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pledged of £9,200pledged of £9,200 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Aug 2 2019


The AGA Games Centrepiece Collection. The Ruined Church - Phase One - .STL files.

A little bit about me...

Hi. I'm Chris and I'm the owner of AGA Games. I'm an avid gamer and game designer and I'm currently in the process of developing a brand new role-playing game system, called Artefacts, Guardians and Avatars, but more about that in a future Kickstarter.

I've been involved with computer and role-playing games since the early 80's. I was lucky enough to have been a beta-tester/play-tester for the Compunet MUD and since then, I've been a beta-tester for Bethesda and Square.

With regards to tabletop role-playing games, I've had the pleasure of creating and GM'ing hundreds of scenarios for various game systems, including, but not limited to - D&D, AD&D and Call of Cthulhu - and a considerable number of those scenarios were 48 hour non-stop sessions with 10+ players...just because I love epics!

About the project.

I have managed to source some fantastic models. These have been hand-built by someone that I can only wish that I had known when I was younger.

Allow me to introduce you to Brian Lovett of Scenics Unlimited. Brian is a model scenery builder who could be described as a true master of his craft.

The Ruined Church was originally a prototype build for one of his dioramas. I commissioned him to make some extensive changes to parts of it - and what you see pictured here is the result.

I've also asked him to create a further two centrepieces - one of which is already complete - for the AGA Games Centrepiece Collection - along with a brand new set of very unique floor-tiles - and finally, I've also commandeered something very special. You can get a sneak preview of it if you scroll down.

All of the pieces in the Centrepiece Collection are designed to enhance your experience when you play your preferred fantasy role-playing game - and all will be talked about extensively, in future Kickstarters.

What is Phase One?

I have contacted lots of model manufacturers and injection moulding companies. All of them required the CAD files before they could supply me with a quote for production. Sadly, there aren't any. Brian doesn't use a computer to assist with his modelling - he prefers to design and build everything by hand.

With that in mind, I decided to share the project on here with you and to keep things as simple and inexpensive as possible - and also to gain some credibility and trust in those future projects, I split the Kickstarter into two parts.

This part - Phase One - is designed to release those much needed .STL and CAD files.

In return, backers will be able to print out the eleven walling pieces and if required, the thirty or so pieces of internal debris (pews, wood beams etc.) on their own 3D printers.

I'm currently working with Brian to produce a set of tutorial videos that will demonstrate how to put your centrepiece together. The videos will also include step by step instructions that will show you how to build your own scenery and how to decorate and paint everything, should you choose to do so. 

Once I have the CAD files, I'll be sending them to Protolabs in Telford, UK, who will be creating a quote and then hopefully, doing the manufacturing of the model itself, later in the year - assuming all goes well with the fundraising. (The scanning at the end of Phase One is going to be completed by a company called OR3D in Chirk, UK, by the way.)

Once the scanning is completed by OR3D and Protolabs have given us our quote, I will then do a second Kickstarter - Phase Two, to raise the necessary funds to complete the project.

To make things as fair as I can, I will be trying to find a way to give advance notice to anyone who backs Phase One, so that they can get a limited early bird discount on Phase Two, should they wish to.

This will allow those of you with 3D printers to get an advance centrepiece whilst those of you who don't have access to a 3D printer, will still be able to take part in the project and get a centrepiece of your own, later in the year.

It also allows AGA Games to earn a little bit of trust from you in the process, which is one of the parts that I think will be important.

With regards to the model itself, I'm going to let some pictures do the talking...

Please note that the pictures immediately above and below denote a slightly different model to the centrepiece that forms this Kickstarter. The images are used for scenery demonstration purposes only.


Why isn't there an accompanying video?

Making a video costs time and money. Time, I have plenty of. Money is a different matter (or I wouldn't be here doing a Kickstarter, I guess) and I can't justify spending money on a video that - although might look nice and flashy, serves no further purpose after the Kickstarter has come to an end. Instead, I've decided to earmark those funds for transportation of the model, when it makes its' journey down to the company that is going to scan it. Overall, it's reducing the amount of funds required to bring this project to life, so that can only be a good thing, can't it?

Why a ruined church?

There's plenty of dungeon scenery on the market at the moment. There's very few ruins of this size though - hence my interest in this piece.

If you're wondering how the church became ruined, then please read the background at the end of the page...

What happens if the Kickstarter succeeds?

As soon as the funds have been released, the centrepiece will be taken to OR3D.

Once there, it will take between four and six weeks to scan. I've estimated eight to allow for any contingencies that may arise.

