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The 5801-S is the ultimate cinema slider that meets the needs of everyone from the video enthusiast to the professional filmmaker. Read more
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The 5801-S is the ultimate cinema slider that meets the needs of everyone from the video enthusiast to the professional filmmaker.

About this project

Finally.  A linear bearing cinema slider you can use with just one tripod.

Until now, no slider has combined the superior sliding mechanism of linear bearings (see FAQ to learn more) with the portability and convenience of a single tripod mounting option. 

Photo Courtesy of Neox Image Photography
Photo Courtesy of Neox Image Photography

A simple, easily understood design that does it all.

Even with such a simple design, the 5801-S Cinema Slider will meet every single one of your expectations.

  • Linear bearing sliding mechanism
  • Single tripod mounting option
  • Robust support for a variety of cameras
  • Lightweight yet rugged all metal construction
  • Interchangeable lengths to support every application

Photo Courtesy of Neox Image Photography
Photo Courtesy of Neox Image Photography

Robust support in a compact, lightweight package.

The 5801-S is very lightweight yet very rigid because it relies on a lightweight aluminum frame to maintain rigidity.

The 5801-S (standard 30” version) can handle up to a 25 pound payload.  Feel free to load it up with anything from a DSLR to a RED Epic.  Not  enough?  A heavy duty 5801-SX is planned for the future and it will handle any camera you can think of.

Photo Courtesy of Neox Image Photography
Photo Courtesy of Neox Image Photography

Modularity.  Always have the perfect length slider on hand.

The 5801-S is 30” long, with approximately 25” of linear travel.  Need a shorter version that fits in a suitcase?  How about a longer version for that epic tracking shot?  

Kits of various lengths will be available at the conclusion of this campaign. Each of these kits will include 2 long aluminum frame pieces and 2 precision ground steel shafts.  

Photo Courtesy of Neox Image Photography
Photo Courtesy of Neox Image Photography

Durability comes standard.

You can use the 5801-S in almost any environment. Our linear bearings are sealed to prevent interference from the elements. Any debris coming in contact with the stainless steel shafts will be wiped away by these seals.  Go ahead and bring it to the beach, play with it in the pool, and use it at a construction site (for sliding, of course).

Photo Courtesy of Neox Image Photography
Photo Courtesy of Neox Image Photography

Some questions you may have...

What improvements will be made to the 5801-S seen here?

  • 4 non-skid non-marking rubber feet on the base at each corner 
  • 5/8” holes at each end for light stands 
  • Easy access brake on the main carriage 
  • 2 additional mounting plates near each end with 1/4” and 3/8” screw holes, intended for use with tripod, monopod, or third party all terrain feet 
  • Bubble level for precise leveling 
  • Miniature rubber stoppers at each end to prevent metal-metal contact 
  • Various 1/4” tapped holes for accessory mounting

Is there a case for the 5801-S?

No custom case is available at this time.  We recommend any old tripod bag available online or a Pelican case.  We might make a custom case in the future, but not now.

Does the 5801-S have some kind of “all-terrain” legs?

The 5801-S will be compatible will a variety of all-terrain legs from third party manufacturers.  We recommend those from Kessler Crane.

Will the 5801-S require any regular maintenance?

Since the 5801-S uses linear bearings, it's very important to keep things lubricated at all times.  This amounts to 5 minutes of work every 6 to 12 months.

What will be in the box when you receive your 5801-S?

  • 1x 5801-S Linear Bearing Cinema Slider, fully assembled and ready to go
  • 1x 3/32” Hex Wrench
  • 1x 5/32” Hex Wrench
  • 1x 3/8” Tripod head mounting screw & washer
  • 1x 1/4” Tripod head mounting screw & washer
  • 1x Flathead screwdriver

What will we use the money for?

First and foremost, we will pay Dexter Britain for the use of his lovely song in our video.

Then it's all about getting the 5801-S in your hands.

  • 1. Purchase of raw materials from distributors
  • 2. Tooling including custom jigs and consumables
  • 3. Electricity and use of a local machine shop
  • 4. Machinist labor
  • 5. Quality control, assembly, and shipping

Do you offer refunds or returns?

