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Aerodynamics like carbon wheels, Lightweight for climbing, Superior ceramic braking power and built to survive the ParisRoubaix cobbles
Aerodynamics like carbon wheels, Lightweight for climbing, Superior ceramic braking power and built to survive the ParisRoubaix cobbles
Aerodynamics like carbon wheels, Lightweight for climbing, Superior ceramic braking power and built to survive the ParisRoubaix cobbles
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    1. Missing avatar

      Peter on

      No, I don't think anyone got brake pads or quick releases or spare spokes. No one could get contact with Jan Willem.

    2. Missing avatar

      The Happy Person on

      Did anyone ever get brake pads?

    3. Missing avatar

      Pauwels Christophe on

      Hi everyone,

      Am I the only one who hasn't received his wheels? I tried to contact him by many ways but no sign of life for months! So I have no other choice to complain to the police even if it's the last thing that I want.

    4. Missing avatar

      Andreas on

      Any sign of life from Jan? Can I expect eventually the brake pads?

    5. Missing avatar

      Peter on

      Vincent, Maybe you could also go to Dotterbloemkreek 46, 2353JD Leiderdorp that is his home address. I checked this by KvK and some other sites.

    6. Missing avatar

      Vincent van der Kraan on

      Was at his place in Warmond again these week, on wednesday and thursday. No sign of business. Will try again next week. I will repeat this untill I get a hold of him. Keep you posted!

    7. Missing avatar

      Pauwels Christophe on

      One year late on the announced delivery date, no news of the project, mails unanswered, Whatsapp unanswered, ... I just want to have news about my wheels and obviously it's not possible. Besides being disrespectful, it leaves me with more and more doubt about the credibility of this project so I start thinking about possible ways (including judicial if necessary) for a refund.

    8. Missing avatar

      Peter on

      Vincent does he answer his phone.. It's ridiculous that we can't get in touch with him. People abroad have even less chance to get what they paid for.

    9. Missing avatar

      Vincent van der Kraan on

      Untill now I did not recieve my wheels despite living in the Netherlands. Jan Willem is not responding by WhatsApp any longer. So I went by his place today in Warmond. Nobody was working there so nobody opened the door for me. Will try it again next week!

    10. Missing avatar

      Ken Y. on

      Peter...I gave up on pads and accessories from these guys. It's not worth it. Out of principle, I won't buy any more AI33 products, irrespective of price, unless there's some meaningful change.

    11. Missing avatar

      Peter on

      I have my wheels almost three months, but brake pads haven't arrived. This can't be caused by delivery time. If it was, Swiss stop would have been out of business for years. Baradine brake pads could be a good alternative.(Around 5€ per pair for ceramic specific)

    12. Missing avatar

      d turner on

      Hi -- I do have my wheels (in the States) but have been told the skewers, wheel bag, and brake pads (2 sets) would be sent later. That was a month ago?

    13. Missing avatar

      Nick Lawn on

      I received my wheels recently. I have to say they are very nice indeed!!! Nice work Jan Willem!

      Is there any update on the skewers? will they be sent when the pads arrive?

    14. Missing avatar

      Ewald Schrap

      I still have not received my wheels and I'm based in The Netherlands .... So postal delays can not be the issue .. Has all the wheels been shipped or just international orders ?

    15. Missing avatar

      Eric Saltzman on

      I finally got my wheels. It took so long that I no longer need them (I moved to a bike with disc brakes this summer). If anyone is interested in buying another set, please contact me. I am in the US so delivery to a US buyer would be most cost effective.

    16. Missing avatar

      James Turner76 on

      Update: Wheels have arrived! Looking forward to getting out on them shortly.

    17. AForce wheels Creator on

      For US backers with wrong lacing pattern. Please contact prowheelbuilder.

      They will arrange free return shipping label, Relace the wheels and ship them back to you without charge.

    18. AForce wheels Creator on

      All wheels are shipped out before eurobike.

      If people still did not receive their wheels, Please contact me, Due to shipping with local post. (otherwise it is simply not possible to ship wheels at this rate around the world) if there is a failed delivery they will be shipped back, However this takes quite some time. I did get a few wheelsets back.

