ASYLUM: From the designer of Scratches

by Agustín Cordes

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    1. DuskShadowBrony on

      "It's the friendliest community around!"
      *shows a screen shot of an admin threatening to ban*


    2. TrentJaspar on

      @DuskShadowBrony it was a joke...

    3. Fuzzy Puffin on

      Hi, I just want to ask “when.”

    4. Richard Bergman on

      Hi Agustín. I hope that you and your team at Senscape are doing well, and that we will see Asylum soon since it's been quite long now since the original dec 2013 (!!!) delivery. Considering that I'm thinking that it would be a nice gesture to all of your backers if we all got a free Scratches key, so we can play some game from you guys while we wait for the release of Asylum. I would very much appreciate that kind of gesture now that you're finally able to hand out keys of your previously unavailable game. Best regards Richard

    5. Agustín Cordes 2-time creator on

      @Richard, you read my mind. I was thinking that it would be nice if backers can instantly get a free key. Thing is, we don't have *that* many and I'm not sure if I can request more. Currently we've given away about 30 keys and there's plenty left -- but 3000+ keys would be another story.

      On the other hand, I'm sure many backers already own Scratches, so we may be able to hook up the rest with keys.

      If we do this, it will have to be done through our Discord system. I'm thinking about simply allowing backers to bypass the Servant of Dagon requirement, meaning you just login and get your key. You can even leave if you don't want to be in the server afterwards (though you'll be missing all the fun).

      I'll follow up in a couple of days with more details.