We do not offer refunds or returns.  However, we do promise that if your slider arrives broken, we will replace it.

What are our plans for producing the 5801-S?

The 5801-S will be manufactured using professional grade CNC machines available to us at a local machine shop in New Jersey. Once we order the raw materials and build the necessary tooling, we will begin machining the parts of the 5801-S. Those parts will be anodized black, rigorously inspected, assembled, and shipped to your door.

What is our timeline?

June 2013:  Finalize the design and imrovements.  Transfer funds from Kickstarter to our account and order all necessary materials.  Build and acquire all necessary tooling. 

July 2013:  Machine all necessary parts.  Ship all parts out for anodizing.  Assemble and ship first 20-30 units.

August 2013:  You get your 5801-S.  We continue making more if we sell over 30 units.

If there is such a demand for the 5801-S, we will create an amended timeline.

Weekly updates will be provided on this page.  

Where can I see more work done with the 5801-S?

The best place to see the 5801-S Cinema Slider in action is on our Vimeo channel:

Who are we?

Andrew Schear is the owner of 5801 Productions LLC, providing commercial and wedding video production to South Florida. He has long been interested in designing products that better fit his needs and budget. Together with his father, Dennis Schear, a machinist for over 25 years, Andrew is constantly working on new design projects, especially ones that cater to his line of work. His father's expertise and access to professional grade manufacturing equipment are what truly make his projects possible.

Risks and challenges

Our only real obstacle in bringing the 5801-S to market is demand. There is inherent risk in purchasing raw materials and building our product with no guarantee it will sell. By crowd funding the 5801-S through Kickstarter, we can ensure that we'll receive the minimum number of orders for the first production run.

Since we are in control of the manufacturing process, there is not much risk when it comes to dealing with outside sources. However, the 5801-S will not be black anodized in-house. We do run the risk of the anodizing not being up to standard and thus may delay shipment.

We will provide weekly updates to our backers on the status of the 5801-S.

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  • Roller bearings are best suited in applications where speed and accuracy are important. Linear bearings are all about precision and rigidity.

    The advantage of roller bearings are that they are very inexpensive compared to linear bearings and perform a similar task in situations where precision is not so important. A roller bearing is what you'll find in a skateboard wheel. The wheel just rolls along some rod or other surface. Many manufacturers go with roller bearings in their sliders because they are a cost effective alternative to linear bearings.

    Linear bearings operate with hundreds of tiny balls inside a sealed cartridge on extremely smooth precision ground shafts. Although slightly more expensive than roller bearings, the ability to perform precise movements every single time is well worth the extra expense.

    If you've got one chance to nail a shot, do you want a system that performs like you expect it to only some of the time? Or would you rather have one that performs exactly like you expect it to all of the time, every time? The choice is clear.

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  • We can't deny that other sliders may be more 'special' than ours. However, we can affirm that we have spared no expense building this slider. Make no mistake, at no time did we even consider the question "How can we make this as cheaply as possible?" We instead asked ourselves "How can we build the most professional, badass slider imaginable?"

    We have used only the finest linear bearings, precision ground steel shafts, and aluminum stock. Everything about this slider screams "classy." When you show up to a shoot with it, you'll be proud to pull it out of your bag and use it. You'll be even more proud of the results.

    Last updated:
  • As long as you're using a tripod with an appropriate weight limit and are spacing the legs out to the distance we recommend, you'll be fine.

    With all due respect, we wouldn't put our expensive cameras and lenses on something that wasn't safe, so why would we expect you to?

    Last updated:
  • Before we built this slider, we searched extensively for one that fit our needs. We wanted linear bearings and we wanted a center mount. We hated the idea of not getting what we wanted.

    In order to protect our *possibly* genius design, we have filed a provisional patent in the US. This gives us 'dibs,' if you will, on the real deal should this whole thing turn out to be a rousing success. Legally, it also allows us to put the words "patent pending" on our page to inform you of our 'dibs.'

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  • Our production company is 5801 Productions. Slider starts with the letter S. We hated the idea of a gimmicky name. Give 5801-S a chance! It'll grow on you.

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