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AGFA needs a 4K film scanner to preserve 35mm film prints from the Something Weird collection and share them with the world!
AGFA is purchasing a 4K film scanner to preserve 35mm film prints from the Something Weird collection and share them with the world!
AGFA is purchasing a 4K film scanner to preserve 35mm film prints from the Something Weird collection and share them with the world!
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    1. AGFA Creator on

      Hey Stephen! Awesome, thanks for letting us know. Enjoy!

    2. Stephen E Brown

      Just got my download, looks great! Thanks!

    3. AGFA Creator on

      Hey Joel!

      Contact us here and we'll make it happen:

    4. Joel Mack on

      My Alamo is showing The Zodiac Killer on July 5th. How do I redeem my free ticket for that?


    5. AGFA Creator on

      Hey Dan! Digital copies of THE ZODIAC KILLER will be distributed when the movie is released on home video later this year. You can read about it here:

      Let us know if you have any other questions!

    6. Dan Spilatro on

      How soon till we can get our digital Download?

    7. Missing avatar

      Paul Seeds on

      Looks like I missed an email and that explains why I haven't seen anything in the mail yet. It's being resolved.

      Thanks! :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Paul Seeds on

      I have not received film canister nor shirts yet. Any updates?


    9. AGFA Creator on

      Hey Kevin! Stay tuned!

    10. Missing avatar

      Kevin Roche on

      When can we watch the newly scanned Zodiac Killer?

    11. AGFA Creator on

      Hey Amber! Glad you like them! So sorry about the confusion on the material. We had to switch t-shirt brands before production started due to availability from the vendor. If you'd like to do an exchange, just shoot us a direct message and we'll get that taken care of.

    12. Amber Adams on

      Got my film canister and shirts today - SO RAD!!! I noticed the shirts say 100% cotton. I had asked in January about that and was told they would be pre-shrunk cotton. Any verification on that? They are a bit snug so I'm a little worried about washing them. Or perhaps a size exchange is possible?

    13. AGFA Creator on

      Sweeeeet!! Glad to hear it arrived safely, Eric!

    14. Eric Walker on

      Film canister came today :D

    15. AGFA Creator on

      Eric, this is a true and happy story!

    16. Eric Walker on

      One day I'm going to come home to a weird package and find a film canister inside. Maybe a squished hat too, if it's in the same box.

      And it'll take me a few seconds to realize where the heck it came from and why I got it :)

    17. Dave Byknish on

      Makes sense! Thanks!

    18. AGFA Creator on

      Hey Dave! Estimated delivery is indeed December 2016, but we're trying hard to get everything shipped in April. It's true that AGFA DVDs are available through other outlets. But we're handling the fulfillment for the Kickstarter campaign ourselves, and it's best for us to keep everything on a consistent and organized schedule. Thanks for your patience and support!

    19. Dave Byknish on

      Any word on DVD's shipping? "Estimated delivery: Dec 2016." I know you said mid-April for the things being made, but you've been selling DVD's for a while now.

    20. AGFA Creator on

      Hey Amber! The shirts are pre-shrunk American Apparel-style. Not sure on the size measurements. But if you have a specific question, we can find out!

    21. Amber Adams on

      Is there any info on the type of shirts (size measurements, if they are pre-shrunk or 100% cotton, etc.)?

    22. Brian on

      I am getting three shirts because of my donation level, but I was hoping to give one of them to a friend who is a different gender and size than I. Is there a way to get two shirts in one size and one in another?

    23. Michael in Seattle on

      The sad news of the passing of David Bowie reminded me of Vraney and what a great fan he was of the Diamond Dogs era Bowie. I'm glad i supported this project.

    24. AGFA Creator on

      Hey Mike! The hat is being designed as we type. So it'll be a surprise!

    25. Mike Shepherd on

      Hey, what does the hat look like? Or should I just wait for it to turn up in the mail?

    26. AGFA Creator on

      Hey Mike! What are you referring to exactly? THE ZODIAC KILLER release? If so, it'll be sometime in spring 2016. We'll be posting an update on the scanner soon!

    27. Missing avatar

      Mike Bent on

      When will this be available?

    28. Missing avatar

      Lawrence Crump on

      Sounds exciting! Can't wait!

    29. AGFA Creator on

      Thanks Xavier, Mike, and Hans! We appreciate your support and kind words and big hearts.

    30. Xavier Robledo

      Congrats on funding! Looking for many more weird years in San Antonio, TX!

    31. Mike Mitchell on

      Congratulations on reaching your funding goal! Glad I could help make it happen.

    32. Hans Staats on

      Let the games begin! Very excited to follow along with the purchase of a 4K scanner to begin preserving the Something Weird collection and THE ZODIAC KILLER!

    33. AGFA Creator on

      Hey Garrett! We're adding some AGFA DVD releases this week, but no plans for Drafthouse Films Blu-rays. Sorry!

    34. Garrett Solomon on

      Are you able to get Drafthouse Films to put up some of their Blu-rays as rewards? I need a copy of "Miami Connection" ASAP!

    35. AGFA Creator on

      Hey Jordan! The t-shirts will be made to order for all sizes. Basically, if we reach our funding goal, we'll ask everyone who chose a t-shirt option for their size -- including women's sizes -- and go from there. Let us know if you have any other questions!

    36. Jordan Thompson on

      Hey guys, I was wondering if you had any size details about the t-shirts you could share, specifically, if they'll be available in either XS or women's sizes? Good luck with the campaign, I'm very excited for AFGA and this initiative!

    37. AGFA Creator on

      Hey Garrett! Got it. You'll be able to watch ZODIAC KILLER digitally and we're also planning on a full theatrical release. So if there's not an Alamo nearby, it's possible that it will play at another theater near you.

    38. Garrett Solomon on

      I was referring to your Zodiac Killer screenings.

    39. AGFA Creator on

      Thanks, Vanessa! There will definitely be screenings in Yonkers! Unfortunately, Something Weird no longer owns the rights for the Coffin Joe movies. But everything else we're restoring will play in your area for sure.

      Garrett, what does your question pertain to? If you want to send us a message, we can answer any questions you have!

    40. Garrett Solomon on

      What if I don't have an Alamo Drafthouse nearby where I live?

    41. Missing avatar

      Vanessa on

      I really hope that you guys arrange special screenings/marathons with the material you restore here from Something Weird. Would love to see a Coffin Joe movie in Yonkers.

    42. Missing avatar

      Adam Blankenheimer on

      The Lord's work being done right here.

    43. AGFA Creator on

      Hey Kelly! Absolutely. The Something Weird restorations will be playing EVERYWHERE!!

    44. Kelly Luck

      Say, any chance of other Alamo Drafthouses getting in on the AGFA event action? Only I've got one two blocks from where I work in Kansas City, hint hint :)

    45. AGFA Creator on

      Awesome to hear from you, Paul. Amazing that you once worked at SW!! DREAM JOB! Thank you for the kind words and double thank you for the support.

    46. Paul Merrill on

      As a proud (and sadly, brief) former member of the Something Weird family, I want to thank all of you for making this happen. Their film archive is incredible and deserves to be shared with the world. GO WEIRD!

    47. AGFA Creator on

      Thanks, Alex! And thanks, Kelly! Kelly, you've just described exactly what it felt like to flip through those catalogs. Thank you for the support. It WILL happen!!

    48. Kelly Luck

      Geez, I remember going through the Something Weird catalog in the pre-internet days. Like a kid in a candy store, I was. So much crazy cool stuff. I really hope this happens.

    49. Alex Kidd on

      So great that you're doing this, thanks for adding international shipping now, really hope you hit the target.

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