something more special. Needless to say, our silence this week has not been without reason, we are giving it our all over here. the spirit of the "combat" discussion, we asked Jennifer to really set the record straight on her thoughts around combat. Enjoy. 

My Thoughts on Combat - Jennifer Hepler

So, first a disclaimer. I am currently a story consultant for Loreful, and if I join the team full time, it will be as lead writer, with no more input into the combat design than, say, a character artist or voice actor. (Just as my sole contribution to combat on Dragon Age II was to submit a bug saying the wave fights were tedious.) So, me telling you my thoughts about combat isn’t really any different than the crazy guy in the bar saying, “Now, let me tell you a thing or two about politics…” But people seem to keep harping on some things I said about combat many years ago, or more precisely, things they think I said about combat, so I’m going to set the record straight.

The videogame industry has a serious problem with non-completion of games. Only between about twenty-five and fifty percent of people who buy a game actually play it to the end. (I have much more precise numbers but they are proprietary to Bioware, so I’m going to be vague, but believe me that these numbers are real, even if they don’t represent you and your friends). I’m sure some of those players who don’t finish have external reasons – Xbox red-ring of death… leaving for college… car accident… – but the most frequently cited reasons for not finishing a game, far and away are:

1. Getting “stuck” on a combat the player couldn’t get past.

2. Getting bored with the grind and never picking it back up again.

Non-completion of games is a huge problem. As a game developer and wife of a game developer, and friend of game developers and friend of wives of game developers, I know how hard people work to make these games. It is an effort of hundreds of people working nights and weekends, destroying their health and sacrificing family time and sometimes their marriages in order to get this entertainment into the hands of players. Roughly two-thirds of whom never even finish!

Think about that. If that were the statistic for movies, it would mean that of every couple who walks into a movie theater at least one of them will leave before the end of the movie. In reality, how many movies have you walked out of in your life? And how many games have you left unfinished? What would be seen as a staggering failure in one form of entertainment is accepted as inevitable by ours, but the two most common reasons for abandoning a game are both related to combat and both incredibly easy to fix.

Over the past decade or two, games have already made great strides on number one. Many (possibly most?) games now offer different difficulty levels, and many (most?) of those allow you to change difficulty on the fly. In Bioware games, there are often load screen hints suggesting that if a fight is too difficult, you reduce the difficulty level so you can get through it. But for people already struggling on the lowest difficulty, those hints don’t help, since there is no lower difficulty to bounce to. It seems like an obvious next step to allow a “skip combat” or “press to win” option that players can select when a particular fight is too tough for them. This way, when you buy a game, you will always know that there is a way to complete it and have a satisfying experience regardless of your skill level.

It is ironic to me the backlash that this idea has gotten from hardcore gamers, many of whom are also hardcore anti-DRM protestors. Ultimately, we are making the same case: once you spend your hard-earned money to buy a game, you should be able to play it any way you want. Anti-DRM protestors don’t like being told they have to be always on-line and sometimes endure long queues to play the games they own; many other players and potential players don’t like knowing that they could spend $60 on a game only to be told they’re not allowed to play past the first boss fight.

The second issue is equally simple to resolve. It’s no secret that games have two types of combat – important fun fights and grinding through mooks. The mook combats are there to serve two functions: They let players practice the skills they will need to get through the more important fights and they draw out the play time, allowing the companies to advertise a game as “60+ hours long!” And sometimes they can be fun. But other times, they are a tremendous drag. And in a game with story, there is no reason not to allow players to select at the beginning of the game (or tied to the difficulty level) to have many fewer of these “speed bump” combats. This would also make the games more appealing to audiences for whom the idea of committing 60 hours to something is cause for stress, not joy. As players get older and have jobs and families and outside commitments, it becomes increasingly important to make sure that games give the most bang for their buck not only for the people who measure “dollars per hour of fun” but for the people who measure “can I have fun with this in the one free hour I have a month?”

