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A psychological horror adventure inspired by H. P. Lovecraft and set in a massive, decaying mental institute.
A psychological horror adventure inspired by H.P. Lovecraft and set in a massive, decaying mental institute. Currently in alpha status and being tested by our courageous backers!
A psychological horror adventure inspired by H.P. Lovecraft and set in a massive, decaying mental institute. Currently in alpha status and being tested by our courageous backers!
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    1. Fien on August 6

      Yeah, you can say that again... 4.5 years have gone by since this project was funded. Worse, the developer told us at the time that the game was *already in an advanced stage of development*.

    2. Missing avatar

      sharpmath on August 5

      You know what else is embarrassing? The fact this game hasn't been released yet.

    3. Agustín Cordes 2-time creator on July 25

      That Scratches playthrough was embarrassing as hell but fans seemed to love it :)

      If you're referring to the exclusive Steam demo for backers, it's currently the only available one, and quite dated right now. We want to have a more polished and complete version before sharing it again. Fortunately, it's coming along well and already looking (and performing) massively better than the Unity version on Steam.

    4. themisGR on July 25

      Great news, Augustin! I was watching your Scratches Playthrough yesterday (for a second time!) and I've been thinking how eager I am to play Asylum. Is the current steam version of the Asylum demo its most up-to-date version - or should I check somewhere else for the latest demo version?

    5. Agustín Cordes 2-time creator on July 24

      We're currently working on one of those epic updates with glorious new content and great news. I'll try to post it later this week -- stay tuned.

    6. Agustín Cordes 2-time creator on June 8

      Rachel, often when I post an update you leave a comment here and seem to ignore it. Why not join the discussion there as I did discuss our plans and what to expect?

    7. RachelEvans on June 7

      See you in six months.

    8. RachelEvans on June 7

      It's mid 2017! Do you know where your game is?

    9. Agustín Cordes 2-time creator on May 24

      Actually releasing a new one very soon (possibly later today) with more spooky artwork and news.

      I can't remember any mean comments on Facebook, though, I got the impression most were very kind and enthusiastic.

    10. Sterling Treadwell
      on May 24

      well Bob may not appreciate updates with related lore and stuff but I do (and I am betting a bunch more out there as well). We getting something good soon? going on i think close to 2 months soon from the last update..i'm running out of medication to stave off the withdrawal symptoms.. I NEED MY FIX!!! (lol j/k) . Also, I commend your patience and tact dealing with a lot of the less than kind comments from the FB post cover art recently.. it got pretty scary.

    11. Sterling Treadwell
      on May 11

      I guess Bob wants to hear about Milestones and what is left to do before release, not about effects or details of the game itself? If thats not it i have no idea what exactly he is expecting.
      Personally I like any and all information and insight into the game, progress, and the ideas and philosophy going into it. I have a lot of projects backed and even thosedetails, though not entirely vital, they show that the dev's are actively working on the project, are still passionate and interested in their own material, and haven't gone "Radio Silent" . I'll take most anything over dead air for 6 months on a long overdue project... (not implying this project is any of those, just citing examples that prevail in KS)

    12. Agustín Cordes 2-time creator on May 8

      Bob, could you elaborate a bit more? When I'm talking about locations, visual effects or providing background on the development, I'd say I'm talking about the game itself. Unless you're referring to things such as storyline and puzzles? Admittedly, we don't discuss such subjects that often to avoid spoilers as much as possible.

      Speaking of which, a new update should be ready soon.

    13. Bob Hoff on May 8

      As I am not some angel investor coming into this with big moneybucks, I really could not care less about the updates showing a new hallway or shadow effect, nor explanations as to the complexities of this, that, or the other. I was sold on the project, loved Scratches, and backed without hesitation.

      I believe that the game is coming along; therefore, the updates are less about proof-of-life to me and come across as simply more not-game. Please focus on the game and less on the not-game, thanks.

    14. Agustín Cordes 2-time creator on April 28

      I know it's taking a huge deal of time, but no, it won't go either way. Everything we're doing is paying off and backers are the first ones who are going to experience just how incredible Asylum is looking. The feedback after GDC has been unanimously good (from press and publishers alike) and everyone agrees the game is impressive.

      Just a bit more patience, a solid update is on its way!

