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Mobile device stylus doubles as fashion wrist bracelet. A convenient & stylish way to carry your stylus anytime and anywhere.
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80% Funded!

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Update 3/27/2013

Hello Again, Backers!

70% Funded and 15 more days:

FLAXUS is getting real close to reaching 70% of its funding goal here on Kickstarter! We are so thrilled that our project is trending above our goal, but we still need to pick up the momentum – so, we need YOUR help! Here are some things you can do to help our campaign for FLAXUS, the world’s first wearable stylus:

  • Like us on Facebook 
  • Like and comment on our Facebook posts 
  • Share our Facebook page on your wall or with your friends 
  • Follow us on Twitter 
  • Retweet our tweets and get involved in our conversations 
  • Share the link to our Kickstarter campaign page with your social networks (
  • PLEDGE! We have different level rewards for everyone and we would like to add more in the near future

New Giveaway:

My team and I are also wondering what you’re going to use your FLAXUS for, specifically. Post your answers and ideas to our Facebook contest post or the Comment section on our project page, and we will choose one winner with the most interesting use for FLAXUS!

Last Week's Winners:

Also, don’t forget about our weekly Facebook contest – Just visit our Facebook Fan Page and “Like” or “Share” the contest post which is pinned to the top of our page for a change to win your very own wearable stylus. Last week’s winners are: Chris Lin and Sebastian Hoeft! Congratulations on your new FLAXUS stylus!

*One quick note: In order to receive your prize, we ask all winners to remain as backer at their original pledged level until this project is fully funded.  Thank you for your support!

New Publicity Coverage:

Here is some new coverage FLAXUS has gained since our last update:

Happy Backing!


Update 3/20/2013

Hi there Kickstarters, We’re half way there – with having raised over 50% of our funding goal before the first week of our campaign, things are looking great for FLAXUS! We’d like to thank you for all of your support thus far, as we would not be here today without you. 

WIN A FLAXUS! Be sure to visit our Facebook Fan Page and “Like” or “Share” the contest post which is pinned to the top of our page for a change to win. Don’t forget to Follow us on Twitter as well in order to stay up to date with our Kickstarter campaign. After all, its up to YOU on whether or not our project succeeds on Kickstarter, so let’s spread the word and bring FLAXUS to life! 

So for this week, we are happy to announce the first two winners....Adam McElroy and Aaron Trout!  Thank you for your support and sharing!  We look forward to two new winners next week.

We’ve had an overwhelming number of questions coming our way, so we would like to clarify a few FAQs: 

-Many of our backers and fans have asked about ordering multiples, and we’re going to tell you how to do just that! It’s quite simple – for each additional FLAXUS, simply add $12 to your currently pledge by clicking the blue “Manage Your Pledge” button near the top of our campaign page, but be sure to leave your reward selection as is. For example, if you’ve currently pledged at the $24 reward level and would like TWO extra FLAXUS styluses, add $24 to your existing pledge of $24 for a total pledge of $48. Remember to keep your reward selection as is because you’ll receive a survey at the end of our campaign in which you’ll have the chance to clarify your reward selections. 

-Many of our awesome backers and fans have asked about the length of FLAXUS for users who have larger wrists. If this issue is of concern to you, please watch the video at our Youtube channel – the FLAXUS is quite securely strapped to the wrist and won't come off easily under normal day-to-day wear.  

That's it for this week's update and happy backing, 


P.S. Here is some new coverage FLAXUS has gained since our last update: 

-The Gadgeteer |

-GSM Nation | 

A great start it is...

Hey everyone! 

Couldn't believe we've hit almost 40% funding goal in just one day!  You guys are awesome for giving us a strong start right off the gate!  Our goal is to start working on the mass production mold as soon as we hit our goal of $10K.  We want to get Flaxus to your hands as quickly as possible without delay and in good quality.  So there are still a lot of work to be done but we believe our collective effort will make Flaxus a dream come true!


We want to throw out some cool prizes for your continuous support.  We can't announce it here due to Kickstarter's guideline.  But we will make a post in our Facebook fanpage, so come visit our Fan page and check out how you could win some free gifts!  We are also working on a cool surprise and it'll be unlocked if we hit stretch goal of $25K!  


For those of you who saw our red dot award logo but not sure what it means, please come check it out at the official site to learn more about this design award.  But basically we are super thrilled to be part of this awesome design award.  We couldn't believe it, but this recognition means a lot to us as a start-up.  All the 2013 winner's project won't be showcased until July of this year.  However, you can check out the history winners and the kind of competition on their online-exhibition page. 


That is for today, have a great day everyone!