After that's done and I have the CAD and .STL files, I will either send them to backers as an email attachment, or alternatively, I may have a page on the AGA Games website (currently in production) where backers will be able to download the files themselves.

Either way, I will be in constant communication with OR3D and I will be posting updates on here, very regularly.

The funding.

Since accountability is everything on Kickstarter - and to be honest, it's excellent business practise anyway, here's the breakdown of what the funds will be used for.

  • Complete scan of The Ruined Church, including all of the interior debris on a piece by piece basis, preliminary scan and post scan work - and supply of CAD and .STL files - by OR3D (includes a 10% buffer in case of unforeseen project cost overrun) - £8,000
  • Failed payments - calculated at 5% - £400
  • Kickstarter and payment processor fees calculated at 10% - £800


Nestled in the foothills of the Southern Irulan mountains, the town of Riversmeet had gained a certain amount of popularity in the adventuring community over the years.

The Irulan mountain range bore the highest concentration of precious metals in the entire continent and numerous mines were located throughout the region. Riversmeet, being the closest town, provided the mines with a constant supply of tools and provisions - and miners, traders and prospectors often frequented the local stores and blacksmiths. In addition, the town provided the only means of crossing the River Meet in the locality, which brought in additional trade.

Finally, the town hosted the only inn in the area - The Ram And Noodles. The inn had a reputation for serving the finest and tastiest meat and noodle broth in the country, but somehow, I guess you probably knew that already.

Of late, however, all was not well and sadly, it was during the Second Era that the town met with a rather unfortunate and untimely demise.

Riversmeet had a problem - and that problem was called Bob.

Bob was an Ancient Dragon who lived somewhere in the southern Irulan Mountains. A rather unusual name for a dragon - I grant you, but if you'd ever tried to pronounce a dragon's real name, you'd understand why she was called Bob. What made the name even more unusual was that Bob was in fact, a 'she' - although I suppose that since Bob could also be a shortened version of Roberta, it's still correct, technically speaking.

Anyway, I'm digressing.

Bob liked to keep herself to herself and her existence in the area had widely gone unnoticed. She avoided flying near to, or over populated areas, preferring instead, the peace and tranquility of the wilderness and wastelands. Her lair was located in a cavern that was inside one of the highest peaks in the range and it had an entrance that was situated well above the cloud layer, so mostly, her comings and goings went unobserved.

Unfortunately for Bob, she had very acute hearing, as most dragons do and in recent years, the sounds of the tunneling from the mines had grown louder. This was disturbing her sleep - so much so that one morning, whilst perched on a mountain and in a particularly foul mood, she decided to take her revenge.

She launched herself into the air and flew to the south. In a few short moments, she was over the foothills and through a break in the clouds, she noticed that the fields surrounding Riversmeet, teemed with livestock.

Since Bob spent the majority of her waking hours hunting high and low for food, the fields would now provide her with the perfect alternative. The added bonus would be that if anyone saw her, word of her existence would spread and this would be enough to scare the living daylights out of them.

"Aha!" she thought. "Exactly what I was looking for. I won't have to travel far to eat here and that means that I can sleep for longer! Perfect!"

Monitoring the area over the next few days, Bob noticed a pattern. In the morning, the farmers and farmhands would come out to tend the livestock and at sunset, they would return to the confines of the town, leaving the fields unguarded.

Bob perched herself on a ledge and waited until the sun started to dip below the horizon.


She glided silently down towards the fields and circled overhead before landing on the ground with a loud thud.

Animals scattered in all directions, but very little can outrun a dragon and within a few short moments, Bob had feasted on six cows, two sheep, four goats and a pet chicken, called Bert, that had accidentally got in the way of the proceedings.

The day after, she came back for more...

Almost a week later, one of the more observant farmers happened to notice that his very large herd looked a bit thinner than usual and performed a head count.

"I've got almost thirty cows missing!" he said.

Other farmers joined him and it wasn't long before everyone was shouting.

"I'm missing nearly two dozen ewes!" said another.

"Someone's taken half my goats?" exclaimed a third.

"Where's Bert?" cried a small voice from somewhere at the back of the newly gathered crowd, but nobody seemed to notice. 

"We've got rustlers!" shouted the first.

Shock silenced the crowd.

"Rustlers? Oh no!"

The farmers arranged an around the clock vigil and it wasn't long before the unexpected culprit was discovered. Everyone was astonished.

"A Dragon!?!" exclaimed the mayor. "We haven't had a dragon in these parts since before my grandfather was alive."

Squint, a local wizard who served as one of the mayor's aides, tugged thoughtfully at his beard as he puffed on a pipe.