The most common objection I hear from other developers about reducing combat in games or making challenging encounters easier to win is “but it’s so satisfying to lose and lose and lose and then finally beat the bastard!” Which is true – there is a rush when you beat an encounter that at first seemed too difficult. But it’s also awfully close to saying “I love beating my head against a wall because it feels so good when it stops.” If you love fights exactly the way they are now, great – that’s what higher difficulty levels are for. But the two thirds of players who never finish most games are obviously not willing or able to get to the triumph – for them, the game is remembered only as frustrating and eventually games in general become too associated with frustration to keep playing.

And for a sequel-driven industry, this is crippling, since low completion rates mean you can’t predict future game sales based on previous ones. Dragon Age II sold fewer copies than Dragon Age: Origins -- but how much was that influenced by lower reviews and some poor word-of-mouth, and how much was from the fact that the vast, vast majority of Origins sales were to people who never finished the first game and had no desire to pick up a sequel? We’ll never know. But we do know that every time the industry has made a move toward making games more open to new players, less challenging, easier to learn and easier to complete, the industry as a whole has grown and thrived.

Our goal on Ambrov X is a 100% completion rate. We want to make a game that is compelling enough that you want to see the ending, short enough that everyone will have time to play it, challenging for those who want it and supportive for those who need it, and that will make sure nothing comes between you and making peace in the galaxy.

Update #7


You asked for it and here it is!

Thanks to your feedback and insights we now introduce the ALL DIGITAL PLEDGE LEVEL. Included in this level and all additional levels at $110+ we will also give you:

The Sime~Gen eBook Bundle!

All 12 Novels by Jacqueline Lichtenberg and Jean Lorrah in ePub or mobi formats. A Retail Value of $50!

Special thanks go out to Jacqueline Lictenberg, Jean Lorrah and Wildside Press for making this happen! 

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Update #6

Ambrov X and the Paradigm Conversation System


The Paradigm conversation system in Ambrov X is designed to offer the player a more fine-tuned control of how they want to play through the game. Although on the outside it may seem like a minor change from existing dialogue systems, internally it gives players an incredible amount of influence over how the game plays. We hate the idea of good vs. evil, because that is completely unrealistic. In reality, there are many shades of grey. That being said, there are 4 Paradigms players will be able to choose from at key points in our game. Each one reflects a particular play style.

Military – This is the most “traditional” of the paradigms. While the military approach is generally one of combat, it won’t always be so. The Military paradigm will also lead players down a path of strategy, defense and covert ops. Destroying one’s enemies and bringing justice to fallen friends, is only one aspect to this complex paradigm.

Scientific – By picking Scientific dialogue options, players skew their missions toward exploration and discovery. This paradigm is for people who want to delve into knowledge, learning as much as they can about the world around them and the people they are interacting with.

Philosophic – Philosophic dialogue options are for players who like to ask big questions: not “What is this and how does it work?” but “Why is the world like this and can it be fixed?” By selecting philosophic dialogue options, players are choosing to take their missions down a more story-oriented and less immediate route, potentially sacrificing “success” at their objective to achieve a larger goal.

Diplomatic – For those who like to avoid combat, diplomatic dialogue options offer players a path through missions focused on peacefully resolving issues with enemies. This doesn’t mean there will be no fighting on this path, but the player is setting the stakes of the mission so that the deaths of all enemies would be considered a failure.

The paradigm options players choose will have a very large impact on how the game plays. The system is still under development right now, so we will avoid going into too much detail, but decisions you make through the paradigm system will have a direct impact on the outcome of the people around you. Obviously, not every dialogue option will lead to the same level of branching, but there will be enough key moments and quests to allow for tremendous differences in the characters, the stories and the outcomes of the game. 

Each choice should resonate with the player. We want you to be screaming at your screen when you make a decision that you regret. We want the decisions to have a real impact on your emotions, rather than sticking to generic emotionless killing. The idea is to put the tools into your hands, to allow you to tailor your Ambrov X experience to exactly how you like to play. Every choice you make should help you come away feeling like your choices mattered and like the game was designed just for you.

Below, Ben Steel - Lead Game Designer, answers the question: How does the Paradigm Conversation System differ from other systems? Check it out.

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