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A psychological horror adventure inspired by H. P. Lovecraft and set in a massive, decaying mental institute.
A psychological horror adventure inspired by H.P. Lovecraft and set in a massive, decaying mental institute. Currently in alpha status and being tested by our courageous backers!
A psychological horror adventure inspired by H.P. Lovecraft and set in a massive, decaying mental institute. Currently in alpha status and being tested by our courageous backers!
3,169 backers pledged $119,426 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Jarred Schulte 3 days ago

      And That's The Bottom Line! Because COR-DES Said So!!!! (Insert Stone Cold Steve Austin Meme Here)

      I'm totally fine with how this project is going, which is odd for me. I just figure I actually trust The creators and have faith that they are indeed working toward producing a game I'm going to throughly enjoy. I haven't taken advantage of the workflow boards because I'm happier waiting for the game and being surprised.

      Keep on keeping on and I'll look forward to the next update!

    2. Creator Agustín Cordes 6 days ago

      I don't see the point in rehashing this discussion -- I've explained many times in the past the reasoning behind Charles Dexter Ward, our migration from Unity, and the status of Asylum. All the updates are archived if anyone wants to revisit these subjects.

      There's a couple of things I'd clarify since I don't like ignoring posts that imply I'm a liar (even though they're coming through as blatant trolling).

      First, no one from Senscape has ever, in any update, comment, tweet, or any form even remotely suggested that the delays in Asylum are the fault of one person. In particular, I vehemently deny we've ever bullied anyone (quite the contrary, I'm afraid). We're fully aware of how delayed the game is and have openly admitted we overdid it in terms of size and scope. We can't appreciate enough the patience and support from the vast majority of backers during these years, and definitely understand the frustration of others. We're working very hard, every day to ensure Asylum lives up to your expectations. We sincerely want to deliver a game you'll be proud to have backed. If you feel like venting, go ahead -- I read everything and value all criticism.

      Then there's the issue with the copyright of Lovecraft's stories. I spent months researching this subject, discussing it not only with S. T. Joshi but also the founder of Lovecraft Ezine, Chris Karr (whose essays are possibly the most authoritative word on the subject), and of course Mr. Bob Harrall himself to understand his perspective. Bottom line is, there's nothing conclusive -- no one can claim whether the rights are in the public domain or not, and the only way to prove it is in a trial. And I'm not keen on visiting a court record anytime soon.

      But it wasn't just the copyrights that we negotiated, but also access to a wealth of information that is only available in records of the Lovecraft Estate. I can't believe people are still negating its existence since it's the group who produced countless of original letters penned by Lovecraft himself. They've been painstakingly ensuring those archives are preserved and accessible for scholarly research for decades. That would've been a tremendous asset for the production of Dexter Ward and (at least back then) we were the only game developers to be granted such a privilege.

      It was never my intention to secure the copyright (believe in the Lovecraft Estate or not) to enforce it in any way, just to ensure that no one could raise a finger and say "you're not allowed to make that game", then sue us. Seriously, there's nothing more to it and I can't believe this is still being discussed to this day.

      In any case, Dexter Ward won't get made, so the discussion gets even more pointless. I'm not blaming anyone, folks -- the Kickstarter campaign failed for a number of reasons that were already discussed (and yes, I still believe the platform has greatly diminished its source of income for games, especially indie games) and life after Asylum will be very different for us.

      But I can assure you that the only bitter thing around my is the Campari in my Negroni. I thank every day the opportunity we have to work on a game like Asylum fully independently. I still remember how fun and friendly this whole Kickstarter campaign was and I'm truly sorry to see it has lost some of that charm. However, I know for a fact that you're going to fall in love with what we're doing here and (at least to some extent) understand and excuse the outrageous time it took us.

    3. Jarred Schulte on May 12

      Beef or no beef. Stupid iPhone keyboard...

    4. Jarred Schulte on May 12

      For the record my comment was not a dig. If it were intended to be one I would have said something closer to the effect of, "... At least baseline intelligence."

      Your passive aggressive condescension however was indeed a dig. Which, frankly I don't care about. It is who you seem to be, passively aggressive and condescending.

      In the end it boils down to this. Beef or no need, you will get what you get when you get it. How you feel oddly singled out and slighted by the creator of a game who has, until textually assaulted by you, been congenial and at bare minimum open and as honest as has been possible is frankly weird and paranoid. Perhaps if you had intended to talk out your concerns the best route might not have been to be overtly confrontational in your public posts to him where his friends, family, and supporters would view them and come to his aid.

