Tricksters - Meet the mischievous Annukuh

by Aether Tower

Aether Tower

México, Mexico

Board Game publishers and fulfillment partners in Mexico. Collaborators of La Caravana Gamelab (Board Game Club), Detestable Games (Developer), and Draco Gaming (Wargame publishers).

Kickstarter agenda:
Jun 2016 - Hero (Unsuccessful)
Nov 2016 - Tricksters

Aug 2017 - Cooking Rumble
Sep 2017 - La Caravana Gamelab
Nov 2017 - Hero Artwork
Dec 2017 - Seat Wars

Jan 2018 - Water Annukuh Plushie
Feb 2018 - Cooks & Crooks
Apr 2018 - Eldritch Century
May 2018 - Mountain Annukuh...

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Collaborators on this project

Juan Ramos
Jaime H. Solloa
Aretia Irn
William Eduardo Burgos Mendiola

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