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A Tumblr theme for online publications. It's created specifically to evoke the look & feel, and organization of traditional print media.

Thanks for all the initial feedback everybody!

If you'd like to know a little bit more of the backstory, we wrote a blog post about it:

And remember, this theme isn't gonna be offered anywhere else, and once this project is done, that's the end! If you dig it, back it!

The Daily Tumble is a newspaper-inspired Tumblr theme. There's something special about reading content from a newspaper or a magazine: the layouts, the great attention to typography, the hierarchy of content.

On Tumblr, we want to post images / text / audio / video quickly and we don’t have time to hand-craft each blog post individually. But just because we're bloggers doesn't mean that our content shouldn’t look as great as a print spread.

The Daily Tumble Theme Features

  • Supports all types of posts: text, image, audio, video, link, quote, & chat posts.
  • Easy Disqus comment integration (just enter your username).
  • "Ask Me Anything" option, with beautifully designed responses. Not required, of course, but isn't it nice to know it's there if you want it?
  • Optional About section on the home page.
  • You'll also be able to add extra pages such as "About", "Contact", and "Contributors" pages.


This isn't supposed to be any old theme, right? If you want to use it for your personal blog, or even more so for your publications, you'll want it to look like you.

  • Upload your own logo! No, really!
  • Easily change the headline color! (this refers to all the dark and bold League Gothic pieces).
  • You'll be able to change the blog title color, too! So cool.

A featured post:

Like in newspapers, the first post on the home page should be the biggest & most important post on the page. We designed a big featured layout for each of the 8 types of posts (text, image, audio, video, link, quote, chat, and question post), and your most recent post get's the honor.

Mini summary posts:

The rest of the posts on the home page are smaller and truncated, and readers can navigate to the full post by going to the permalink page. And from the permalink page, readers can navigate between posts, for a convenient read.

Oooh, an Antique Version!

This is a special edition of The Daily Tumble theme, available exclusively through Kickstarter, for a $35 pledge.

If the project succeeds, we'll be able to create a super-customizable, gorgeous theme for the Tumblr community at a very affordable price! These themes won't be going up for sale on Tumblr (or anywhere else for that matter), so this is the one and only stop to get your hands on these unique specimens!

If you pledge $15: You'll get The Daily Tumble Classic Theme. Considering Tumblr would price this guy at $19, that's a decent steal!

If you pledge $35: You'll get both The Daily Tumble Classic and the special edition Antique version, available only through this Kickstarter project. And all your friends would be jealous!


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