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Thank you for helping us put our Underworld Races & Classes into a massive tome with new racial traits, feats, archetypes, magic items, and spells!
Thank you for helping us put our Underworld Races & Classes into a massive tome with new racial traits, feats, archetypes, magic items, and spells!
882 backers pledged $50,304 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by AAW Games (Creator)
This will be a limited print run, get yours while you can!
This will be a limited print run, get yours while you can!


Good evening my friends!  

The Kickstarter is really picking up here in the final hours, by the time you read this we'll have about 48 hours until we close up shop which brings about something I need to share...

One of our most vocal backers pointed out that I didn't make it clear that this is a limited print run. This means we'll be producing only a limited number of print hardbacks for backers and a few dozen to sell in game shops around the Seattle area. Once these have sold out they're gone–just like those coveted Rise of the Drow hardbacks–so pledge now if you would like a print copy.

The number of stretch and backer goals unlocked is staggering now and includes: new art throughout the book, Hero Lab (both systems), Realm Works (both systems), Fantasy Grounds (both systems) and so much more; scroll down to see everything that's been unlocked and what's left.

If we can clear $40k and 800 backers we'll be able to unlock the rest of the Underworld Bestiary (back of the book bestiary), the super secret stretch and backer goals, and the rest of the Underworld Adventures (the first has already been unlocked!). I've also promised our Fantasy Grounds fans that files will be included for each of these only if you're able to unlock all three. So please spread the word as we're in our final hours and I want to give you all the fixings along with the main course!

I believe this is possible with your help!  

-Jonathan G. Nelson
AAW Games









Here are your Underworld Races & Classes folks!
Here are your Underworld Races & Classes folks!


Stretch & Backer Goals  

Current Numbers:  

$35,662 of $1,000 Goal
Pathfinder Backers 312
5th Edition Backers 393
Total Backers 622
34 Stretch Goals Unlocked
8 Backer Goals Unlocked

What's Been Unlocked?  

  • 24 pieces of new race/class art added to book 
  • New equipment art added to the book 
  • New bestiary art added to the book 
  • Underworld Weapons & Armor section (5E) 
  • Underworld Weapons & Armor section (PF) 
  • Hero Lab files (5E) 
  • Hero Lab files (PF) 
  • Fantasy Grounds (5E) 
  • Fantasy Grounds (PF) 
  • Realm Works (5E) 
  • Realm Works (PF) 
  • BESTIARY $26k Ahool 
  • BESTIARY $27k Anghenfil 
  •  BESTIARY $28k Colliatur Monstrosity
  • BESTIARY $29k Gogelid 
  • BESTIARY $30k Hondra 
  • BESTIARY $31k Korkcitura 
  • BESTIARY $32k Mushroom Golem 
  • BESTIARY $33k Phoso 
  • BESTIARY $34k Rakasa Batu 
  • BESTIARY $35k Rufidier 
  • U01: Dark Days in Stoneholme (5E & PF)

What's Still Locked?  

  • FOUR Underworld Bestiary Entries (to be revealed) 
  • 1 Super Secret Stretch Goal 
  • 1 Super Secret Backer Goal 
  • U02: Murder in Stoneholme (5E & PF) 
  • U03: Death Comes to Stoneholme (5E & PF) 
  • NOTE TO FANTASY GROUNDS USERS: If we unlock all three Underworld Adventures (U01, U02, U03) we will include Fantasy Grounds files for these!  
A few Underworld Equipment sketches by Mates -- full color art of a dozen pieces coming soon!
A few Underworld Equipment sketches by Mates -- full color art of a dozen pieces coming soon!


Take a bow my friends

It's time to share the Underworld Races & Classes team, the folks who are making this gorgeous tome and various supplementary products and materials. I am grateful for all the hard work each of these individuals have put into this project, we cannot wait to share the final book with you.  

I would like to allow a moment for each of my friends to share their thoughts on the project with each of you, as you are the kind souls making it financially possible for us to print these books.  

-Jonathan G. Nelson

Thilo Graf -- I am utterly humbled by the response and support this kickstarter had from you fine folks, so my first thanks, as it should, obviously goes out to you, the people that made this book possible!! Let it be known, that I am humbled to be part of such a talented, kind and capable crew. Mates blows my mind time and again with his visualizations of my crazy concepts - to the point where his visions have sometimes replaced how I pictured some of the designs! I’d also like to particularly give a shout-out to the heroic developers here: Stephen Rowe and Chris Harris. Gentlemen, you are doing an amazing job and it has been a true privilege working with you - I have rarely encountered such nuanced, constructive and helpful feedback! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!  

Stephen Rowe -- I think backers are going to be delighted with the final product, and it was a pleasure to play a small part in its completion. For me, the real credit always goes to the designers, who obviously worked their fingers to the bone producing this book. It is relatively easy to be the guy who jumps in at the end to critique and tweak, but this particular work was made even easier by creativity displayed on every page. Thank you everyone who helped bring this project to life!  

Chris Harris -- It’s been a joy and a privilege working with such a talented, dedicated crew. From looking over the last draft to seeing the art come rolling in, it’s been a great experience. I can’t wait to hear what you, the backers who made it possible, think of it once you get it into your hands, and hear the tales of what your new characters get up to on game night!  

Mates Laurentiu -- It has been an adventure and a challenge to work on this project. It has pushed my imagination and my design to new limits and has always kept me on my toes - which is always fun. This project made me nostalgic about my own old D&D adventures and tickled my artistic sensibility, always pushing me to imagine things I never would have otherwise sketched or painted.  

