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A Special Hug for Your Special Parts. 
Nuffinz are the world’s comfiest shorts! Designed to be worn with nothing underneath.
A Special Hug for Your Special Parts. 
Nuffinz are the world’s comfiest shorts! Designed to be worn with nothing underneath.
A Special Hug for Your Special Parts. Nuffinz are the world’s comfiest shorts! Designed to be worn with nothing underneath.
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    1. Andreas Gähwiler Creator on

      @Jack Thompson no worries at all :) just wanted to be detailed in our answer on this matters. @Daniela Stofer sorry for that, yes we have tracking infos. Will check asap and let you know directly. If it's lost you will get another one express. Klaro ;-)

    2. Missing avatar

      Daniela Stofer on

      Hey Guys,
      I didn‘t receive the order yet, guess they got „lost“ in delivery.... is there some sort of tracking number you could share? Actually the shorts were supposed to be a present, so I’m still somewhat hopeful. Would be great if you could help with this.
      Thanks a ton!

    3. Jack Thompson

      Hey fellas. Sorry if I you offended in anyway it wasn’t my intention was just giving some feedback.
      I do think they are very nice to wear & am still very happy with my purchase and understand that you guys are small and trying to make something you care about, that’s the fun bit about Kickstarter and these are just a few points as I saw them. I would happily buy another pair for anything up to $50 Aus.
      Also I never buy clothes as I’m a bit of a derro so I have no idea how much things cost. These may well be worth $90 to someone who knows things.
      All the best & stay cool.

    4. Andreas Gähwiler Creator on

      @Jack Thompson thanks a lot for your feedback! The pulled threads are something that is going to happen over time more an more which gives the shorts a vintage look that is intentional (btw you can read this in the care label ;-) ) ... this is sort of the trade off for having the fabrics outside in. about the paint: the stripes are printed on the fabrics which is quite hard to do with the fabrics beeing outside in. if you wash them once or twice (inside out!) this will get softer. But we are currently working on both issues... we plan to change the fabrics a bit and we are looking for a way to produce the fabrics with the stripes already. like that we won't need any printing anymore. About the price... you got them very cheap via the campaign. You have to take into account that we get the fabrics from portugal and the production is made in bulgaria. for sure there would be a difference producing and sourcing in china or bangladesh. But this is just not where we want to head at with the brand nuffinz. We are very happy you like the cut and fit. thanks again for your feedback which helps us a lot! the nuffinz crew

    5. Andreas Gähwiler Creator on

      @Wozzie awesome bro! thanks for the feedback, we are happy the shorts had some long travel savely. send us some photos wearing them at ... that would be really cool!

    6. Andreas Gähwiler Creator on

      @zephyrsaidwhat sorry for the late answer. we send out all the shorts and have some tracking codes. but as you received yours already all is fine :-) thanks for your feedback! highly appreciated #freeyourballs ;-)

    7. Jack Thompson

      Got mine in last week & there is some good & some bad.
      Out of the packet there were some pulled threads already which don’t look great. Some of the dye feels almost like paint very rough.
      But the cut & fit are great. They were delivered quickly. And they are comfy to wear.
      All in all they are some comfy, fun shorts but I’m not sure they were worth the price.

    8. zephyrsaidwhat

      Got mine in Texas last night, I love them, my wife loves them, everyone loves them!

    9. Wozzie on

      Hi guys, shorts arrived today in Aust already loving them, to bad it's the start of winter but hey gunna wear them anyway.... Thanks

    10. zephyrsaidwhat

      Hello! Is there tracking information you can share for the orders that've been shipped?

    11. Andreas Gähwiler Creator on

      @Rasmus L Thanks for asking :-) The early birds where planned to ship in May and this is what we just did. This friday we sent out all the shorts to our awesome backers. So expect yours to arrive the coming week! Cheers, the nuffinz crew

    12. Rasmus L

      Sooo when can I expect mine to arrive? I can see in your campaign that I should have shipped in April due to it being a Early bird. But I havent received any shipping info or an update from you stating you have shipped it? Can you please provide me with an update or shipping info perhaps? :)

    13. Andreas Gähwiler Creator on

      @Daniel Juriatti They are super comfy! :-) Sri Lanka is an awesome place and the second home of nuffinz ;-) Yes, we are going to hit some stores, starting around our hometown which is located in Vorarlberg. Cheers!

    14. Missing avatar

      Daniel Juriatti on

      Very excited how comfy the short is. Would be great for vacation here on Sri Lanka. Are there some plans to sell them at shops in Vorarlberg? Nice greets!

    15. Andreas Gähwiler Creator on

      @suPURDUEper Thank you very much! And thanks for backing us! That's perfect, we gonna sort that out as soon as the campaign is over. So, yes we can confirm :-)

    16. suPURDUEper on

      Super excited about this campaign, I just backed for an Orange - medium early bird pair! In addition, I tripled my pledge value because I would like a green-medium early bird and an orange-large early bird pair as well.
      Can you confirm I can get these three early bird options all at once under one pledge please?

    17. Andreas Gähwiler Creator on

      @zephyrsaidwhat thanks for asking! as our campaign is coming to the end very soon we are planning the next batch and discussing the color options with our production partners. i think blue with dark stripes will be added very soon

    18. zephyrsaidwhat

      Any updates to share on the different coloured stripes options?

    19. Andreas Gähwiler Creator on

      @zephyrsaidwhat blue was already on our plan. different colors of stripes is new. we gonna try! many thanks! :-)

    20. zephyrsaidwhat

      How about navy blue + green stripes?

    21. Andreas Gähwiler Creator on

      @Azmi Abdulhadi: yes definitely! we hope to get some feedback from our backers what colors to do next :-) any whishes? many thanks for backing us!

    22. Azmi Abdulhadi

      Will there be different colors and designs in the future?

    23. Andreas Gähwiler Creator on

      @Half-Pint-Hero -> Peter ;-) Sure! We just couldn't set up these options as well cause the early birds are limited in amount. So you'll have to pledge the different colors separately. Or you raise the amount of your pledge (can also be done after first pledge) and let us know what colors and sizes you like. In any case we will take care that you get what you want :-) Thanks a lot for your support!

    24. Half-Pint-Hero -> Peter ;-)

      Is it possible to combine two (or more ;-)) Early-Birds/Limiteds??