    15. Sterling Treadwell
      on April 28

      heeey thats not funny. i've been waiting years for this and holding ym breath the whole time... if i were any more purple they'd squeeze me into a fine wine.. hehehehe Speaking of which.... are we there yet? :) I am keeping a lot of faith in this project. as of late I am seeing a few long running projects I sank money into turning into vaporware or upon release, total and utter crap. I think if this game goes either route.. I will truly die of a broken heart.

    16. Agustín Cordes 2-time creator on April 4

      Oops, that's a typo, we meant to say 2023.

      (I'm just kidding, hopefully you won't have to wait much longer)

    17. Missing avatar

      Flump - the flying turtle on March 31

      Hum release was going to be Dec 2013. Any chance this will be on time ?

    18. Sterling Treadwell
      on February 18, 2017

      Well in that case I wish for the game to release to a fanfare of rave reviews and tons of purchases. Shortly after that I wish you to have the BEST dinner of your life and from it, a bevy of inspiration to do DLC and additional work on this and other future games (like that lovecraft game you tried to pitch). :) hahaha

    19. Agustín Cordes 2-time creator on February 15, 2017

      Careful! You might get what you wish for ;)

    20. Sterling Treadwell
      on February 15, 2017

      also keep in mind in many compounds built here in the states, connecting between buildings was done via underground tunnels. That allows avoiding overly complex and difficult rendering of outside open spaces less of a headache. plus.. from what my mother used to tell me.. the tunnels were dreadful and held some "cells" off them to house those patients truly unfit for general population. ;)

    21. Sterling Treadwell
      on February 15, 2017

      With all the interesting characters and design, it would be kool to visit a secondary place on the compound and fill in more details about their lives (if they're not all revealed in the bae game) and also unlock a different mystery. Often the compound would be built in stages, so if the main building is the olders/most utilized. Having a secondary place that was added a decade or so later, and covered a different aspect of treatment.. and so with it, its own story to uncover that can make references to the main one so they feel connected, but at the same time be very much its own experience to enjoy with a slightly different flavor of atmosphere and dread. :) I do hope once the main stuff is done you still have the will and creativity to keep going. But I'd understand if you had to move on.

    22. Agustín Cordes 2-time creator on February 15, 2017

      Well, I didn't want to ruin your lovely day with such unrelenting terror!

      But no, we're working around the clock to show some stuff at GDC, which is happening in less than 10 days! Of course, I'm also planning to post a juicy update before the trip.

      About the locations in the game: our original design (and I'm talking about ages ago) included an additional building you could visit by leaving the main asylum and walking through the woods at night. That idea was scrapped once it became evident the asylum itself was going to be massive as hell. So in its current form, the game is indeed a compound (or "sandboxed" as we say) and constrained to the main building. You can actually see the door leading outside in the galleria, although it will be permanently locked.

      Not ruling out the possibility of including extra content through a DLC in the future, and I stress: an add-on that would co-exist independently from the main game, that is, nothing that *must* be played to experience the main story. There's always the plan to release Asylum: Memories as well. But, as you know, we already have more than enough in our plate with the main game as it is :)

    23. Sterling Treadwell
      on February 14, 2017

      awww... no valentines day update for Asylum? jees.. you must be spending the holiday with your family.. :) ha. I'm curious.. i know the game primarily takes place in the Asylum.. and I know you start the game driving there.. was the game going to get any additional locations related to the asylum? is the building on a compound where we can move outside and walk to additional buildings? or.. have you considered that as add-ons later to expand the world and story a bit more? I have visited and seen a few different locations like this that have long since shut down (some of which don't even exist anymore) and what was often far more disturbing than the one monolithic building that housed an overstocked populations of 1000's was seeing entire compounds where there are several of those buildings, along with buildings for younger children and teens, manufacturing centers, farmland to grow crops, water towers, hydro elecric by a nearby river, etc etc. Seeing those different buildings (along with staff residency on the periphery) makes for a much larger,even more disturbing atmosphere. It takes the hidden horrors and poor treatment of the giant building and spreads it far and wide... and also shows that some of the things that took place were outside in plain sight. I realize you have a limited budget and resources and staff, so doing a larger explorable compound would be... pretty difficult. But something to may already have considered for additional chapters or DLC?

    24. Agustín Cordes 2-time creator on February 4, 2017

      Not more physical mock-ups, that one you saw was to test size and format. What we do have is a couple of alternative drafts of the cover (besides the typical "asylum at night" motif). I'll look them up for the next update!

