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Manage your own academy of warriors, complete missions, and become the hero of Valthiria! (PC)
Manage your own academy of warriors, complete missions, and become the hero of Valthiria! (PC)
Manage your own academy of warriors, complete missions, and become the hero of Valthiria! (PC)
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Update #3 - We Want to Hear Your Platform Suggestions!


Hi Everyone!!

We have reached 40% of the goal! Thank you for your enormous support towards our campaign!

Here's a happy student! Yay for 40%!
Here's a happy student! Yay for 40%!

We still have a long way to go to reach our goal, though, so we're trying to reach every exposure we can get to bring more people to support our campaign.

If you want to help us, here's some suggestions:

  • Share our posts (Facebook and Twitter) on your social media.
  • Suggest Valthirian Arc to your friends personally.
  • Tell about our campaign to communities you're part of.
  • Suggest Valthirian Arc to streamers, or introduce us their channel - we'll definitely reach them out.
Every help you give means a lot to us, so thank you!

Other Platforms

Next, let's talk about VA:RC's next target platform. As you can see in the campaign page, we are targeting Windows as our platform. What about other platform? Mac? Linux? Consoles? Currently, we're focusing on the hard part, that is, finishing the development of the game, but yes! We really want to bring this game to other platforms too, even consoles!

A while ago, we ran a small voting on our facebook page to see which platform do you want to play VA:RC in. Lots of people voted for Nintendo Switch, because of the mobility. What about you guys, which platform do you think should we develop next after the Windows version is finished? Let's hear your opinion!  

Special Shoutout!

And now we would like to share some news from our friends who is also running a campaign in Kickstarter

The first one is Forged of Blood from Critical Forge, a stunning fantasy turn-based tactical RPG from our fellow countrymen. If you love 3D isometric game, meaningful choices in a morally grey fantasy world, and challenging tactical combat, this game is for you. Check their blog, too - it's full of game development gem!

Forged of Blood
Forged of Blood


The next project is Prisma & the Masquerade Menace from Shiny Bolt Games, is a beautiful side-scrolling puzzle platformer with whimsical and colorful characters. We're especially a fan of this unique art style, and we're looking forward to this game to succeed!

Prisma & the Masquerade Menace
Prisma & the Masquerade Menace


Aaand that's all. See you on next update!

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    1. Agate Studio 2-time creator on March 11, 2017

      Hi Everyone!, thanks for the comments.

      Ideally we would loved to port this game to every platform available :D, but we will set our priority to most popular demand

      PS: We are, right now on talks with some party that will bring this port to console closer to reality *finger crossed*, stay tuned for more info

    2. Missing avatar

      on March 10, 2017

      I'd love to play this on a portable, so I'd vote for Switch or Vita.

    3. Vince Vazquez
      on March 10, 2017

      Definitely would play this on PS4, though I get why people would say the Switch (even if I think that platform is, well, dumb). Besides, with SCEA pushing so many dumb shooters instead of colorful charming stuff like Gravity Rush 2, its starting to feel a little less friendly for games like this, unfortunately :(

      Sony US has got too many Xbox marketers these days, it seems - that's what happens when you start pushing Call of Duty Bundles instead of your own games, I guess *sigh*

      At any rate, that's my two cents. Also, I threw some cash at Prisma already - think it looks great and I'm pulling for it too :) I don't know so much about Streamers, as I prefer edited/written content, but if I see or think of any Youtubers who might be interested in checking out the demo or showing off Valthirian Arc, I'll let you know in a comment!

    4. Lewis Kwong on March 10, 2017

      Android/iOS, seems like the controls would be good for this type of game.

    5. SCP on March 10, 2017

      The Nintendo Switch port seems like a very intriguing option. The prospect of being able to play the game on the go is very appealing. It would likely be another good option for exposure as well, with the Switch's current popularity and all.

    6. Missing avatar

      Ash & Pilky <3 on March 9, 2017

      I'd say PS4 over the switch, you can't ignore the install base ;) I'd gladly swap my pc version for a PS4 one

    7. Xavi P.
      on March 9, 2017

      I'll vote for Switch too ^_^

    8. Marco Alka on March 9, 2017

      Which platform? It has to be Linux :D I can confirm that the demo is working on Wine 2.0 (minus gamepad control), so optimizing it for Wine would probably be one way, if a native Linux application is too much work (VA:RC is a resource-friendly game, so Wine is very ok!)