"Well we've got one now and the people want to know what we're going to do about it."

The mayor sighed.

"I don't know, but it'll have to go. We'll have to put the word out and hire some mercenaries to hunt it down, I suppose. At least the extra income from the publicity will go some way towards compensating the farmers for their losses. A dragon...here in Riversmeet... Who would have thought?"

Over the next few hours the mayor ordered the High Sherriff to dispatch messengers to the Capital and the other major cities across the land and told the townsfolk to post signs on the walls of every building.

Sure enough, it wasn't long before the town was home to more than a hundred mercenaries and dragon-slayers - and more were arriving by the hour.

As the mayor had predicted, the town even managed to turn a tidy profit in the short term, but sadly, nobody it seemed, was able to solve the problem of how to free Riversmeet from Bob and her voracious apetite. In fact, overall, the entire situation had been worsened - because now, in addition to the fields supplying Bob with a free main course, the mercenaries provided her with an additional - and also free, appetiser - something that she found very pleasing.

A year later and the people of Riversmeet were forced to admit defeat.

The livestock had become so frightened that they were incapable of reproducing and most of the fields lay empty. This meant that most of the town's food and provisions had to be imported from other towns and cities, but even this had stopped when traders refused to deliver their produce, unless they were provided with an armed guard - which in turn made the whole journey too expensive.

Finally, to add insult to industry, the town had been blacklisted by the mercenaries guild and people in general had started to avoid the area like the plague. Even the mines had begun to close.

This, of course, was something that made Bob very happy, since she could now sleep peacefully. However, since she had become used to hunting in the fields, she felt that she should take advantage of the situation as much as possible, even if her meals were no longer as filling as they used to be.

In his final act as mayor, an extremely desperate and disgraced Jasper Diggleweed was forced to hire a couple of seemingly, equally desperate adventurers to negotiate a truce with Bob.

Simone, a wandering cleric, had an exceptionally large gambling debt and was being pursued by her creditors, so she needed the money.

Eric, on the other hand, was a gnome who worked on a local farm. He had always possessed a sense of adventure and to be honest, he didn't particularly require an excuse to take time off work, so he volunteered, although he had heavily disguised himself, so nobody would recognise him.

Squint insisted on leading the mission and the trio set off in the direction of the mountains.

Less than an hour later, the wizard and the gnome were at odds with each other.

"Are we there yet?" asked Eric, for the tenth time.

Squint stopped.

"All right, that's it!" he fumed, turning to the gnome. "Say that one more time and you're going home!"

Over the next two weeks, they had somehow managed to track Bob back to her lair but by that time, Simone had been forced to intervene in their arguments at least sixty times and her sanity had been pushed to the limit. Gnome's had a habit of complaining about everything and Eric was no exception.

"No amount of gold is worth this," she muttered.

It took them a further few hours to climb up to the ledge and when they peered into the long tunnel that served as the entrance to Bob's home, Squint sighed loudly.

"I think it would be best if I entered alone," he said. "I'll take my staff, but I'll leave my pack here."

"I didn't come all of this way to babysit a grumpy gnome," replied Simone, indignantly.

"Well, he's not coming in there with me, so he either stays here on his own, or you both stay. Quite honestly, I'd prefer the peace and quiet and I need to have my wits about me when I find the dragon."

"I understand that you haven't seen eye to eye on this journey, but that's no reason to split the party up now, is it?"

She paused for a response, but none came. She had just opened her mouth to speak again when she felt Eric elbow her in the leg, shutting her up.

She looked down at him and he glared back, shaking his head, slowly.

"Well," she said, looking back at Squint. "If you're absolutely certain, then we'll stay. But we'll be right here if you need us. Just call out."

"Very quietly, so we can't hear you, would be absolutely ideal," added Eric, softly.

The wizard nodded, dropping his pack to the ground, just to the side of the entrance to the tunnel. He held his staff above his head and mumbled some words that caused the staff tip to shine brightly with light. Giving one last glance in the direction of the others, he set off into the darkness.

Simone looked down at the gnome once she was sure that Squint was out of earshot.

"What was all that about?" she asked.

"You'll thank me later," said Eric, smiling.

Simone looked back into the tunnel and watched until the light had completely disappeared, leaving nothing but shadows.

She looked down at the wizard's pack and noticed that the gnome was rifling through the contents.

"Eric!" she yelped, shocked. "What do you think you're doing?"

The gnome looked up at her.

"Really? It's not as though he's going to be coming back..."

