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Thought You Knew 2012: Bicycle Chick Pinup Calendar's video poster

12 months. 12 pinups. 12 bicycles. Photographer Kim Capriotti & illustrator Jana Kinsman create fantasies from boudoir to circus ring. Read more

Chicago, IL Photography
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This project was successfully funded on October 1, 2011.

12 months. 12 pinups. 12 bicycles. Photographer Kim Capriotti & illustrator Jana Kinsman create fantasies from boudoir to circus ring.

Chicago, IL Photography
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Alexis Finch
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Alexis Finch

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About this project


There are only HOURS left! Please, help us hit our goal of 500+ calendar preorders!

Spread the word! Get your pinups!


Well, you did it. You got us past $6000! So, guess what?!? After much deliberation [and because gosh darn it, they need more bikes out there] we're adding LA to the list!

What, you don't think 'Bicycle Heaven' when you think of LA? Well, we're just the gals to change that. . .

Thank you! Let's see if we can hit our goal of 500 Calendar Pre-Orders before this Kickstarter is through!

!!! UPDATE !!!

They like us! They really like us! 

Absolutely amazing to already have hit our initial printing goal! Thank you to EVERYONE who has pledged to get us to $5000 and beyond. You've gotten us past that first hurdle and ensured that TyK 2012 will actually happen.

But we have much further to go . . . 

Beyond the printing of the calendar, we hope to launch an outreach program to help launch women into the world of cycling.

We're calling this "The Monthly Cycle."

Each month, TyK will send chaperones to local bike shops nation-wide to introduce women to their mechanics, help them learn to fix a flat, and get to know the vernacular of the bicycle.

Setting up this endeavor will take time and money. There are a LOT of bike shops out there!

SO! For every $1000 we go past our goal we'll add another city to our list!

Do you see your city on here? Do you wish you did? We'll take requests and keep adding til the Kickstarter is done.

But we need your help too! Email you friends, your neighbors, your boss, your co-worker, that stranger you met on the bus this morning . . . anyone you can think of! Pass along our Kickstarter through Facebook and Twitter [it's easy, we promise] and let's see how far we can go! 


  • San Francisco, CA
  • Austin, TX
  • Boston, MA
  • New York City, NY
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • ? ? ?

From there, we conquer the world!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Ahhhh… the lovely image of a pinup riding a bicycle! Skirts tend to fly as the pedals spin faster, an experience some of us are all too familiar with. But most pinups are only posing as cyclists. As a new chapter in bicycle pinup history, photographer Kim Capriotti and illustrator Jana Kinsman have taken real female cyclists from Chicago and transformed them into pinup fantasies.

PROCESS: 50 women enter, 12 pinups emerge

Cyclists from all over Chicago applied to be in the 2012 pinup calendar. We diligently reviewed every application to ensure the display of the appropriate gamut of gams [that’s legs to you]. Those selected chose their pinup ‘alter-ego,’ and then handed themselves over to the professionals to be forever changed.

From applying a lady’s first-ever glossy red lipstick, to a maiden voyage into the wide world of hair rollers, we made sexy a reality for everyone. A milkmaid with her stable of bikes? Coquettish. Napoleon on a rearing steel steed heading off to battle? Saucy. Each lady got to display her own particular charms.

Illustrations complete each image, telling the background story of the pose in pen and ink. In keeping with classic pinup tradition, we make certain never to distract from the main subject. Every pinup, after all, needs a place to shine.  

MISSION: It ain’t what you got… it’s knowin’ you got it.

Beyond putting the most slammin’ hot pinups possible onto a calendar page, TyK [Thought You Knew] is dedicated to helping women become more confident. Confident not only on their bikes, but in the rest of their lives. Cycling once freed women from the strict requirements of fashion, providing an excuse to untie their corsets and don bloomers rather than long skirts. The mobility that a bicycle brought to those women was even more empowering.

TyK’s pinups draw on that same tradition of empowerment through the personal mobility, while also letting women find confidence in the ownership of their sexuality. The experience of being the center of attention during their photo shoot does not fade when the lights go down and the hairspray washes out. Each woman carries her pinup self with her wherever she goes, into board rooms or bike shops.

FUNDING: xoxo . . .

The photos for TyK are already complete. The whole calendar is "in the can." This Kickstarter is to get the pinups out of the can and onto the page, which is no cheap feat. To cover our printing and shipping expenses it's all or nothing up to $5000!


