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An epic supernatural horror adventure set in a massive, decaying mental institute. Inspired by H. P. Lovecraft, Hammer Films and the atmospheric horror of yesteryear. Coming as soon as we can. We swear.
An epic supernatural horror adventure set in a massive, decaying mental institute. Inspired by H. P. Lovecraft, Hammer Films and the atmospheric horror of yesteryear. Coming as soon as we can. We swear.
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Milestones, Videos, Streams and Emoji

Posted by Agustín Cordes (Creator)

Greetings from beyond the computer monitor/mobile device screen/VR headset/AR glasses! I trust you're all doing great.

Look, following a massive, possibly longest update ever filled with words and multimedia, I'm going to keep this one laser-focused. I swear. In fact, it's probably our highest multimedia-to-word ratio yet. So many first milestones!

Speaking of milestones...

Progress update!

This little video has been making the rounds and I wasn't expecting such an overwhelming reaction. People genuinely loved it, and while you've seen how these features work by now, looking at them together and polished like this is exciting. At least that's what people told us:

It almost looks like a finished game!

I'm doing my best to avoid typing words, but I should post a quick overview of the stuff we did since the last update:

  • 🔍 Revised cursors and hotspots. The hands are smaller and detecting spots is now ultra smooth and sexy.
  • 📙 Incredibly awesome menu system and very die... diaie... diegait... DIEGETIC. Wait till you see how our achievements work.
  • 🗣 We’re finally able to have a proper conversation with the denizens of the asylum. And it looks good! And feels good! Our context-based dialogue system is unlike anything you have experienced in adventure games.
  • ✏️ 3D inventory and journal, including 3D pencil. So immersive, so fancy. Much 3D.
  • 🎥 Too many visual effects and tweaks to mention here.
  • 🕹 Surely many other things we’re forgetting. And obviously a huge deal of playable content!

(as you can see, I'm excited to see that I can use emoji on Kickstarter updates!)

Currently, we're putting the finishing touches to the hugely complex dialogue system, after which we'll be able to declare ASYLUM feature complete.

Nostalgia 🚙

Also, another video that I inexplicably forgot to share here. Fans of Scratches will appreciate this sequence. We're going out of our way to include loads of Easter Eggs and small details... for instance, you may want to repeatedly try to get a radio signal 😉

Do note as well how we'll allow you to explore and touch everything there is to see! 😍

What else? Right...

To hand or not to hand ✋

I've been discussing this all over our social networks. It's by far the most controversial aspect of ASYLUM, but I believe most of you are happy with the hands. Still, I wanted to make sure you think the hand cursors aren't detracting from the atmosphere or hurting immersion.

If you are fans of The Hand, you may enjoy this visual evolution of the most adventure-y cursor ever.

OK, so...

It's alive... I mean, they're alive! The streams!

Beginning tomorrow Friday at approximately 12:00 PM PST, I'm going to start doing regular livestreams on Twitch speaking about the development and current status of the project. Tomorrow is going to be a short "warm up" discussing the above milestones in detail before I go live with a lengthy playable chunk of the game. Make sure you follow the Senscape channel at:

I'll try to make fun and interesting streams, not just for fans of our games but fans of adventures and developers in general.

(I meant the developers themselves, not fans of developers)

We're verified 😎

Finally, we're now an officially verified Discord server! Look at that member count! It's a huge and ever-growing friendly community that's becoming a haven for fans of adventure games. Our newest feature? Coordinated Group Plays to enjoy your favorite games with other members!

Speak to you soon and hope to see you tomorrow!


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