ASYLUM: From the designer of Scratches

by Agustín Cordes

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    1. Claude M. on

      Almost 5 years late. Brags about 10k wishlists on Steam. OK then...

    2. Seth Barbour on

      This was a fantastic update to read. Enjoyed your quirky humor yet again!

      Videos look great, and congrats for hitting 10K followers on a game even before it's release!
      It speaks a lot to what you've put together, and what we've helped come to be.

      Best of luck, keep up the fantastic work. I love what I'm seeing so far!

    3. Agustín Cordes 2-time creator on

      @Claude M., I'm sorry to be happy that a niche indie game taking us a great deal of effort is gaining a lot of awareness in an industry that's becoming more vicious and difficult every passing day.

    4. ThomasN on

      The whole world is becoming more vicious every passing day.
      Be glad you did not have my crappy Friday and yours was just technical shit going down, because mine was social :( If you were here physically, I'd want to hug you, so you can be double-happy ;)
      Always look on the bright side my friend.