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Our #1 Bestselling 600+ page Underworld setting & mega-adventure for levels 1-20 D&D 5th Edition or PFRPG in a collectible hardcover
Our #1 Bestselling 600+ page Underworld setting & mega-adventure for levels 1-20 D&D 5th Edition or PFRPG in a collectible hardcover
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Character Reveal: Coranzan / So Close to Unlocking New Goals / Clash of the Factions: Round 10

Posted by AAW Games (Creator)


Elder Son of House Gullion

Coranzan is the personal guardian of the mighty Matron Maelora of House Gullion. He is so skilled with the bow, most times he is able to kill two or three opponents before others are able to discern where the arrows originated.

Coranzan had a big problem in his early life; he couldn’t keep his mouth shut when threatened. Although of no great strength, intellect or wisdom, when insulted, pressed, taunted or challenged, Coranzan could not resist reacting, no matter who or what he was dealing with. This resulted in polarized responses, as Coranzan either managed to make his antagonizer laugh and forgive him or deal out the most terrible thrashing of his life. No matter how many times the beatings happened, Coranzan wouldn’t stop, his very nature demanded he deliver some kind of witty or barbed retort regardless of the consequences.

Stretch, Backer, and Milestone Goals

We are getting very close to unlocking a new set of goals at $125k and 1,250 backers. Look how close we are and remember the more you share this campaign, the more we unlock, so please help spread the word on social media, email, at your local game shop, or even via the Critters network. Let's keep going and see just how deep we can delve into the Underworld before this awesome Kickstarter comes to an end. 


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Brimming with power, the drow and their allies finished their revels in the new trade city of Scionsfell, and set a fast course for the Upperworlders city, Rybalka, where they knew the last remnants of the dwarven infection that spread through their realm had fled. With devils, nightmares, and the power of the Spider Queen coursing through their spirits, the Umbral Army burst into the Upperworld. The Outsiders, as best fit their skills, kept to the shadows, preparing an ambush to support the press of the Dominion armies. 

Rybalka in sight, the Lord Commander raised his fist, a shimmering blade of black metal seeming to writhe in his grip, and pressed his forces to decimate, as they had become so accustomed. The gates fell, easily, but the defensive forces inside the city proved formidable. Even with the oracular foresight of the arachnids on his side, Sorin Vayne watched as his forces were overwhelmed, one by one. Backed by a glare of devilish light even the King of the Gitwerc, summoned by the masterful prowess of the Council's Helspeaker, could not overcome, the Council retreated. 

But such was not to be their fate. The drow were destined for greatness, for conquest. As the alien metallic forms of the colliatur human leader and the hated dwarven general rode forth, surrounding the retreating council, the fools issued a challenge to the leaders of Umbra. And the Umbral masters accepted. 

Sorin faced his most hated nemesis, dwarven Commander Hargalten, in a heated exchange. Hargalten summoned disruptive magicks from his allies once, twice, but still could not stop the dark wrath that was the form of Lord Commander Vayne. In a final display of arachnid power, Vayne plunged his six monk's arms into the body of the dwarf, and rent him asunder. While their Outsider compatriot could not best the enhanced coliatur-human leader, the drow concealed his form in shadow, wresting the kraidyl leader of the Outsiders from the jaws of death. Having transformed a defeat into a colossal victory, Sorin Vayne brought his people back to the darkness, where the Alabaster Spider awaited. (Written by the respective faction)

(-1 DIE!)


Strong from their victory against the Rebels, the Dominion and the Outsiders marched to the surface for another attack against the Upperworlders. They surfaced during the day and awaited the night before attacking. After the Dominion's initial attack at the gate, the Outsiders stealthly made it into town. The ahooling dealt with the guard in the towers and the funglets and dødelig attacked anyone on the ground. 

The forces were more or less evenly  matched, until the dreaded hero with his magical sword came out, bringing the hurtful daylight into the night and the arrival of the colliatur Upperworld allies. These two forces combined turned the tide of the battle, forcing one last strike before fleeing. Unfortunately the Upperworlders pressed on and destroyed the Dominion and Outsiders forces as they ran.

Not content to leave a few survivors go, the Upperworlders and the Rebels intercepted the Dominion and the Outsiders as they were leaving the surface and forced a battle to the death between the leaders: Dominion vs Rebels, Upperworlders vs Outsiders. The Upperworlders against Outsiders battle was heavily stacked against the Outsiders Leader and the huge kraidyl could not do much but die. Thankfully the Dominion had a few tricks under their sleeves and were able to rescue him and ensure a quick escape to the safety of the Underworld. (Written by the respective faction)

(-1 DIE!)


Having been routed out of Embla, the Rebels arrived in Rybalka. They were welcomed with open arms by the Upperworlders. Forming a strong union titled The Bulwark, they made themselves at home in Rybalka while the Upperworlders stood defense. (The Upperworlders chronicle what happened next in their section below).

At the end of the night, Commander Hargalten of the Rebels challenged Lord Commander Sorin Vayne of the Dominion in a battle to the death. It was evenly matched at first, but with several tricks up his sleeve, the drow leader managed to slay Commander Hargalten. Now it was up to Commander Bordrotir to lead the Rebel faction, rallying them to help defeat and slay the Dominion once and for all.  (Written by the respective faction)

(+1 DIE)


The Upperworlders set up extra guard posts and waited expecting the Scions of Umbra to attack. Their preparations were worth it, for their enemies attacked in the night. A vidre managed to stay hidden long enough to be able to charge the gate and rip it from its hinges, opening the town up for the rest of the enemy forces to get in. In the initial sneak attack, many forces of The Bulwark fell. As the alarms sounded, Fin Starling and the colliatur emerged. With the power of the Blade of Sun Lord Ka'teek and the colliatur, The Bulwark began to push the Scions of Umbra back. As the battle turned on them, the Scions of Umbra sounded the retreat. But The Bulwark did not relent. They slaughtered the fleeing Scions of Umbra forces. Still The Bulwark did not relent. They chased after the leaders and high council of the Scions hoping to eliminate them for good. Having caught up to the remaining Scions, The Bulwark challenged them to single combat to determine the fate of the underworld. Talak watched as his friend Hargalten fell to the Dominion leader. He would avenge his fallen friend. Talak used every trick he had, knowing the Scions don't fight fair despite all their cries about honor during the duel. As he was about to deliver the killing blow to the Outsider leader, he vanished. As did all the forces of the Scions of Umbra. So much for their cries about honor as they turned tail and ran like cowards.  (Written by the respective faction)

(+1 DIE!)

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