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A psychological horror adventure inspired by H. P. Lovecraft and set in a massive, decaying mental institute.
An epic supernatural horror adventure set in a massive, decaying mental institute. Inspired by H. P. Lovecraft, Hammer Films and the atmospheric horror of yesteryear. Coming as soon as we can. We swear.
An epic supernatural horror adventure set in a massive, decaying mental institute. Inspired by H. P. Lovecraft, Hammer Films and the atmospheric horror of yesteryear. Coming as soon as we can. We swear.
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The Final Countdown Has Begun...

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Hello, backers! Did you have a nice weekend? We sure did, happily working non-stop for you! We’re readying for a week of exciting updates including, but not limited to, stretch goals, preview of the documentary, and in-depth look at key rewards.

But for now I’m going to keep it short bringing to your attention the following things:

Final Lap

That’s right. In case you didn’t notice the number of days left for our Kickstarter campaign, it’s 9. Nine. ONE DIGIT. We’re not doing bad as we’re nearing 90%, but it sure wouldn’t hurt to be funded soon so that we can concentrate on our stretch goals (and trust me, they will be worthwhile!).

So what you can do to help? Spreading the word never hurts. You can tweet, post on Facebook, post on your favorite forum or blog, open your nearest window and scream about the game, etc. Also, make sure you follow our official Facebook page and Twitter account and you may repost our fresh news.


Lots has been going on lately! Asylum keeps gaining popularity and more and more sites are noticing our Kickstarter. The major highlight perhaps was this terrific article on A nice and very positive read that we highly recommend. You may also want to check out the interview I did with Matt Barton from the acclaimed YouTube series Matt Chat. This is the second interview I did actually where we talked about the campaign, details about Asylum, open source, DRM, and more. Here’s the video, which I hope you enjoy:

Please, consider donating to Matt Chat as it’s a work of love with amazing interviews (some of them quite famous!) that spawn over several years. In fact, you can also check out the previous ones I did that mostly focused on Scratches:

Matt Chat 93: Scratches and Asylum with Agustín Cordes

Matt Chat 94: Interview with Agustín Cordes Pt. 2

Another highlight is this interview with the Pixels Or Death site. It’s not that well-known but Jason Rice did a remarkable and very professional work. Definitely worth your time!

Backer Spotlight®

We have received awesome videos for this quirky idea that seems to work great! For instance, a backer who did a fun performance as an amnesiac, Blair Witch style; another who told us her experience with Scratches and why it was so frightening to her; or a backer who was so inspired by the game that she wants to become a musician and scare people with her piano. It’s a thoroughly enjoyable and fascinating watch!

And yet, we have room for more. This why we’re giving you a time extension until Wednesday to appear in the documentary preview. If we receive enough videos, we may consider doing a lengthier, standalone Backer Spotlight® preview for next week before the campaign closes. For more information and guidelines, check out our backer only update #8 (remember you must use a program like FileZilla to upload to our FTP).

That’s it for today. As of this writing we’re now over 88k funded and our pineal glands are tingling with anticipation of reaching our goal. We can definitely do this! As always, thank you for your support!

- Agustín

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    1. Missing avatar

      Matias Blanco on February 19, 2013

      All the best! You will make it!

    2. Missing avatar

      Manalishi on February 19, 2013

      All the best... I really loved the Asylum demo. It looks good.

    3. Fate on February 18, 2013

      Thank you for the update! Will try and do what I can to help!

    4. advmal on February 18, 2013

      I took your advice and screamed out my window about Asylum!