    25. Sterling Treadwell
      on February 4, 2017

      Hey Agustin, I am curious if any headway was made or additional prototype examples of the physical copies were done. even if they're out of date and scrapped stuff.. I wouldn't mind getting a peek. i think all I saw back in the day was a very early "blank paper" prototype mock up? I think folk might feel good seeing a bit of what they may end up with in their hands. (or at least I know I am itching to)

    26. Agustín Cordes 2-time creator on February 2, 2017

      Why are you so convinced the game won't be released? You seem to know more than us!

      If I keep coming back here, addressing every concern, posting lengthy updates, showing progress in the development, it's because I care. Believe me when I tell you that *I* want to finish Asylum as much as you want to play it. Definitely understand the frustration and no offense taken -- I see you're angry because you also care, and I won't disappoint you.

      VIP backers can confirm a good chunk of Asylum is playable and most locations are near-final. We're primarily working on the game logic now (which yes, it's still a lot of work and is taking much time), but there's a *huge* deal of content finished.

      We simply won't give up.

    27. RachelEvans on February 2, 2017

      I suppose at this point I can say two things:

      1. I'm sorry for calling you a scammer. You aren't.

      2. I backed some dumb things on Kickstarter, and was unsurprised when they never materialised. This... this one I bet on actually materialising. The fact that it hasn't is painful to see. You just aren't going to finish the game, and that stinks. It was a good idea.

      I'm actually legitimately happy that you cured me of my starry-eyed Kickstarter overspending. I would have laughingly bet that this game, amongst all, would have been released. It is a shame, and I mean that, that it has not done so.

    28. Sterling Treadwell
      on January 13, 2017


      that is too bad you walked away from kickstarter. i guess most of your projects backed have been scams, failed, or were a total mess? I see you backed all kinds of great projects. i know project phoenix is..not proving to be a great invesment (i backed it too) but I am curious what all soured the experience. I'd hope not JUST for Asylum?

    29. Agustín Cordes 2-time creator on December 29, 2016

      How is Scratches a scam?

      If it makes you feel better, I haven't taken any money whatsoever from this campaign for myself. Ever since I founded Senscape that I'm *still* not paying myself a salary. And it's because I so strongly believe in Asylum, its concept and its quality, that all this effort is worth it.

      Right now we're working around the clock to post a huge update with several news. I'm sorry if don't care anymore -- we still definitely do.

    30. RachelEvans on December 29, 2016


      Do not give this person any money. Asylum, Scratches, Augustin - they are all keywords for a scammer.

      It's about to be 2017! No game!

      I suppose I should forgive you for stealing from me. After all, you and your complete failure to produce anything is what cured me of kickstarter!

    31. Fien on December 17, 2016

      Quoting update #56, 31 December 2015:
      "It's no secret that the project has been pushing our resources to their limits, but nonetheless we managed to achieve steady progress in 2015. The answer to the burning question is yes, Asylum should be ready next year."


      "I know that ideally Asylum should be completed by now but we're seriously getting there."

      I guess I already know what your New Year's announcement for 2017 will be, 4 years after Asylum got funded.

    32. Sterling Treadwell
      on December 11, 2016

      I like images video and audio. I also like simple shapes, chewing on door frames and the occaisonal flinging of bodily excretions at the orderlies. Might explain why I am in solitary and electro shock therapy so much....

      glad to hear there is good things planned for us. I would love some Holiday Cheer!

      I'd also still like a holiday easter egg in the game. Even if it was a spare closet of ornaments and rotting xmas stuff and if you checked it in december (per the pc clock) the ornaments would be flickering and partially lit and faint off tune jingle bells played .... cmon man!! Have a heart!

    33. Agustín Cordes 2-time creator on December 6, 2016

      You got that right! And I'm working on something special, with lots of images, videos and barely any text with simple answers. Of course, some seriously cool news as well (guaranteed!).

    34. Sterling Treadwell
      on December 5, 2016

      hmm.. i smell a holiday update brewing.. either that or this straight jacket is needing a wash..

    35. Missing avatar

      antjohnst on November 1, 2016

      Can someone ELI5 where this game is ACTUALLY at in development and when it is likely to be released?

      I am having trouble extracting simple answers from the updates.

    36. Agustín Cordes 2-time creator on October 28, 2016

      In a comment, of course. The update itself has been immortalized for eternity.

    37. Lucas Felipe Reche Gonçalves on October 28, 2016

      Wait, the last update was updated?

