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Manage your own academy of warriors, complete missions, and become the hero of Valthiria! (PC)
Manage your own academy of warriors, complete missions, and become the hero of Valthiria! (PC)
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Update #2 - Week 1 Roundup

Posted by Agate Studio (Creator)

First Week Updates!

Hello again everyone!

We've reached the first week of the campaign, and here's what happened throughout the week

★ Got picked as one of the "Projects We Love" by the Kickstarter Staff.
★ Raised more than one third of the goal, yay!
 "Duke" and "Royal Heir" tier is pledged!
★ Got some coverage from local and international media!
  • Indiegames 
  • Gameplane (German) 
  • Juegoscrack (Spanish) 
  • GWW (by our backer: James) 

And here are the local articles (in Indonesian):
  • Infogaming
  • Kaori Nusantara 
  • Playcubic
  • Viral
  • UPstation
  • Daily Social 
  • Kotakgame
  • Duniaku 

Concept Art Sneak Peek!

As for development progress, we are currently working on the world's concept art as a guide to how each region would feel. We're now focusing on areas outside Valthiria Queendom: Kawiya and Ramathyr. Here's a sneak peek of Kawiya's concept!

Far east of Sunrise Sea, there exists an island-queendom called Kawiya. It is a land of arts and literature, of tradition and honor. Current Valthirian language borrows grammar from Kawiya's High Eastern language. Thus, there are many Kawiyan students in Valthirian art academies. Kawiya is always in good terms with Valthiria since time immemorial. One of the most honored tradition in Kawiya is the Eastern Gauntlet, where warriors from across the world mettle with monsters. The winner will be given a newly-forged mystical weapon, Crescent Edge. Valthirian academies always send their best students to participate.



Sunrise Island Beach
Sunrise Island Beach


Sunrise Island Inner Part
Sunrise Island Inner Part

Reporting Form is Up!

Also, we've received a lot of feedback from the demo. If you want to give us more, we've created a proper form for you to fill in.

That's it for now. Thanks for the support, everyone!
And here's to another awesome week!

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    1. Agate Studio 2-time creator on

      Sorry, there was an error with the feedback form link.

      The correct link is

      Thanks @Ross!

    2. Ross on

      Not sure if it's just me but the feedback form isn't working! Keep up the good work though!