      Just some random spitballing. Take it for what it is worth. If you want to be indignant and have a reason feel free to check out the Dr. Awkward kickstarter I backed. The one where the well known video game creator and indie musician took nearly 5k from his fans and hasn't so much logged on to address any concerns about the fact that his scheduled delivery date was a year ago.

      Relax. Its the internet and life is too short to be so salty over an investment not yet gone bad.

    5. Matt Wiseman on May 12

      Admittedly you're correct, Jarred. There is nothing constructive coming from my posts. They come from a personal beef I've with the creator and as such, I'll avoid posting here more. Personally at this point due to his behavior, I've given up on this project. I'm not saying I'm betting it won't be done. I'm saying I've got such a bad taste in my mouth at this point that I simply will not enjoy the game when it comes out. So, no I won't be pleasantly surprised when the game is completed.

      That said, your slight of "at least of mild intelligence" is not received well and comes off as more than a tad condescending. You are right that I was venting. You are absolutely wrong that I'm angry that it's delayed, I'm angry, as I said in my previous post, by his behavior, however I will take the high road and not critique your reading comprehension. In the end however, you make a valid point. I'm going to go back to ignoring this project. The only reason I commented at all was to respond to SquigPie and RachelEvans, my fellow backers, agreeing with their sentiment of distaste. Amazingly some people aren't happy with how this project is going, not just those of us who were dogpiled by senscape employees for asking questions. You will notice before that my previous post was from october of last year, asking if there is to be any sort of update.

      So, I'll go back to lurking. In the interim however, I also fail to see anything constructive coming from your jumping up to white knight either.. sycophancy is so unattractive.

    6. Jarred Schulte on May 9

      I'm failing to see anything constructive to come from Matt's posts. Frankly you seem at least of mild intelligence so you know that whining on this post about something we have all been okay with, the delay, is going to accomplish absolutely nothing. It serves to make you come across as a pompous ass and for nothing. Relax or just stop coming to the project. You'll be pleasantly surprised when the game is completed and who know, you might even like it.

      Or you can continue to be a force of negativity for the sake of venting the pointless anger about a delayed, to say the least to be fair, project.

    7. Matt Wiseman on May 8

      And MOST of it is in the US, some of it may be in a quantum state as who actually knows where the copyright is even owned by... thus all the questions and my apprehension of an "official license". I assure you there has been a TON of research into this, and despite what Joshi, Loucks, Harms, et al really have to say, any possible, albeit spurious, claims of ownership have as of yet to be tested in a court of law. Lovecraft copyright has been a "mexican standoff" for at least the last 20 years.

    8. Russell Deitch on May 7

      @Matt, whilst Lovecraft is out of copyright in the EU (rule of 70), this does not apply in the US.

    9. Matt Wiseman on May 5

      You directly said that you don't know if your other game will survive due to my posts, and then cited the failure of the other game as a reason this one is lagging (having to shrink your staff). So yeah you did. As far as singling you out, I was both concerned that this was the second game you announced since starting this one, and so far as I know the Lovecraft copyright is still public domain. You responded with a vengeance. I spoke to some of my friends about it on lovecraftian facebook groups and shared my dislike of the situation and was inundated by employees and contractors of yours. I'm not sure how one or two posts constitute totally trashing, but I do appreciate the senscape dogpile. As far as the new officially licensed game, I will admit I don't know it. I am passingly curious about what they are claiming as the license, admittedly my taste and interest in lovecraftian games has greatly diminished due in no small part to this campaign. If you're referring to that's an officially licensed Call of Cthulhu game, not a game claiming official license from Lovecraft. The Little Mermaid is public domain and no longer under the control of Hans Christian Andersen. The beautiful red haired mermaid Ariel however, is a Disney creation and as a unique derivative work, is copyright. Chaosium and license their game, Disney can license their mermaid. Honestly I've found you to be a bitter, angry man and the way you conduct business and accept criticism is quite toxic. So here we are.. nearly 3 years later. I honestly liked you when this started, I was excited. I told my friends about it. I had my friends download Serena. I offered to even introduce you to some people I knew in the industry; an offer you later made accusations of me being in league with wit some nefarious intent.

      Kick-starter is not a store. Things happen. But your behavior has been deplorable. I'm glad for blinky in that he is having a good experience, but no. I can not make the same claim. You blame me, you blame kick-starter, everything but poor planning. If Dagon is so ready, why aren't you using it for this game?

    10. BlinkyAlwaysWins on April 19

      I have backed a few projects through the years and this one has been one of the most professionally run. I know it has been over 3 years but Agustin has been honest (with a sense of humor) with every aspect. Things do not always go as planned and I do not see any reason why Asylum will not be made.

