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AE Micro: A Microfiction Magazine and Contest

Posted by AE - The Canadian Science Fiction Review (Creator)

At AE HQ, we’re pretty excited about making AE happen. So excited, in fact, we can’t really wait for autumn to put out our first issue (that's months away ...). So we’re going to do it right now, on a small scale.

Presenting: AE Micro — A very small book of very small stories about very small things

So far we’ve promised to write more than 20 postcard stories, each based on a word that one of you provides to us. We thought you might like to get in on the fun. So we're asking you to write postcard-sized stories based on the word of our choosing. We’ll pick the best of the lot and publish them in a special edition microzine, a forerunner of AE proper.

Intrigued? Here are the details:

Our notional postcard is sized to contain 200 words and not one more.

We’re offering you just a bit less than a word: “micro.” Contest entries do not have to contain “micro” within them, as long as we can tell that the story was inspired by the word.

Everyone. We mean everyone, including but not limited to:
* Canadians
* non-Canadians
* backers of our Kickstarter project
* non-backers of our Kickstarter project

We’re pretty sure this covers the widest possible range of people who might enter, but let us know if we’ve missed anyone. The bottom line: We’re looking for people who can tell great stories, no matter what other category they fall into.

We will pick five stories for publication in the microzine. In keeping with our mission to support Canadian SF, three of those will come from Canadian authors, and the other two from international submissions. In addition, we will choose one Best Canadian Story and one Best International Story.

For all winners
* We will pay our standard rate of $.06 CAD per word for each of the five stories published in the microzine, with a minimum of $10 for any one story
* Each winning author will receive five print copies of AE Micro.

For the winner of each category
In addition to the above:
* The authors of the Best Canadian Story and Best International Story will each receive a six-month subscription to the Science Fiction and Fantasy Online Writer's Workshop. We can earnestly say that the Workshop is one of the best tools a burgeoning or developed science fiction writer could have in their toolbox.
* The two category winners will each also receive a one year's subscription to AE.
* We will make a recording of one of us reading the winning stories and post it here on Kickstarter and on our Web site.

For Kickstarter backers
* If you are a backer whose story is chosen for publication in AE Micro, you get the option of commissioning a postcard story from us, even if you haven't pledged at a level that includes it (even if you only pledged a single dollar).
* If you are a backer and win the Best Canadian or Best International category, your year’s subscription is added to the end of any issues that you are entitled to receive as part of your backer reward. Alternatively, you can choose to gift your prize subscription or your reward issues to a friend. Don’t worry, we’ll work something out.

The real AE is going to be available in both print and digital editions, and so will AE Micro. We’ll do a very small print run of very small issues, and we will also provide a free PDF that will enable you to roll your own issue of the microzine. The digital version will be available before our funding deadline.

Contest opens for entries: Now
Contest closes for entries: Monday, April 26, at 23:59 Eastern Daylight Time (UTC-4)
Winners announced: Friday, April 30

When you are ready, ENTER HERE. When you submit your story, it will be automatically posted on our site.

Stories must be no more than 200 words, including the title. They must be recognizably science fiction and inspired by the word “micro.” One entry per person. All entries must be previously unpublished in print or online.

By entering, you agree to license your story under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial NoDerivatives license. You also specifically grant a non-assignable license to AE to display (for purposes commercial, promotional and otherwise) the story online.

By entering, you further agree to accept the following terms and payment should your story be chosen a winner: You grant first print and digital serial rights to the story to AE, these rights to expire twelve months after submission of the entry if unused. You also grant AE license to edit your story as necessary for print, as well as to create and share an audio recording of your story online.

Please post any questions you have as comments below, and we will address them.

Should be everywhere! Please do your part to spread it.

If you like what we’re doing with this contest, remember that we’re doing this on less than a shoestring. Just imagine what we can accomplish this fall — if you back this project.


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    1. Michele Marques on

      Thanks for the explanation! I see that it's up now. The submission form initially rejected my story as too long. I deleted a word or two... but I think the main help was to delete paragraph breaks and enter them again on the form.

    2. AE - The Canadian Science Fiction Review Creator on

      Michele, it should be posted now. When you submit a story, it goes into a moderation queue so we can filter out spam or duplicate submissions. It also allows us to double-check word counts (the submission form sometimes overestimates words, so we don't want to disqualify those stories without a human count). We're checking this queue several times a day but depending on when you submit it may be a few hours before it shows up.

      Thanks for entering!

    3. Michele Marques on

      I submitted a story, but I don't see it posted. Does that mean there was a glitch and I should resubmit?

    4. AE - The Canadian Science Fiction Review Creator on

      Daria, we're sorry that you don't like our policy of posting the entries as they come in.

      This contest is in part a form of publicity (for the entrants as well as for us, we believe) but we understand where you're coming from. We can only suggest that if you do decide to enter something in the next few days, the parameters of our specific contest would give you plenty of room to rework the story for submission elsewhere.

      In any case, thank you for your comment and we hope you'll consider submitting to AE in the future.

    5. Missing avatar

      Daria on

      I really liked the idea of this contest until I read that submitting a story will publish it, regardless of whether or not the story wins. I'd be much happier if only the winning stories would be published. That way, if my story doesn't suit your needs I can still sell first rights to it elsewhere.