Jensen Toperzer -- This one has layouts, if you have coin. Ha, but, truly, this has been a challenge and a delight to work on. There are a number of unique concepts in this book, and I’ve really enjoyed working with such splendid artwork. I had some chances to really flex my layout skills in solving a few puzzles with how to put the text out correctly in ways that are both useful to a player or GM and pleasing to the eye. I hope you all find my layout both beautiful and functional.  

Justin Andrew Mason -- In addition to a consistent track record of creating beautiful, quality, and entertaining games, one thing I’ve learned is that AAW GAMES has an amazing fan-base of incredibly supportive backers. The engagement, feedback, and creative input provided by you all is inspiring and motivational. The sense of community working together with AAW Games’ Underworld Races & Classes team and the many backers of this project is truly what the heart-and-soul of Kickstarter is all about! Together we are bringing amazing projects to life, and with these new books a plethora of amazing options becomes available for those who dare delve into the deepest, darkest depths of the Underworld. Thank you!  

Jeffrey Hersh -- No time to write, need to get back to coding this book for Hero Lab… But seriously, this has been a fantastic project to be a part of. Great content, great inspiration for any underworld inspired game. Just watch out for those gitwerc, they can give the drow a run for their money.  

Leonid Ponomarev -- It is cool to see the constantly growing RPG community! Today we can do things not possible before! We have even more high-quality books every single month! When I think how much fun books bring to people, any hard work turns easy.

Philip Greig & A. Michelle Simmons -- These two conversion experts couldn't respond because they're busy working on the Fantasy Grounds (5E) and Realm Works (both builds) but will post something once all work is completed. They thank you for your support!

Words from our biggest fans!   

These two backers have been urging people to back the project and promoting the Kickstarter all throughout the campaign. I found it only fitting to ask both of them to share their words with all of you regarding this Kickstarter and AAW Games. Thank you Andre & Kobold King for being there to support our campaign through thick and thin!

Words from Kobold King: I am a gamer of thirty years now and have a pretty extensive collection. Kickstarter has proven to be a great thing for the gaming community, it has allowed some really great products to come to market and it has exposed me to some high quality publishers. One of my favorites in the last couple of years is AAW Games. I first ran across you fine folks with Snow White and quickly moved into the Kickstarter for Into the Wintery Gale. Both products along with the supplemental bestiaries, players guides, mini adventures and other add-ons impressed me with the quality of both the writing and art. When this project was advertised I knew I wanted to be a part of it. With a list of great writers and top shelf art this book is an eagerly anticipated addition to my collection and promises to be a regular part of my game table. I encourage everyone to back this project and see what AAW can offer your gaming experience. Thanks for reading. Kobold King.

Words from Andre: I've started to plan AD&D 2nd edition back in grade 8 or 9 (so around 1990) and also have a pretty extensive collection to choose from. Kickstarter has been for me a way to discover new games, new system as well as new companies or, in a few case, rediscover old classics. Truly Crowdfunding is a blessing for the gaming community as it gives a chance to very creative and very good writers to get the funds needed to provide us with great products. I came into AAW products while researching for Drow material for PFRPG. And I was not disappointed: The Underworld Race: Drow and Underworld Class: Masters of the Web products simply blown me away by their awesomeness and uniqueness. Very quickly I got all of the Underworld Races and classes available, Rise of the Drows products and the Underworld Adventure trilogy and again each and every new product left me wanting for more. And today I have a very substantive collection of AAW PDF dealing with the Underworld and the Vikmodere. So when I found out about this Kickstarter, I just knew that I had to be part of it and not just my usual PDF pledge (space constraint really) and not only that, but also promote it as best as I could and try to get other involved because what is already out is awesome, I can only imagine how much more awesome this will hardcover will be with all of the new material from great writers. Ultimately this book will be seeing a lot of use and it will be well worth it. Thank you for Reading. Andre


Thilo Graf (AKA Endzeitgeist)'s Corner

Revealing new details on the forthcoming races and classes!  

This book does have more to offer than just new class and race options! We also have a variety of unique and tantalizing creatures to face for both systems–being unlocked with each stretch goal–from the already mentioned svirf riding slug to the horrible anomaly that is the colliatur monstrosity and the feared vidre, there are new creatures to pit against your players. An extended section of alchemically relevant fungi, dozens of new spells for both systems (magical dwarven stew!)...and so much more. Thanks to unlocked stretch goals each race receives several unique pieces of equipment, from the mundane to the magical! Have I mentioned magical headsets? Anti-sunlight umbrellas? Relevant rules for pet rocks? The mighty dweorg stone-singer siege weapon? Ridiculously oversized hoyrall blades that require their 4 hands to properly wield? Dragonsinew bows? Notes on drow espionage paper? There is a lot to be found here so PLEDGE NOW and get your copy before the chance is gone forever!


Who is AAW Games?  

AAW Games is a tabletop game publisher located in Snoqualmie, Washington. Popular award winning and nominated works include Mini-Dungeons Collection, Rise of the Drow, Snow White, Aventyr Bestiary, and Into the Wintery Gale.  

What is provides monthly subscribers with a steady stream of D&D 5th Edition and Pathfinder Roleplaying Game compatible adventures in online flipbook and PDF formats. $10 monthly subscription grants access to our entire back catalog of 200+ Pathfinder RPG adventures, 40+ D&D 5th Edition adventures, VTT Map Packs, Mini-Dungeons, Fantasy Grounds modules, sound effects, and much more!  


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