At that exact moment, there was a loud squeal from inside the tunnel. This was followed by a huge ball of flame that erupted from the entrance - the blast of which was so intense that it knocked Simone and Eric backwards, almost sending them over the side of the ledge.

A few moments passed and when the dust, smoke and soot had cleared, Simone looked at the tunnel. There, on the floor, next to Eric were the smoldering remains of Squint's robes. From the ground, Eric looked at them and slowly turned his head towards Simone.

"See. I told you."

Inside her lair, Bob was furious.

Her home had been discovered and for her own safety, she had to do something about it. She decided that the town of Riversmeet must fall.

With a roar, she flew up through the roof of the cavern and out into the sky.

Things happened rather quickly from that point on.

A group of six travelers happened to enter Riversmeet and made their way to the inn. At the same time, from the outskirts of the town, a lookout who was seated in the church tower, spotted Bob in the distance and sounded the alarm.

People immediately started to scream in panic.

Terlion, a rather large barbarian from the Eastern Tannamede region, managed to grab hold of a local militiaman as he was running by and asked him what was happening.

"Dragon attack!" came the reply. The militiaman pulled away from Terlion and disappeared into a nearby guardhouse.

"Maybe we should help them out," said Valaria.

"Maybe we should just leave 'em to it," muttered Gruk, one of two goblins in the group.

Elshazar, a mage and Randalar, an elf of dubious profession agreed.

They entered the inn, to find it deserted.

"Hello? Is anyone here?" called Terlion.

"We're closed," said a voice from behind the bar.

Randalar walked over to the counter-top and noticed that on the other side, the landlord was cowering on the floor, behind a barrel.

"The town's about to be attacked by a dragon."

The landlord glanced up at him.

"Really? You don't say!" he replied, sarcastically. "I wondered what that bell was. We're still closed!"

He grabbed a towel and tried to cover himself with it.

Valaria joined Randalar at the counter. 

"Is there anything we can do to help?" she asked. "Maybe we can fight it from the rooftops?"

The two goblins looked at each other and shook their heads.

The landlord pulled the towel back from his face and peered out at her.

"You want to fight it?" he asked, disbelievingly.

Valaria nodded. Randalar didn't. He just looked at Valaria with disdain.

"Yes," she continued.

"Do we?" Randalar asked, turning to Terlion for reassurance.

"Might as well. We've got nothing better to do," he replied.

"What?" said Elshazar. "This IS a dragon were talking about here. It's not a run of the mill Orc. You don't tend to see dragons everyday and when you do, out of all the options that you have open to you, fighting isn't usually one of them."

"Oh come on. It'll be fun. It'll only be a little one," said Valaria. "Where's your spirit of adventure?"

Elshazar and Randalar looked at each other with open mouths. Even the landlord couldn't quite believe what he was hearing.

"You're mad and you're all going to die. But... If you think that you can do better than an army of mercenaries and dragon-slayers, please... Feel free to go right ahead. It's your funeral. The stairs are that way. Just leave me alone!"

He pointed over towards a passageway that led out from the bar before covering himself with the towel once more.

Terlion and Valaria headed towards it. Valaria looked over her shoulder at the others.

"Come on. We can do this. We killed that dragon three years ago, didn't we?"

"It was a drake," said Elshazar.

"An' it were a small one," added Gruk.

"Well at least we should go take a look. There's no harm in that, is there?"

The pair made their way into the passage and up to the roof where they were shortly joined by the others who made a point of taking their time.

Terlion and Randalar drew their bows and readied arrows.

At that exact moment, the dragon made her first low pass over the town. One of her wings hit the chimney immediately above the group, smashing it to pieces and showering them with rubble. They all ducked down behind the low parapet wall that bordered the roof.

Down in the street, the very few townspeople who hadn't yet returned to the shelter of their homes, fell to the ground in fear.

"It's enormous. It looks like an Ancient!" said Randalar.

"This is the most stupid thing that you've suggested, in a very long time, Valaria..." Elshazar muttered. "And it's most definitely NOT going to be fun!"

"Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all," agreed Terlion, after he had witnessed Bob's size. "Let's have a go at it anyway. Even if we distract it for a few moments, it'll give the locals time to get to safety."

The goblins backed away towards the door that led back down the stairwell.

"Stuff the locals an' their safety. It's time to leave," whispered Gruk. "They won't notice we've gone an' we can do somethin' more productive like raidin' the town stores."

"Good idea," replied Rizlax, the other goblin in the group. "Let's go."

Bob breathed a stream of fire over the town as she made her second pass, directly hitting the stores. They exploded in a ball of fire.

The goblins stopped.