      Kickstarter is not a store. It is a place where creators can fund their projects.

      There are a few projects that I backed where the owner just took the money and ran right after the Kickstarter was over with no explanation. Others ran out of money then stopped contact with the backers. Nothing like that has happen on this project. If anything he has gone over and beyond appeasing the backers.

      I just want Agustin to make a game that he is proud of so that we can enjoy it. This is how I look at it.

    11. Missing avatar

      Stephen Cook on April 13

      Wow. Forgot I backed this 3 years ago. Let's see... project funded end of Feb 2013. Expected release date December 2013. You expected 9 months.

      It's been 37 months. 4x the amount of time you figured and still not done.....

      You are exactly why I haven't backed anything on kickstarter for about 2 years. That's for helping to kill people's faith in kickstarter.

    12. Creator Agustín Cordes on April 11

      Hi all, and sorry for not addressing your posts before as I haven’t been checking the comments section in a while. Ideally, it’s much quicker to interact in the updates — I always check the reactions days after I post each one.

      So, @RachelEvans first: sorry you feel this way. I’ve elaborated on the aspects of game development a while ago. In short, it’s just not like regular software development. It obviously depends on the complexity of the project, but games can be far more difficult to develop and maintain than regular apps. You say we don’t seem to have a schedule, but yes, we do have a planned timeline and goals. It’s another matter if we miss some and achieve others, but we’re definitely trying hard. All backers have been granted access to our Trello boards which reflect the current status of the project, what we’re working on, and what we’re planning to do next (including the separation into smaller tasks you discussed). It may not be exactly what you had in mind, but hopefully you’ll appreciate our effort. That said, there’s a difference between overpromising and communicating optimism about a project. I try to avoid giving dates until we’re ready precisely because I’ve learned from our past mistakes. Problem is, everybody demands a date! I always do my best to be truthful and transparent, but sometimes the pressure makes you slip and say something you shouldn’t have — I’m truly sorry when that happens.

      Next, @Matt Wiseman: I’m not even sure how to address this. I usually don’t respond to blatant trollish posts, so I’ll be brief. No one has ever remotely suggested that the delays of Asylum were caused by your complains — I have no idea where that’s coming from. As for Dagon, the engine made plenty of progress thanks to this Kickstarter. It’s open and you can get the code from GitHub ( It’s also definitely usable, as it was the basis for Serena, a game that has been downloaded by over 400,000 on Steam with major tech issues. Finally, let me just add that there’s been another “officially licensed” Lovecraft game announced recently. You totally trashed us in our campaign and social networks for using that phrase, and yet I haven’t heard any complains about that new game. Not sure why you singled us out, but there you have it.

      Finally, @John Drinkwater: no, we’re not there yet. But! I’m working on a private stream for backers only in which I’ll show the progress we’ve been making on the game, drop a few cool announcements, as well as answer all your questions (if you can’t make it, the stream will be posted for backers afterwards). Also, there’s a new demo coming up which surpasses in every way the one you can play through Steam right now. You’re going to love what we did in the game, and I’m expecting this demo will be available in May.

      Thanks all for your patience, and I’ll be sure to stay in touch!

    13. John Drinkwater on April 4

      Are we there yet?

    14. Matt Wiseman on February 3

      No no no, It's all my fault for calling him out on his "officially licensed" claim on his other KS. It's all Kickstarter's fault since kickstarter's killing gaming. It has nothing to do with him not planning this out, dropping his core engine (which is pretty much WHY I was backing in the first place) midstream to start over again in Unity. It has nothing to do with him developing & releasing another game midstream, it has nothing to do with him starting ANOTHER game about a full year after this one was already late. Come on guys.

    15. Missing avatar

      SquigPie on February 1

      I've honestly stopped caring about this game at this point.

      If it releases I'll be glad, but I don't care no more.

    16. RachelEvans on December 3

      This game is why I no longer back things on Kickstarter. The innumerable delays and the excuses surrounding them are getting really, really old.

      I work in the software industry as well, and in fact I plan schedules and develop code for a living. It is possible - though difficult - to deliver software on a rough timeline. It's a very simple thing to _underpromise_ and _overdeliver_. If you are estimating a chunk of work, and you think it could take you between 4-10 weeks, don't rush to the Internet to post about how your finished game is only 4 weeks away. A smart person makes that mistake once, then learns from it. A smart person realizes that the "4-10 week" work in fact took 20 weeks, so when working on similar code / working in the same codebase next time, we should probably double our estimates. Or getting a second, third, and fourth opinion on the estimate. Or pad the estimates just to be sure. Or separate that large task into smaller tasks, making sure to add separate tasks for testing, localization, voice acting, animation, documentation, deployment, etc.

