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An epic supernatural horror adventure set in a massive, decaying mental institute. Inspired by H. P. Lovecraft, Hammer Films and the atmospheric horror of yesteryear. Coming as soon as we can. We swear.
An epic supernatural horror adventure set in a massive, decaying mental institute. Inspired by H. P. Lovecraft, Hammer Films and the atmospheric horror of yesteryear. Coming as soon as we can. We swear.
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    1. Agustín Cordes 2-time creator on

      Hey everybody! The Scratches livestream was a success, everything turned out so well that I'm planning to do a similar one for Asylum (exclusive for Kickstarter backers) soon. In this stream, I'll be showing the latest progress we did in the game as well as drop a couple of crazy announcements. This should happen next month, after which a brand new demo will be released for testing. We have pretty exciting times ahead, and I can't wait to share what's going on with you! Until then!!

    2. Riggo on

      Cool! This is that Doom clone I backed right? Bitchin'!

    3. Timothy Roller

      You really do give the best updates of any game I've backed. If you could do an updated version of Scratches using the new engine and getting rid of that GOD AWFUL "check every drawer" nightmare after you release Asylum, I'd buy it!

    4. Agustín Cordes 2-time creator on

      @Richard Bergman: Sadly, the situation with Scratches is very complicated. We don't own the full rights, so we're not able to distribute the game ourselves. I'd love to publish a fully-DRM version with a few patches and improvements. Heck, I'd just release it for free at this point in the game's life. It's not my call. We'll see after Asylum, when I have the energy and time to pursue this goal, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Sorry :(

      @Marieke Brinks: Ingo provided you with some very thorough directions (thank you, Ingo!). You may also want to read the updated with the demo announcement for further details:

      @Iuri Bachnivsky: Yes, certainly, though we're focusing on getting the game completed!

    5. Iuri Bachnivsky

      So, is the record book mentioned in the campaign and pledge tiers ever going to be released?

    6. Cleo on

      It's really looking good, Agustin. The sky should be even more beautiful in- game when we can see it move. I know what you mean when you ask yourself, "Is this worth it?" I've asked myself that about Adamantus many many times. I feel sure that Asylum *will* be worth it.

    7. Ingo Günther on

      @Marieke Brinks
      You get your Steam-key from HumbleBundle. If you don't have an account there, you can go to , enter your E-Mail address and they will send you information about all purchases assigned to your E-Mail address. Or you just create one but in every way, make sure you use the same E-Mail address as for your Kickstarter account.
      To activate your Steam key you have to click in the lower left of the Steam interface on "+ Add a game" and to click on "Activate a Product on Steam". You will also get a download link for the DRM-free version, but this version didn't get any updates so far as uploading a new build to Humble Bumble is much more effort then simply releasing a patch for the Steam-version.

    8. Marieke Brinks on

      I probably missed something in the last months, would love to play a version, but how ?
      Never got a mail about that ( as far as I know ) . If you cab help me with that, I would be very happy.

    9. Richard Bergman on

      Hi Agustín. Looks visually impressive, and extremely atmospheric, but man it's taking so long... I'm waiting for the final release before jumping in, because I want to be blown away with a seamless and bugfree version the game. I hates those nasty bugs, unless it's the kindda bugs that contributes to a creepy atmosphere of course. What about a DRM free Scratches Director's Cut tenth anniversary giveaway for your backers to play while waiting for Asylum, preferably on GOG (even though it's still unavailable in the store)? It would be nice gesture to your supporters, admirers and fans who made this Aslum project a reality. Btw I actually own scratches Director's Cut on Big Fish Gaming, but theit client and DRM ruins the game experience, and messes up my OS, and their service is lackluster, so haven't touched either Big Fish Games or the game ever since I bought it years ago, so that was a waste of money and would rather own the game on either Steam or GOG.
      Best regards.

    10. Agustín Cordes 2-time creator on

      @Revery123: Yes, we'll do Oculus. As for other devices, I'll have to check them out.

    11. Revery123 on

      Its been awhile, but I was wondering are you guys offering Oculus support (or any VR support)?

    12. John Drinkwater on

      Thank you for the update. Looking good.

    13. Agustín Cordes 2-time creator on

      @TrentJaspar: Thanks, I've learned to ignore aggressive and painfully obvious trolls in the interwebs. However, we've been fortunate enough to be blessed with thoughtful and polite commenters on Steam in the case of Scratches and Serena (at least so far).

      @SteveW: It all comes down to personal taste, of course! But I believe the Dagon-edition was too flat, washed out, and sterile in comparison. This is perhaps more evident in the treeline -- there's barely any depth in the 2014 incarnation. In any case, please reserve judgement until you see the new version in motion :)

    14. TrentJaspar on

      No matter what you do, the Steam forums will be full of vitriol and insults. Advice: don't read them. Make your game, but don't turn it into a GoT-will-he-finish-it-before-he-dies thing. ;-)
      I hope your son is doing well and that you are enjoying fatherhood.

    15. Missing avatar

      SteveW on

      I still like the screenshots from the Dagon version. :-p