Producer / Wardrobe: Alexis Finch

Photographer: Kimberly Capriotti -

Illustration / Design: Jana Kinsman -

Hair: Weronika Bobula -

Make-up Artist: Zee Gustafson -

Videographer: Christina Stradone -

Editor: Laura Madalinski -

Video Producer: Kathryn Henderson -

Music: The Wanton Looks -

Website: Aya O'Connor -


Asst MUA: Linda Majid

Asst MUA: Hermina Cineparu

Asst Photographer: Nathan Steinbach

Asst Videographer: Marian Oliver

Asst Web: Derek Eder


Red Car:

EarthCircle Films:


  • Well, pick a donation level of $200 or more and you can choose whatever name you'd like printed on the "Thanks" on the back. If you go for the $1000 level, your name will be printed in big friendly red letters... You can opt out of the prints if you don't want them... but we think they'll make a nice addition to the walls of any shop!

    Last updated:
  • Extra money will go to printing more calendars! Beyond that it will be put toward expanding "The Monthly Cycle,” our women’s outreach program where we invite women to their local bike shop to meet the mechanics, learn how to fix flats and get to know their bikes, one esoterically named derailleur and bottom bracket at a time. We’re hoping to bring this not only to shops in Chicago, but in cities nation wide in 2012!

    Last updated:
  • Just add $20 to your pledge, and send us a note so we know you're not just being extra generous. Everything ships at the same time so we'll pack up your order in one nice box. If you're wanting to STOCK the calendars in your shop, you should drop us a line directly . . . Ok?

    Last updated:
  • Assuming you promise not to get your filthy paws all over their silky drawers, your pinup calendar will arrive by November 15th.

    Last updated:
  • Yes! We’ll be selling the calendar in bike shops, book stores and online [though not the extra special signed copies]. If you'd like to sell the calendar from your shop, let us know and we'll have a little chat.

    Last updated:
  • We'll be throwing a gala party on November 3rd at The COOP in Chicago. So if you just must procure an autograph yourself, come on down! Or, well . . . we do have that Pinup Party option!

    Last updated:
  • Why certainly! We thought you’d never ask. . . Drop us a line at "afinch at thoughtyouknew dot us"

    Last updated:
  • Shipping is included in each of the pledges, so don't worry. We won't leave the pinups stranded.

    Last updated:
  • Sure! So long as they agree to it. We’re not going to just descend upon some unsuspecting victim of your pinup prank.

    Last updated:
  • We most certainly can. Though he’ll be in for more than he might expect. Being a pinup model is a full body workout!

    Last updated:


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    WHY HELLO THERE: Every backer gets sneak peak access to the TyK pinup shoot blooper reel, as well interviews with the 2012 pinups and behind the scenes 'making of’ shorts.

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    OH MY: We'll send you a thank you card in the mail with one of the 2012 pinups right there on the front.

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    XOXO: Yup. You get a copy of the 2012 TyK Pinup Calendar. Promise to love all twelve of these ladies equally or you’ll be in big trouble!

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    38 backers Limited (12 left of 50)

    YOUR SECRET ADMIRERS: A copy of TyK 2012 . . . signed by each of the pinups. All twelve lovely ladies will autograph her photo in the calendar just for you. [AVAILABLE ONLY AT THIS PLEDGE POINT!]

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    STUCK ON YOU: Pinup stickers! You get each of the TyK Pinups as a 3x2in sticker to stick wherever you please [keep it clean now], and a copy of the TyK calendar.

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    GREETINGS FROM PINUP LAND: How better to say “Get well soon!” or “Happy Birthday” than with one of our lovely pinups? You get a full set of twelve blank greeting cards, each with a lovely TyK pinup on the front. Plus you get a full set of pinup stickers, and of course you get a calendar

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    4 backers Limited (96 left of 100)

    A PINUP OF YOUR VERY OWN: You get to choose your favorite pinup and receive an editioned 11x14 art print. [plus stickers, greeting cards and a calendar] Your name will also be included on the back of the calendar cover.

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    BEAUTIFUL REALITY: You choose three pinups we’ll also give you get three ‘before’ portraits to go alongside them. Black & white portraits of each of your chosen ladies show the incredible transformation any woman is capable of. Editioned 11x14 prints. [plus greeting cards, stickers and a calendar]. Your name will also be included on the back of the calendar cover in bold red letters.

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    YOU ARE A PINUP: We will bring the TyK experience to you. Photographer, hair, makeup and wardrobe will descend upon you to turn you [or that special someone] into a TyK pinup. Yes, you’ll need a bicycle. [Available only in the continental USA]

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    PINUP PARTY: The pinups of TyK will throw an exclusive party FOR YOU here in Chicago! We’ll plan the event, you invite your friends. We’ll give each of you a pinup-look makeover to sport for the night. The rest? There will be bicycles. There will be pinups. There will be costumes. There will be a photo booth for proof of partying forever and ever after. [dates to be negotiated and all that fun stuff].

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