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An epic supernatural horror adventure set in a massive, decaying mental institute. Inspired by H. P. Lovecraft, Hammer Films and the atmospheric horror of yesteryear. Coming as soon as we can. We swear.
An epic supernatural horror adventure set in a massive, decaying mental institute. Inspired by H. P. Lovecraft, Hammer Films and the atmospheric horror of yesteryear. Coming as soon as we can. We swear.
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Iä! Iä! The Great Ones Gather (GOG)

Posted by Agustín Cordes (Creator)
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It seems that we have many fans of among us. And why not? They've been bringing us awesome games, old and new alike, seem like a nice bunch of people and their site is the ultimate example of gorgeous web design. So it would be rather cool if Asylum was published there, don’t you think?

Well, it will. Today we’re officially announcing that Asylum is coming to GOG and we couldn’t be happier! Scratches was a popular title there and we’re sure that Asylum will be yet another strong entry in their catalog. As is usual with GOG, we will closely work with them to produce lovely extras for the game, such as wallpapers, avatars, game guide, and more.

But that’s not all: by popular demand we’re also adding Desura to the bag, so now there’s something for everybody’s taste. We love Desura and their wonderful support on Linux, and we love Linux too, but most importantly we love you. And that’s why we’re making things really simple for this Kickstarter: one pledge, three keys. That’s right: with the $15 pledge (and onwards) you get three keys, one per each seller. And we remind you that with your purchase you get access to all versions of Asylum: Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

In the words of Gandalf: “It’s quite cool”.

Reddit AMA

Also remember that our AMA (Ask Me Anything) session is scheduled for today at 4PM EST (9PM GMT). We will answer questions about the Kickstarter campaign, Asylum, Scratches, our engine Dagon, horror, Lovecraft, adventure games, and anything else that comes to mind. We're very much looking forward to see you there!

Link: Reddit AMA

Announcing Add-On Purchases

This is by far one of the most requested features for this campaign and we have listened: as of today, we’re allowing you to purchase additional items and customize your pledge as you see fit. To keep up with the spirit, we’re going to make this straightforward: you can purchase any quantity of any digital Add-Ons on any tier, even the $5 Guest pledge (but no less than that). Physical Add-Ons, however, will require the $50 tier or above to cover the shipping and handling fee.

Because it’s Valentine’s Day and (like I said countless of times by now) we love you, additional copies of the game may be purchased at the discount price of $15 without limitation until the end of the campaign. So, feel free to use the Manage Pledge button to add the desired money with the following list in mind:

Digital Add-Ons (Require $5 tier and above):

• Extra Digital Download of Asylum +$15
• Extra Three Digital Downloads of Asylum +$40
• “A Tour of Hanwell” Digital Documentary +$15
• Digital Record Book of the Insane +$5
• Digital Soundtrack +$10

Physical Add-Ons (Require $50 tier and above):

• Printed Record Book of the Insane +$10
• Audio CD Digipak Soundtrack +$20
• T-Shirt +$20

After the end of the Kickstarter campaign you will receive a survey where you will be able to assign your add-on money to the desired items. Since some of you asked, the T-Shirt sizes are XS, S, M, L and XL.


Finally, the game engine powering Asylum went open source yesterday. We have designed it with adventure games in mind and it’s really easy to use. It's free to use for commercial projects. Developers and players alike are welcomed to take a look and follow its exciting development here: Dagon on GitHub.

That’s about it for today (as if all that wasn't enough!). Hope to see you in the Reddit AMA, and stay tuned for more news!

- Agustín

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    1. Agustín Cordes 2-time creator on

      @Andrea: We're supporting PayPal now!

    2. Missing avatar

      Andrea J. Harrell on

      What can I do to get my pledge to you guys if I don't have a C.C.?


    3. Hideo Kuze on

      The game on GOG and making the game engine open source!
      Your guys are awesome.

    4. Missing avatar

      Manalishi on

      Thanks... and the forum link ?

    5. Agustín Cordes 2-time creator on

      You're right about the forum link, I fixed that! Sorry!

      You can get the official binary from here:

      That is, you *must* download the teaser which includes the assets (ie: textures). The Asylum-Teaser repo only has the code itself.

    6. Missing avatar

      Manalishi on

      Nope I don't see a binary there :

      Already have the latest Nvidea drivers ...

