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Our #1 Bestselling 600+ page Underworld setting & mega-adventure for levels 1-20 D&D 5th Edition or PFRPG in a collectible hardcover
Our #1 Bestselling 600+ page Underworld setting & mega-adventure for levels 1-20 D&D 5th Edition or PFRPG in a collectible hardcover
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New Add-Ons! / Clash of the Factions: Round 6

Posted by AAW Games (Creator)

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   With an alliance with the Dominion secured and a new enemy at their gate, Loxar, the hulking Kraidyl leader of the Outsiders, was considering his options. The Dominion had done quite a bit of damage, and repairs were needed, but the arrival of the Upperworlders meant a new foe and one that was unknown to the Outsiders. So they could either defend their settlement or try to intercept them. But to intercept, the Outsiders needed to know where they were and what route to take to stop them.
   In the end, the decision was made to locate the Upperworlders above ground and share this information with the Dominion. Both factions needed this information if they wanted to be able to fight them effectively. In preparing for this long trek, Loxar left some forces behind to rebuild and defend the Outsider settlements. He then took a sizable mixed-raced force, mainly ahooling, funglet and kraidyl, and embarked on a journey to locate the home of the Upperworlders and to see if they could not cut them off from their dwarven allies. 

   The Expeditionary Force left the settlement and began their journey towards the Long Road. This main concourse through the Underworld was likely their best bet to make their way to the surface. While he could have gone a more direct route and cut through Holoth, he decided against the idea as he did not wishes to risk an incident that would threaten the Alliance with the Dominion. So side tunnels and back ways were used instead. 

   As the Outsiders approached the rebel city, the forces broke down into smaller group, each stealthily making their way across the most critical point near the city gate, doing their best to avoid detection by the Rebels. A small group of ahooling were discreetly perched above this zone, keeping an eye on the city gate and gesturing to their allies when it was safe to cross.  It took some time, but eventually they all made it across. The Outsiders continued on the Long Road for many cycles, rarely meeting anyone or any opposition.

   After this long march, the Outsiders arrived at an old surface-dwellers ruined keep which had an access through its cellar into the Underworld. They made their way up and out of the surface. It was their first time above ground and the openness of the place was frightening. It was too bright and the pressure was off-putting, clearly this was a strange place. 

   The Outsiders hid amongst the underbrush and crept forward, trying to listen and determine which new and unknown sounds were critically important to detect and what was just pointless background noise. As they traveled farther from the ruined keep, they started to hear noises that were familiar: the droning of voices, the clanging of a smith’s hammer. The Outsiders spread out and stealthily crept forward until they made it to the edge of the foliage.

   Beyond them a settlement adjacent to a massive lake. There were creatures roughly the size of elves but with a much broader built. This was likely their objective: The Upperworlder settlement and their new enemy. (WRITTEN BY THE OUTSIDERS)




   Our city.
   No, no, that’s not how to begin. Lord Vayne has taken our council and sent our newfound allies to scout the surface. It was most inopportune in ways none of us had truly foreseen.

   A raid was carried out by our forces upon a dwarven caravan, it went as well as we could have hoped. Many were crushed under our heels like the centipedes they were. They, of course, attempted to put up a fight; but ultimately fell. Our spoils were many, slaves and cargo to bring back to our beloved city. 

   Only, our city was under siege while we were away. Guards fought tirelessly against the scourge of dwarves, and a report of strange pink skins, fighting beside them. Lights blazed all about them, and the enemy forces managed to topple our great city’s defenses. I am told a vidre or two stepped in to turn the tides, but judging by the drow left to lick their wounds; it did them little good.

   Now we rest, we rebuild. Lord Vayne has set up a perimeter. we build our webs, over and over. And wait for word from our new allies. Some good news is long overdue. (WRITTEN BY THE DOMINION)




   After returning from their successful foray to the surface, the dwarven and svirfneblin rebels quickly devised a plan with their new allies. Suffering from sun blindness, the commander stepped down, giving the top spot to his 2nd. The dwarves were worried that one of their caravans was missing, but pressed forward with their plans. 

   Meeting up with their new allies, they quickly made their way to Holoth, prepared to storm the city. They found the city fairly undefended and started their attack. At first, it was give and take on both sides, but then the Upperworlders were able to force their way over the walls. Another of the vidre was taken down.
   Soon, the attack moved into the city proper. The drow, obviously upset there were dwarves in their city, focused all their attacks on the dwarven forces, ignoring the Upperworlders, to their detriment. The dwarves, like the stone they were created from, held firm, inflicting heavy losses on the drow. The Upperworlders used this time to their advantage and pressed forward towards the spider temple.