"So much for that store raid," Rizlax muttered. "Let's go anyway. I'm not fightin' a flippin' dragon."

He disappeared down the stairs and Gruk followed him.

The dragon circled around again and flew down towards the church.

"It's coming around for another pass," shouted Elshazar. "Get ready!"

Raising his staff into the air, he aimed for a point just above the church and spoke the words of a spell. As he did so, he put his foot onto a piece of rubble that caused him to accidentally overbalanced.

The fireball that erupted engulfed the church and it instantly burst into flames.

The others looked on in shock. Even the dragon stopped in mid air.


Bob turned and started flying towards the inn at full speed.

"You've got its attention now, Elshazar. Give it everything you've got," yelled Terlion, loosing an arrow at Bob. It hit her squarely in the shoulder and she screamed loudly.

Randalar fired at her next, but the arrow glanced off of one of her scales. Elshazar readied another spell.

"Try to hit something that's moving this time, Elshazar," said Valaria.

The mage shot her a snide glance before launching another fireball into the air.

Bob dodged it by flying into some buildings, razing them to the ground.

The others looked at him.

"What? I didn't hit them," he said, softly.

Near to the edge of the town, Gruk and Rizlax were passing the armory.

"Ere!" said Rizlax. "Maybe we can get some weapons from there an' sell 'em."

"Let's go an' take a look," Gruk responded.

They entered the building to find it as empty as the inn.

"I don't like this, Gruk. Where is ev'rybody?"

"I dunno. You go down, an' I'll go up, yeah?"

Gruk found a stairway and climbed up to the roof.

Suddenly, he felt something grab his shoulder and he looked up.

"What are you doing here?" asked the High Sheriff.

Gruk quickly thought of something.

"Ere! Let me go. I'm wiv' a group of adventurers who are fightin' wiv' the dragon. We need to find some more weapons."

Just then, Bob passed along the street outside. The flames from her breath reached the outside of the armory and set the building on fire.

"No time," said the Sheriff. "The building's burning. There's kegs of powder downstairs and if the fire gets to them, the whole place will go up. We've got to get to the roof."

"But my mate's down there. I've got to get 'im!"

"He'll have to fend for himself. I'm not letting you go down there," replied the Sheriff.

He ran upstairs, still holding Gruk and opened a door that led out onto a balcony.

"Ok, jump," said the Sheriff.

"What? I can't jump that far," exclaimed the goblin.

Downstairs, the flames had spread across the timber framed ground floor very quickly and had reached the powder room. Inside, the barrels of powder were already smoldering. Then, suddenly, one by one, they exploded, causing the entire building to shake.

"Ok, have it your own way," said the Sheriff, grabbing hold of Gruk. He started to swing him back and forth.

"Ere! What you doin'? Put me down!" screamed the goblin.

"I'm going to throw you over to the next roof. You'll be safe there," replied the Sheriff.

"Throw me? Nobody throws a goblin!" Gruk cried, but it was too late.

With a heave, the High Sheriff launched the goblin into the air...just as Bob flew past the balcony, about to strike again.

Gruk squealed as he landed inside the dragon's mouth - something that Bob most definitely wasn't expecting. He got lodged in her throat and she immediately stopped flying, crashing into the ground and obliterating an entire row of houses.

She started to writhe, rolling over and over, her tail wiping out anything that happened to get in the way.

Gruk, who was now stuck halfway down Bob's throat, covered in saliva, had pulled out his knife and was frantically stabbing away at her insides.

Bob coughed and heaved, slamming her head on the ground in an attempt to dislodge him. Finally, she opened her mouth and retched, expelling the goblin like a cat expelling a furball.

She coughed some more to catch her breath and looked down at the goblin who lay in front of her in a slimy mess.

Out of the corner of her eye, some guards appeared, spurred on by her grounding.

She'd had enough. It was better to live and fight another day than to be killed by a group of hapless, lucky adventurers, cowardly town soldiers and a foul tasting goblin.

Apart from the inn, the entire town had been decimated and anything that was still standing was completely ablaze, so she could consider this a victory. Nobody would be living here for a long time to come and she took to the air before flying off, landing only for a moment in a nearby field that contained a solitary cow.

Risks and challenges

Risks - none. Either the Kickstarter is successful and we fulfill the rewards for the backers, or it isn't - and we don't.

Even if the model is damaged in transit to OR3D, we still have copies of each of the wall pieces, so we can get them there - and finally, there's no manufacturing at this stage, so that's a large part of the risk removed from the start.

I'm fully open to suggestions for anything that I may have overlooked or otherwise haven't thought of though, so please don't hesitate to send a message.

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