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The new monthly RPG zine from AAW Games. Each issue features five brand-new Mini-Dungeon adventures for D&D 5th Edition #zinequest
The new monthly RPG zine from AAW Games. Each issue features five brand-new Mini-Dungeon adventures for D&D 5th Edition #zinequest
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Project Update / Featured Preview: Umbravania / Three Days Left!

Posted by AAW Games (Creator)

Good morning everyone!

My personal apology for the lack of updates, we've been digging ourselves out of quite a bit of snow here in Snoqualmie, WA. Three snowstorms in a row have left us fairly deep in the cold, powdery stuff so there's been a lot of time spent shoveling, stocking up, and keeping the fires going here at home. On top of that, kids have been home and missing some school, although I can't say they're missing it!

Now that I'm back at the helm I figured I best send out an update as there are only THREE DAYS left to go before this awesome Kickstarter comes to a close. Thank you all for making this zine a reality.

Project Update on Issue #1

Just to let you know where we are as a team: issue #1 of Mini-Dungeon Monthly is complete. We've compiled the files and uploaded to where we await approval of our print files. Once approved we'll do a print proof to double check that everything is in order and printing correctly. When this is confirmed we can trigger print codes for all of you. So, the timeline for PDF fulfillment of the first issue will literally be as soon as this project concludes with print files to be available within 1-2 weeks after that- pending you completing your BackerKit surveys. 

Issues #2 and #3

I've already written two Mini-Dungeons for issue #2- Roots of the Yggdrasil and Malice on Jade Mountain, I'm also working on a new "Survive" themed adventure for issue #3: Survive: In an Elemental Centrifuge

I hope you're all ready for some very exciting adventures coming soon in Mini-Dungeon Monthly! 

Something Exciting!

Oh, and if you haven't already done so please check out our Twitter page for something interesting and remember to share this project with all your 5E friends and fans, the more who pledge = the more stretch goals we unlock. Speaking of stretch goals, here's a recap of what's been unlocked thus far (and what's ahead):

BACKERS! Make sure you snag your LICH T-SHIRT at cost by using the code and link below at the 10k Stretch Goal listed. This is a limited print T-shirt which means when they're sold out, they're gone for good! 

Featured Preview: Umbravania (Series)

by Justin Andrew Mason

This place is a dark land of gothic horror. It exists in between the tides of time, beneath the shadows, and apart from the ordinary. The mysterious fog that links the normal world with the terrors herein is a mystery, but you know with incontrovertible certainty that you have come to a place of tilted reality.

This series of non-linear Mini-Dungeons riffs off of well-known classic horror themes and applies a new twist to those beloved tales. Each is a stand-alone adventure, but as a whole they bear witness to the denizens and locales of the weird and eerie realm known as Umbravania.

The first installment in the series, “The Whispers in the Hollow” delves beneath the roots of the soul, where dark secrets lurk between incoherent thoughts and fear swells from the unknowable.

While experimenting with antediluvian occult rituals, a dark magician accidentally summons something ancient. Devil nor demon, but a primordial entity – something from before when the stars were wrought from cosmic fire.

Now beckoning tongues never intended for mortal perception wrack the magician and denizens from a nearby village with lingering confusion and madness.

Are the adventurers bold enough to brave the unknowable whispers and delve into the magician’s dark lair? Can their minds withstand insanity as it steals deeper into their psyche? If they falter, who knows what terrible fate awaits them?

If you'd like to increase your pledge level or snag any add-ons, don't wait! This project end in just THREE DAYS!

To include an add-on item as part of your pledge, do the following steps: 

1. Click on the “Manage Your Pledge” button.

2. Click the “Change Your Pledge” button.

3. Adjust the amount of your pledge by adding the funds to cover the cost of the add-on item you want to include. 

4. Click on the "Continue" button after adding funds, and then click the “Confirm” button. 

That’s all you need to do! When the campaign ends we will send a survey out to all backers where you will have the option to indicate which add-on item you provided additional funds to receive. 

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