    38. Agustín Cordes 2-time creator on October 26, 2016

      This is a mini-update to let you know that I posted a pre-update in the latest update about the upcoming update. In short, we should have something biggie next week. See you then!

    39. Agustín Cordes 2-time creator on August 12, 2016

      Incoming big update in a few more days. Please, check out the comments in our previous one (backers only) for further details:

    40. Jarred Schulte on August 5, 2016

      I'm an idiot, figured out how to change the name to reflect our actual team name and changed it after posting here. The actual link is:

    41. Jarred Schulte on August 4, 2016

      Hey guys and gals! I figured since we've known each other for so long now perhaps I can steal a moment of your time to beg your help with a scavenger hunt for charity?

      I'm participating in GISHWHES for the third year and this year one of the items is to help raise funds for this charity campaign. If you've got 10 spare dollars please help with a quick donation! Thank you so much!

    42. RachelEvans on August 2, 2016

      I appreciate the response to my post. Being civil on the Internet is a nice change; I respect the fact that you have a hard job to do and responding to detractors is not part of it.

      You and I will continue to disagree strongly about getting a pass from those detractors because "...if we miss some and achieve others... we’re definitely trying hard." Trying hard is necessary, but not sufficient, for completing your job.

      I do continue to wish you all the best. It appears as though you are making progress, which is a great sign. Please launch your game at some point; remember that producers and schedules exist for a reason. Perfect continues to be the enemy of good.

    43. Agustín Cordes 2-time creator on June 14, 2016

      In case you haven't seen my comment in the latest update, I'm working on something special for the next one, which will include details for the upcoming private livestream. I have lots to discuss and show you (yes, that means new gameplay from Asylum), so I'm making sure everything is in tip-top shape for a lengthy presentation.

      In the meantime, you can always see what we're doing on Trello, which is being updated almost on a daily basis now. Note that we have new boards -- you must ADD YOURSELF to these boards in order to view them. Check out the Senscape team page to browse all our boards.

      Thanks, and please stay tuned. You'll be hearing from us again in a few days!

    44. Jarred Schulte on May 21, 2016

      And That's The Bottom Line! Because COR-DES Said So!!!! (Insert Stone Cold Steve Austin Meme Here)

      I'm totally fine with how this project is going, which is odd for me. I just figure I actually trust The creators and have faith that they are indeed working toward producing a game I'm going to throughly enjoy. I haven't taken advantage of the workflow boards because I'm happier waiting for the game and being surprised.

      Keep on keeping on and I'll look forward to the next update!

    45. Agustín Cordes 2-time creator on May 18, 2016

      I don't see the point in rehashing this discussion -- I've explained many times in the past the reasoning behind Charles Dexter Ward, our migration from Unity, and the status of Asylum. All the updates are archived if anyone wants to revisit these subjects.

      There's a couple of things I'd clarify since I don't like ignoring posts that imply I'm a liar (even though they're coming through as blatant trolling).

      First, no one from Senscape has ever, in any update, comment, tweet, or any form even remotely suggested that the delays in Asylum are the fault of one person. In particular, I vehemently deny we've ever bullied anyone (quite the contrary, I'm afraid). We're fully aware of how delayed the game is and have openly admitted we overdid it in terms of size and scope. We can't appreciate enough the patience and support from the vast majority of backers during these years, and definitely understand the frustration of others. We're working very hard, every day to ensure Asylum lives up to your expectations. We sincerely want to deliver a game you'll be proud to have backed. If you feel like venting, go ahead -- I read everything and value all criticism.

      Then there's the issue with the copyright of Lovecraft's stories. I spent months researching this subject, discussing it not only with S. T. Joshi but also the founder of Lovecraft Ezine, Chris Karr (whose essays are possibly the most authoritative word on the subject), and of course Mr. Bob Harrall himself to understand his perspective. Bottom line is, there's nothing conclusive -- no one can claim whether the rights are in the public domain or not, and the only way to prove it is in a trial. And I'm not keen on visiting a court record anytime soon.

      But it wasn't just the copyrights that we negotiated, but also access to a wealth of information that is only available in records of the Lovecraft Estate. I can't believe people are still negating its existence since it's the group who produced countless of original letters penned by Lovecraft himself. They've been painstakingly ensuring those archives are preserved and accessible for scholarly research for decades. That would've been a tremendous asset for the production of Dexter Ward and (at least back then) we were the only game developers to be granted such a privilege.

