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AGFA is purchasing a 4K film scanner to preserve 35mm film prints from the Something Weird collection and share them with the world!
AGFA is purchasing a 4K film scanner to preserve 35mm film prints from the Something Weird collection and share them with the world!
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"Irresistible, but depraved . . ."

Posted by AGFA (Creator)


It happened. The scanner is in our office. We still don't believe it. But it's here!!

As we put the finishing touches on our new office and eagerly wait for next week's training sessions, please know that we're thinking of you. And of how you turned an impossible, unsurmountable dream into a reality. We're beside ourselves with excitement. The future of AGFA and Something Weird begins NOW.

In other great news, all of the rewards are in-hand and we'll begin fulfillment next week!

In blushing color,

Joe Ziemba

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    1. AGFA Creator on

      Hey Jimmy! Awesome -- glad dat tote arrived safely!

    2. Jimmy Simard on

      Got my bag up north in Canada today... took me by surprise at the post office since I didn't expect anything.

      Now I'm waiting patiently for The Zodiac Killer. Thanks!

    3. AGFA Creator on

      John! This made us happy. Thanks for sharing. We're glad that the can has found a loving new home.

    4. Missing avatar

      John Rehwinkel on

      My film can arrived! I was expecting an ordinary cylindrical can, but got one of the impressive octagonal film transport containers! It has obviously had a long hard interesting life, and I love it! I also like that you shipped it the way it's designed to be shipped, slap a label on it and out it goes. When I saw the bemused delivery person bringing it up the driveway I was thrilled.

    5. AGFA Creator on

      Hey Kevin! The download won't be available for a few months. As noted in the campaign, the latest it will be available is December of this year. But it'll most likely be before then. We're finally set up with the scanner and tests will begin next week. Thanks for your patience!

    6. Missing avatar

      Kevin Roche on

      My T-Shirt has arrived here in the UK but I really want to see the results of the film scan. What is the latest on when the download will be available?

    7. AGFA Creator on

      Thanks, Vanessa! We'll see how things shake out with any leftover merch.

    8. Missing avatar

      Vanessa on

      I'm stoked and I cannot wait to finally see these movies in HD at my Alamo. I also want a t-shirt (if you guys are open to selling any left over merchandise).

    9. AGFA Creator on

      Thanks, Adam!

    10. adamshumaker on

      Congrats! Siked for you guys.

    11. Nicholai Fomin on

      Still eyeing any leftover shirts... ;)

    12. AGFA Creator on

      Thanks so much, Alex. We too!!

    13. Alex Kidd on

      Amazing, can't wait to see what you get up to with that!