      If anyone did not receive their wheels yet, Please contact me so i can contact the postal office to track the package.

      We are still waiting for the upgraded swiss stop pads, For the remaining shipment to all backers.

    19. Missing avatar

      Peter on

      Earsplitting silence......

    20. Ricky Livingston on

      Wheels arrived last week, the lacing is correct and the wheels look great!
      But no skewers or brake pads yet. But soon these wheels will be all over the state!

    21. Missing avatar

      Dominik Lugmair on

      James, you will find his tel.number in update nr.16, thats all you need.

    22. Missing avatar

      James Turner76 on

      What are the contact details I need for Jan on WhatsApp?


    23. Missing avatar

      Dominik Lugmair on way to contact Jan is via WhatsApp. maybe he is at Eurobike?
      anyway, i did receive my wheels from UK 1 week ago and there were also some hiccups with parcel services like failed delivery or unkown adress, was a bit weird...then again Jan solved that issue and the wheels came finally...
      in the end i am happy with the performance of the wheels...
      so i keep fingers crossed that you get them soon!

    24. Missing avatar

      James Turner76 on

      Just wondering if anyone knows if something has happened to @AForce? I do not want to accuse then of being less that truthful if there is a genuine reason for telling me my wheels had been dispatched yet no further communication or wheel delivery..


    25. Missing avatar

      Peter on

      David, I haven't received the brake pads and skewers either. I live at two hours cycling from Aforce.....

    26. Missing avatar

      David on

      @AForce, have the quick release skewers and brake pads been shipped out? When can backers in the US expect to receive them? Anyone in the US have received the skewers and brake pads?

    27. Ricky Livingston on

      Ive been emailing monthly since February, do you fell like responding anytime soon?

    28. Missing avatar

      James Turner76 on

      I hate having to raise this again but I have not heard back regarding the delivery you said was out just about a week ago. You kindly said you would chase the delivery 4 days ago and I reminded you of this 2 days ago. I am trying to give you the benefit of doubt at every opportunity but his is now getting silly. Please provide proof of shipping or a delivery date at your earliest convenience.

    29. Missing avatar

      David on

      Peter, thanks for the suggestion. I will check veloplugs out. Regarding rim tape, I didn't get them when I received the wheels.

    30. Missing avatar

      Peter on

      David, they should come with rim tape (tubeless). If you don't go tubeless, you could consider veloplugs . That's easy with internal nipples.

    31. Missing avatar

      David on

      Just an update of the spoke pattern situation. Contacted PWB via email and Richard was quick to response. The wheels are on their way back to PWB for rebuild. Kudo to Richard.

      Now a newbie question about rim tape. This is my first set of wide profile wheels (and don't come with rim tape pre-installed). The schematic says the internal width is 19.6 mm. What would be the best rim tape width? Any recommendations on specific brand and/or type?

    32. Missing avatar

      James Turner76 on

      Thanks for thew previous reply. Any update on shipping as obviously will be a bulky package and I will need to arrange someone to receive.

    33. AForce wheels Creator on

      James, your wheels has been shipped out.

      Monday I'll try to get hold of the postal company to see where your wheels are at the moment.

    34. Missing avatar

      James Turner76 on

      I initially asked on 8th Aug about a delivery update after being told by you that all wheels would be shipped Mid Jul.
      I have emailed you and reposted here without any sort of response. What is going on with the project?
      I am trying to be respectful and patient but the silence is not showing your backers any respect.


    35. Missing avatar

      James Turner76 on

      Is it too much to ask for a response about my UK delivery query?

    36. AForce wheels Creator on

      @genot, I send you an email few days ago, to confirm your adress, as shipment was returned to sender. Please confirm correct adress to me personally by private kickstarter message or email.

    37. AForce wheels Creator on

      @Ken and others,

      This is correct.

      I had contact with Richard about this the past days to adress this issue.

      But before posting an update I was still working out best way with him to arrange the relacing.

      As I wanted to discuss the path of this happening first.

      As said.

      All backers involved can contact Richard at and the issue will be solved.