      It was never my intention to secure the copyright (believe in the Lovecraft Estate or not) to enforce it in any way, just to ensure that no one could raise a finger and say "you're not allowed to make that game", then sue us. Seriously, there's nothing more to it and I can't believe this is still being discussed to this day.

      In any case, Dexter Ward won't get made, so the discussion gets even more pointless. I'm not blaming anyone, folks -- the Kickstarter campaign failed for a number of reasons that were already discussed (and yes, I still believe the platform has greatly diminished its source of income for games, especially indie games) and life after Asylum will be very different for us.

      But I can assure you that the only bitter thing around my is the Campari in my Negroni. I thank every day the opportunity we have to work on a game like Asylum fully independently. I still remember how fun and friendly this whole Kickstarter campaign was and I'm truly sorry to see it has lost some of that charm. However, I know for a fact that you're going to fall in love with what we're doing here and (at least to some extent) understand and excuse the outrageous time it took us.

    46. Jarred Schulte on May 12, 2016

      Beef or no beef. Stupid iPhone keyboard...

    47. Jarred Schulte on May 12, 2016

      For the record my comment was not a dig. If it were intended to be one I would have said something closer to the effect of, "... At least baseline intelligence."

      Your passive aggressive condescension however was indeed a dig. Which, frankly I don't care about. It is who you seem to be, passively aggressive and condescending.

      In the end it boils down to this. Beef or no need, you will get what you get when you get it. How you feel oddly singled out and slighted by the creator of a game who has, until textually assaulted by you, been congenial and at bare minimum open and as honest as has been possible is frankly weird and paranoid. Perhaps if you had intended to talk out your concerns the best route might not have been to be overtly confrontational in your public posts to him where his friends, family, and supporters would view them and come to his aid.

      Just some random spitballing. Take it for what it is worth. If you want to be indignant and have a reason feel free to check out the Dr. Awkward kickstarter I backed. The one where the well known video game creator and indie musician took nearly 5k from his fans and hasn't so much logged on to address any concerns about the fact that his scheduled delivery date was a year ago.

      Relax. Its the internet and life is too short to be so salty over an investment not yet gone bad.

    48. Matt Wiseman
      on May 12, 2016

      Admittedly you're correct, Jarred. There is nothing constructive coming from my posts. They come from a personal beef I've with the creator and as such, I'll avoid posting here more. Personally at this point due to his behavior, I've given up on this project. I'm not saying I'm betting it won't be done. I'm saying I've got such a bad taste in my mouth at this point that I simply will not enjoy the game when it comes out. So, no I won't be pleasantly surprised when the game is completed.

      That said, your slight of "at least of mild intelligence" is not received well and comes off as more than a tad condescending. You are right that I was venting. You are absolutely wrong that I'm angry that it's delayed, I'm angry, as I said in my previous post, by his behavior, however I will take the high road and not critique your reading comprehension. In the end however, you make a valid point. I'm going to go back to ignoring this project. The only reason I commented at all was to respond to SquigPie and RachelEvans, my fellow backers, agreeing with their sentiment of distaste. Amazingly some people aren't happy with how this project is going, not just those of us who were dogpiled by senscape employees for asking questions. You will notice before that my previous post was from october of last year, asking if there is to be any sort of update.

      So, I'll go back to lurking. In the interim however, I also fail to see anything constructive coming from your jumping up to white knight either.. sycophancy is so unattractive.

    49. Jarred Schulte on May 9, 2016

      I'm failing to see anything constructive to come from Matt's posts. Frankly you seem at least of mild intelligence so you know that whining on this post about something we have all been okay with, the delay, is going to accomplish absolutely nothing. It serves to make you come across as a pompous ass and for nothing. Relax or just stop coming to the project. You'll be pleasantly surprised when the game is completed and who know, you might even like it.

      Or you can continue to be a force of negativity for the sake of venting the pointless anger about a delayed, to say the least to be fair, project.

    50. Matt Wiseman
      on May 8, 2016

      And MOST of it is in the US, some of it may be in a quantum state as who actually knows where the copyright is even owned by... thus all the questions and my apprehension of an "official license". I assure you there has been a TON of research into this, and despite what Joshi, Loucks, Harms, et al really have to say, any possible, albeit spurious, claims of ownership have as of yet to be tested in a court of law. Lovecraft copyright has been a "mexican standoff" for at least the last 20 years.

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