    7. Missing avatar

      Manalishi on

      The link was this one :

      Feel free to visit our forums to discuss the engine and request technical support:

      I didn't see the binary, but it might be because I downloaded the source ...

    8. Paul Tamborello on

      Loved Scratches back when I bought it years ago, happy to see this new game runs on my crappy little netbook (at least the Teaser opens and I can walk around the cafeteria). Happy to be a backer!

    9. Agustín Cordes 2-time creator on

      @Andre: Which links take you to a construction page?

      Also, does the teaser work fine out of the box? Note it already includes a Dagon binary. If it doesn't, please try updating your video card drivers :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Manalishi on

      Ok silly me ... didn't read this bit "To create your own project, copy the Dagon binary in a folder with a main.lua file or indicate the name of your main script in the Dagon.cfg file (included in the Sample folder)."

      Copied it in, but then had something that looks like snowfall on a black background. Sorry would mention all this on the forums ... if I could access it.

    11. Missing avatar

      Manalishi on

      Downloaded the Dagon source and compiled in Visual Studio 2012. Works fine and when it is run it displays Dagon and then shows a black screen with FPS etc. Unsure of what the commands are. Downloaded the Asylum Teaser as well but have no idea how to start it up into the Dagon engine. Excuse my ignorance if I missed something. Tried the forums but the link takes me to a under construction page...

    12. Missing avatar

      Manalishi on

      The Journey Down is good, but they need to release the next chapter already !

    13. Asrai on

      This is great news. I love GOG. I actually just downloaded Scratches there. I haven't had much time to play yet, so I haven't gotten far, but so far, I'm really impressed! And scared. I seriously had to turn down the computer sound and put on some relaxing music in order to explore the basement... and nothing scary has even happen yet! The atmosphere is that good.

    14. Korg on

      gog steam and desura, what else can we ask?
      I think I'm going to install scratches again :)

    15. Sébastien C. on

      Awesome ! Exactly what I was hoping for. I won't even claim my Steam key in this case, i'll only take it on GOG... :p

    16. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      All 3 version keys on my 1 purchase?! You're too kind!

    17. Agustín Cordes 2-time creator on

      @S.D.: :D

      Yeah, a client that downloads files does not necessarily imply DRM (even GOG uses a downloader). Personally I have downloaded a few games from the Desura web directly since they don't have a client for Mac.

      Also: The Journey Down ROCKS!!

    18. S.D. on

      Best update EVER, Agustín! Well, since the last one :-D

    19. S.D. on

      @Jonah Libster: Hey, buddy, you can just avoid the "DRM" of the Desura client by not using it. *Most common* misconception about Desura!! All Agustín & Senscape have to do is prepare standalone installers for each OS, and Desura has a GOG/Humble Store mode, where you can download the standalone installer from the game's page when logged in.

      Here's what it looks like for The Journey Down:
      (excellent game for adventure fans, BTW, funny and highly recommended)

      Those blue buttons on the right with the file size in them are download buttons :-)

      Also, the Desura client is open-source anyway (Desurium project):

    20. The Evolutionary on

      I too am happy for Desura. I'll probably rig up a virtual machine, install the client here and then do the DRM free downs to my server. That way I avoid the DRM of he Desura download client. :D

    21. Agustín Cordes 2-time creator on

      @Matt: They're two very different things, and Dagon can't compete with the power of Unity. But, it was built with adventure games in mind, and thus it allows for a quicker creation of games in this genre (and for this reason it also happens to be very lightweight).

    22. The Evolutionary on

      Now if only GOG will get off their butts and make a Linux section..

    23. Matt Wiseman

      How does Dagon rate up against Unity3d?

    24. The Lurker formally known as Mrs. S.D.

      Desura!!! I know someone who will be happy about this. I'll give you a starts with S and ends with D...

    25. Frodo

      Great to know this will be on GOG.

    26. Agustín Cordes 2-time creator on

      Yes, the T-Shirts are unisex but they're not the American size. They're slightly smaller. We will eventually post the exact measures, don't worry :)

    27. Astrid (PolloDiablo) on

      Just one quick question: Are the t-shirts American male sizes?

    28. Serena Nelson - Hero of the AGRM

      As a user of both Steam and GoG, I'm happy to see that I can get a key for BOTH with my pledge. You guys rock!
      Also, the shirt sizes are unisex, right? Just asking since some projects offer women's tees as well.

    29. Michael Hartmann

      Yay for GOG!