   As the attackers reached the temple, both spiders and priestesses streamed out to attack. They surprised the Upperworlders and seemed poised to stop the attack. The drow barely managed to slay some of the dwarves, but the Upperworlders inflicted heavy losses on the drow. The Upperworlders summoned the god of light and scattered the drow forces. 

   The dwarves, backed up by the Upperworlders, began to slay the drow by the hundreds. After some minor resistance, the Rebels and Upperworlders finished off the drow. They began the process of demolishing the city starting with the temple. Bordrotir claimed another flagon, having gifted his first to the Upperworlders. (WRITTEN BY THE REBELS)



   The leaders of The Bulwark met and discussed strategy. They decided that a joint attack against the Dominion city of Holoth seemed like the best course of action. Rallying their troops about them, they marched to war.

   As they approached the city, the rebel forces shielded their Upperworlder allies from the drow counterattack as they adjusted to the underworld environment. After finding some bearing in their new surroundings, the Upperworlders began to use devices provided to them by the svirfneblin to scale the walls of Holoth. Drawing longswords and longbows, they began to fire and slash their way into the drow forces.

   Sahmine Darkblade shouted “Sound the horns of war for tonight we feast on the bones of the damned! Ours will be the victory for we are the righteous! We stand for what is good! We stand for what is right! We stand for what is just and noble! We stand for our brethren both here now and fallen in battles past! But most of all we stand for VICTORY!” His battle cry rallied the troops reinforcing their resolve in this strange world.

   As they pushed forward, a vidre appeared on the battlefield. The vidre reaped through a small group of Upperworlders before they managed to destroy the monstrosity. Charging forward they began to cut through the drow forces. “There will be stories told for centuries of this day!” Sahmine said with a grin. “Yes, there will be! Bards! Make sure you’re making notes!” Talak replied. Quieter, leaning in towards Sahmine, “We did bring the bards, right?” “I sent word back to send more bards” Sahmine replied.
   Talak slipped in a puddle of blood. As he lost his footing, a drow sword aimed straight for his throat. Before the sword could even scratch his throat, Sahmine slashed across severing the outstretched arm. “No one dares lay a hand on you my general. Not while there is breath in my lungs and blood in my veins.” Talak claped Sahmine on the shoulder. “Thank you my friend. I owe you my life.”

   Pushing further into the city, cutting a swathe through the drow forces, they approached the Spider Temple. A foul stench emanated from it as spiders and priestess of Naraneus poured from the temple. “What… what are they, sir?” one of his men asked his voice filled with fear. “Unholy abominations of foul origin. Stand ready men!” Talak responded by trying to rally his men. In truth, the power of the priestesses terrified him as much as it did his men.

   Talak shook off his fear and began to march forward. “On me!” he called, raising his sword high. “You heard the orders! We will not let them take this day!” Sahmine cried out, marching next to Talak. The troops were brought out of their fear and stupor once again by their courageous leaders and prepared for the fight of their lives.

   Fighting with iron resolve, they pushed further towards the temple. Sahmine spotting the head priestess looked her square in the eyes. With a grin, he hurled his sword in a seemingly impossible shot. Unable to dodge in time, the sword lodged itself in her skull, crumpling her to the ground. In a last ditch effort, the priestesses summoned another vidre forward. It began to charge towards the Upperworlders. Tripping upon the temple, it tumbled, crashing down into the few remaining drow forces and killing many. Those drow not killed, used the chaos to flee.

   A victory cry arose from the Upperworlders. Sahmine finding a vantage point to be seen by as many Upperworlders as possible called out. “MEN! The gods are with us! And you have proven yourselves to them this day! Drink it in for you will be remembered from this day forth! But raise your heads to the skies for those brethren fallen this day! For they will be remembered most of all!” (WRITTEN BY THE UPPERWORLDERS)


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    1. AAW Games 10-time creator on

      @Chris Mibus: Lots of fun!

    2. Chris Mibus

      Loving the write ups. Really look forward to reading each factions viewpoint and fun to see what other factions are doing while some are hard at battle.

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      Upperworlders +1 DIE!