      Continually telling people what you think they want to hear ("four weeks!!!11") and missing it, over and over again, is FAR worse than just telling the truth ("twenty weeks, with risks A, B, and C that could push it to thirty weeks.").

      I'm disappointed that you don't seem to be able to learn from that error. I wish you all the best in your endeavors, and I sincerely hope you manage to launch this game.

    17. Creator Agustín Cordes on November 25, 2015

      Hey all! Working on a new update for backers only. Should be posted later this week!

    18. Creator Agustín Cordes on November 15, 2015

      Yes, I helped testing TJD1 and had the awesome pleasure of meeting the SkyGoblin team at GDC. It's been a while since I had the time to properly beta test other adventures, though (which I love to). A few years ago I also assisted with a couple of Wadjet Eye titles and Amnesia. More recently, I played a few hours of SOMA and provided feedback to Frictional, but wasn't able to complete the game in time before its release :-/

    19. Missing avatar

      Panzerdragoon7 on November 14, 2015

      So Agustin... Just a little positivity coming up: I just finished the journey down chapter 1 and guess what i found....? You are working a bit on the side as a tester? Awesoome to see devs help each other out like this and quite the surprise seeing your name pop up there.

    20. Russell Deitch on November 13, 2015

      As I'm no longer backing new projects, I would be happy to increase my tier again.

    21. Creator Agustín Cordes on November 13, 2015

      The idea is to ship the t-shirts along with the physical box, otherwise costs would raise considerably. I'd still like to offer one or two additional design as well before we print them.

      And, yes, I guess the boost to Inmate is more tempting now that you've seen how the in-game Record Book looks like and its placement -- it's definitely in the spotlight :)

    22. Russell Deitch on November 13, 2015

      And going from permanent visitor to Inmate is an interesting thought ... :)

    23. Russell Deitch on November 13, 2015

      @Agustin, it's good that you're back on track. When do you get to the T-shirts?

    24. Creator Agustín Cordes on November 12, 2015

      @Russell, I'm not sure about that tier in particular. We may have room left in that one but I have to double check. Surely we can spare more Inmates and some of the higher tiers (which obviously will cost more than the Kickstarter prices). However, before we get to that point, I must resume promo efforts to entice outsiders and convince them why it's a great idea to be "inside" Hanwell.

      I recently posted the intro video publicly and it exploded in the social networks (in a very good way), so we're back on track!

    25. Russell Deitch on November 12, 2015

      @Agustin, are you talking about the "Permanent Visitor" tier?

    26. Creator Agustín Cordes on October 21, 2015

      @Ahenobarbus Not any longer, but when the game is closer to release I'm planning to run a small campaign for people that still want to "be" in the game. We have some room left.

    27. Ahenobarbus on October 21, 2015

      Is it still possible to upgrade my pledge to Special Visitor tier?

    28. Creator Agustín Cordes on October 15, 2015

      My update didn't make it in time for a shout-out to NoseBound, a Lovecraftian-noir adventure from Argentina. It could really use some help as they're only 6k short with 7 hours left. Check it out if you like the sound of it:

    29. Creator Agustín Cordes on October 14, 2015

      @Matt I'm working on one right now which I'm hoping to post on Friday.

    30. Matt Wiseman on October 14, 2015

      Been a month.. any updates?

    31. Richard Moore on September 8, 2015

      Great Monday update. I love knowing that things are going but I honestly don't mind delays.

      Maybe it's because I'm absolutely terrified to play the actual game. Just the pictures in the updates make my hair stand on end.

      It's like getting on a roller coaster. I know I'm going to love it, but if the line is going slow all the better, I need the time.

    32. Creator Agustín Cordes on September 5, 2015

      Sadly, there wasn't much talk about it, and was virtually ignored by the press. This seems to be the norm with most indie Kickstarters these days; for instance, I'm still incredibly saddened that Charlotte's Dream ( didn't make it.

      By the way, I'm putting the finishing touches to a lengthy update that you should find very interesting (especially the developers among you). I'll try to post it during this weekend! Super sorry again about the extended delay!

    33. Lucas Felipe Reche Gonçalves on September 4, 2015

      I can't believe I've missed that 13th guest kickstarter. Augh!

    34. Creator Agustín Cordes on August 27, 2015

      I'm a huge fan of The 7th. Guest as well. I recall its intro as one of the most mind-blowing moments in computer game history, right up there with historical landmarks such as King's Quest or Doom. There was nothing quite like it: the mood, the music, the sinister story. Sadly, the game hasn't aged that well, but I'm happy to hear that its tradition will be continued with The 13th. Doll. I think that project has been in production for ages, since around the days of Scratches. Speaking of which, I must credit The 7th. Guest as a strong influence behind the game.

