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Manage your own academy of warriors, complete missions, and become the hero of Valthiria! (PC)
Manage your own academy of warriors, complete missions, and become the hero of Valthiria! (PC)
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Update #9 - Stretch Goals, PayPal Pledges, & Emblem Design!

Posted by Agate Studio (Creator)

Stretch Goals!

Hi everyone!

Since we've passed our pledge target, we have made a set of stretch goals for Valthirian Arc: Red Covenant, so every dime we earn after the goal will sure be used to make our game even better! Our Kickstarter campaign only has 3 days left but worry not, in a few days, we will open pledges through PayPal to unlock all the stretch goals!

Without further ado, here's the stretch goals!
(The stretch goal will be updated in the Campaign Page too!)

We've mentioned console ports before, but we didn't include it in the stretch goals. That's because we're right now on talks with a publisher to make the ports happen. Of course, our first and top prioritiy is to finish the PC version first, and then we'll move on with the ports.

A Valthirian Arc Inspired Music!

Olivier Renouard, a sound designer and composer whose amazing works are inspired by fantasy genre, made a wonderful soothing music that's inspired by Valthirian Arc. We love the song and we think it's perfect for the school grounds or a search quest in the night time! Thank you, Olivier!


Did you notice that the rewards on Duke tier and above included a personal customized emblem design?

"Design a school emblem. Personalize your academy with an emblem that will appear in the flags and banners!"

What is an emblem?

School emblems are symbols that shows the player's Academy's identity and pride. The emblem will appear in apprentice's uniform, school walls, and in the Principal's room. Players can customize their emblem by combining the emblem's symbol and background pattern from presets and pick its color. The Duke tier backers and up will be able to contribute their personalized academy emblem design to the presets.

The emblem system is not yet implemented in the demo, but when we hit the Steam Early Access, you should be able to try it out!

We've made several options for the base emblem shape (or we call it the shield) and we want you to vote for the shield shape. Which shield shape do you prefer, the A, B, or C shape? Cast your vote in the comment section below!


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    1. Agate Studio 2-time creator on

      Clearly seeing current votes is in favor for C type but hearing from your input we are considering a multiple option for shield design so you can pick when creating emblem, what do you guys think?

    2. Joy Kuo on

      I prefer C, second choice would be A.

    3. Flora Belas on

      A, then C and next B.

    4. Missing avatar

      Whovian on

      C looks good.

    5. Marlena Harris

      A. It's long and curvy. Like me. :D The last shield, the pink one looks great in that one. C. Next. It looks like the cute little sister of A. The first one, the horse, looks really good in that one. I'm not really a fan of B, although I do like how the middle shield with the dragon looks in B.

    6. Philhouse

      C is my favourite.

    7. Silv Shepard

      I personally like C, then B, followed by A.

    8. Missing avatar

      Timmy Petersson

      I vote for A for the emblem! :) Really neat to hear that you're in the talks with a publisher; if we're really lucky we might see this on a physical disc one day? I know the PS4 has several publishers who like to help devs put game on disc. :)

    9. Missing avatar

      Franzi S

      I like C the best, followed by A.

    10. Abby C. Hernández on

      C, without a doubt.
      p.s. I would die for new job classes. *—*

    11. Missing avatar

      blu on

      B doesn't really fit as a crest on a uniform, and between A or C, C feels like it fits better.

    12. Missing avatar

      Sarah Elena Ivana Bosman on

      I like shape A more. Is it possible to include a choice of the three shapes for players?

    13. Vince Vazquez

      I like C the best. Think B is too basic/expected/standard (boring), and A is too soft with its curves. C has an interesting shape and more rigid design than the mushier A.

      Nice music too!

      I wish this had more attention right now so these stretch goals wouldn't seem so far away :( I wish more sites would cover more games like this, send more people out here. Its crazy that, like 2 or 3 years ago, stupid 2D pixel art NES-and-DOS looking crud would get $100k+ EASY. What the heck happened where Kickstarter has had its bubble burst so badly lately? *sigh*

    14. Renato Fornaroli on

      I'm undecided between A and C... I think I like C more...

    15. littleladyvader

      I prefer shield shape C.

    16. Cristina

      I like shape C.

    17. Missing avatar

      Paul Gunther

      Shape A

    18. Sablons Paul

      Would go for A...
      C is too crushed I think...
      and B is too... not sexy... ^^

    19. Missing avatar


      Shape C for me as well, but I'll be happy with shape A as well

    20. Nakano

      A shape would be my favorite.

    21. Frunza-Hincu Samuel

      shape C looks cool :)