      Richard missed the crossed lacing section on the instruction, as there are also some brands who do the offset lacing the other way round.

      We are both sorry for the inconvenience, but Richard has a very high reputation for building quality wheels. And I am sure he will solve the issue professionally. will supply a free return label and will replace the wheels plus ship back out again.

    38. Missing avatar

      Ken Y. on

      ***To US backers: I just spoke to Richard, the owner of Pro Wheel Builder, and he is 100% willing to address the lacing (crossing spokes) issue in connection with internal-nipple wheels. Please contact PWB and he will offer free-shipping to re-build the wheels. It was a terrific conversation.

      FWIW...I'm not trying usurp Jan-Willem's position here, but just want to get the word out regarding the lacing issue and how PWB is willing to address it.

    39. Missing avatar


      Thanks @Ken Y.
      I don't understand why no answer, maybe it's holidays but at some point we deserve at least a feedback. Ok probably better to wait than to have to rebuild but at some point the season is reaching its end...
      I have patience and understanding but I deserve respect and in that case it's called transparency and lean communication.

    40. Missing avatar

      Ken Y. on

      Génot -- sorry to hear about your situation. I don't understand why Jan-Willem has not responded.

      To others with incorrectly built wheels by PWB -- have you received any e-mail response from JW and/or PWB? I have tried contacting PWB via phone in the past couple of days, but have not gotten hold of him. Will try again tomorrow. My wheels are still sitting in the garage. I'm tempted to just pay a local bike shop to rebuild the wheels and wash my hands of Aforce.

    41. Missing avatar


      Sorry to ask again but not answering doesn't make me more patient...
      You promised to ship everything by mid-July. It's now mid-August and I haven't received (nor heard or read) anything.
      When can I hope to be delivered and will you send a tracking number?

    42. Missing avatar

      James Turner76 on

      I have been paitently asking here and via email for an update to expected delivery times for UK based backer no.30 for a while. Please respond.
      I am starting to wonder if I will be getting the wheels within 12 months of original campaign date!


    43. Missing avatar

      Dominik Lugmair on

      it's as simple as that: no criss cross.....lacing wrong, period.
      that happens when outsourcing.
      just wondering if any UK builds are already delivered? waiting since 16th of July.
      always the same mantra...
      sorry, but losing my patience with this campagne.

    44. Missing avatar

      Ken Y. on

      Good to hear the wheels are riding nicely.

      For sure -- the wheels appear to be nicely built. As Brad said, need Jan-Wiilem to confirm the lacing.

    45. Missing avatar

      Brad on

      I firmly believe that prowheelbuilder did a nice job, I just want to be sure it'll last according to the specs provided by Jan-Willem. I suspect offset or spoke crossover is a part of that. Hoping to have this solved before an event in 3 weeks time. Glad to hear the performance is solid d turner. This is what I look forward to experiencing.

    46. Missing avatar

      d turner on

      I should say, Prowheelbuilder made solid, well built wheels. No pings, no wobble.

    47. Missing avatar

      Ken Y. on

      I guess better to have yet to receive the wheels than to have received incorrectly built wheels. The funny thing is that one could have purchased these rims, not as kickstarter backer, but as a regular customer and have them built by a 3rd-party builder much sooner. It's a reality here, I suppose.

    48. Missing avatar

      d turner on

      But they ride really nicely, smooth and far more comfortable than my old daily wheels (Zipp 101 rims, 23c tires), roll well, confidence in corners. Running 25c IRC RBCC tires with tubes. Not as light as I'd wish, but would get wheels with these rims again. Not sure which way the A Force decals should be facing on the rims, though (they read backwards from the right side of the bike).

    49. Missing avatar

      Brad on

      Just got home to see my new wheels. As exciting as this is, it appears ProWheelbuilder made my wheels with the same approach as David and D Turner. I will email photos but wanted to send you this note in case the email did not come through. Further, I am not super confident that the super stiff spokes were used and no reply from Prowheelbuilder on my last email to them so I am asking you, Jan-Willem, to verify when you speak with them.

    50. Missing avatar

      Dominik Lugmair on

      in the same boat ...@Génot

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