      Anyway, back to work on the update and goodies :)

    35. Jarred Schulte on August 27, 2015

      No worries Augustin! We still have faith! Thank you for the response and I look forward to the official update.

      In the mean time this little gem of a project is in it's last day and I think it might appeal to the folks here!

      Growing up The 7th Guest was my absolute favorite game. I've bought it more times and in more forms than any other game except perhaps Zork: The Grand Inquisitor. These folks have whipped up a licensing deal with the original Trillobyt crew and are making an all new game in the 7th Guest world! Henry Stauff himself has signed on to voice his character once more and I would love to see if some of our fellow backers might want to kick a few dollars toward funding this magnificent game?

    36. Creator Agustín Cordes on August 26, 2015

      It's absolutely true. No excuses this time. I'm well behind the updates and going through busier times than usual. To be clear, Asylum is doing well and coming along nicely. When it comes to communication, I'm preparing a thorough schedule to avoid such uncomfortable silence. We have tons to say and show you, it's just that we need to organize ourselves better in that front (at least as we used to be).

      Things coming down the road: detailed status update, profiles of all characters in the game, new gameplay video, second trailer, movie and game inspirations, disturbing stories from real asylum, post mortem (epic one), potential short stories based in the Asylum universe, and more. Interest in the game hasn't declined one bit, but I want to rebuild the hype and take the social networks by storm. We're going to start with all this *soon* -- for really real soon (i.e.: we're preparing our dedicated blog here, which will be updated very often:

      As always, remember that all Kickstarter backers can check out a preliminar version of the game. An update is also overdue but I want to surprise you with a solid release.

      THANK YOU for your patience and I still love you too!

    37. Jarred Schulte on August 26, 2015

      Cannot believe it's been two and a half years! This was my first backed project and I'm not even terribly saucy about how long this is taking. Communication is starting to slip here a bit though and that's a bit disconcerting.

      Still, love you guys.

    38. Creator Agustín Cordes on August 14, 2015

      Hey all! Sorry about the extended period since the last update. These past couple of weeks have been surprisingly busier than usual, and evil forces have prevented me from issuing a proper post on (what's been commonly known as) Update Friday.

      I'll be back soon with news and a juicy look into the latest progress in Asylum!

    39. Creator Agustín Cordes on July 16, 2015

      You mean the screen is bouncing up and down very rapidly? That was actually fixed with a patch. However, if you downloaded the build from Humble Bundle, it may not be the latest version--the one distributed by Steam should be updated automatically.

      The issue with the conversation topics is known and was fixed for the new dialogue system!

    40. Gregory McIntyre on July 16, 2015

      so I just tried the alpha today on my computer, does the screen stop bouncing at any point? also I couldn't move the mouse high enough to select all the conversation topics.

    41. Creator Agustín Cordes on July 13, 2015

      Sorry, we're doing the very best we can. I'll to settle on a release date as soon as possible.

      We did fulfill the promise of an extensive demo of the game for all our backers :)

    42. Dean Birkett on July 13, 2015

      " worst case scenario is mid-2015, but I’m hoping to surprise you with an earlier date." - mmhmm.

    43. Creator Agustín Cordes on June 24, 2015

      Because you asked for it, dear Riggo, our next update will be less text and more pictures :P

    44. Riggo on June 23, 2015

      Where's the decaying cat update? Seen it on FB, but want it here! :-P

    45. Creator Agustín Cordes on June 3, 2015

      @Diana, we just posted an update five days ago!

    46. Diana on June 3, 2015

      - @Agustín Cordes
      Agustín Cordes

    47. Diana on June 3, 2015

      Three years later: Would this game ever be released? Waiting and waiting ...

      @Agustín Cordes
      Agustín Cordes

    48. Creator Agustín Cordes on May 22, 2015

      Backers of Asylum! It's Friday and I was about to post an EPIC update with a major breakthrough, but we've decided to tweak a few more things. It's coming in just a few more days and you're absolutely going to love this. Stay tuned!

    49. Creator Agustín Cordes on March 27, 2015

      Rodney, have you registered in our forums and/or downloaded the alpha? The latest update goes to great lengths to prove that Asylum is not vaporware (as in actually providing an exclusive download of its alpha for Kickstarter backers!).

    50. Missing avatar

      Rodney on March 27, 2015

      Vapor Ware... Too Bad..

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