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Omnibus Collector's Edition in four books. A, B, and C-series adventures from 2010-2018 numbering over 2,200 pages for Pathfinder RPG.
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Help us combine our Pathfinder Roleplaying Game compatible A, B, and C-Series adventure modules into four collector's edition books numbering over 2,200 pages. Each book will be lavishly decorated with limited collector's edition cover art created by Mates Laurentiu. 

The Adventure Omnibus Kickstarter combines every single A, B, and C-series adventure released by (AAW Games) from 2010-2018. We would like to preserve the essence of each adventure like a snapshot captured in time by keeping each module exactly as it was when released. The extensive work required isn't in expanding or adding to these adventures but rather going through old files compiled by numerous layout artists and working gently yet fastidiously with each to bind them all together into complete volumes. We'll be creating new tables of contents, renumbering all pages, and fitting pieces together to create both interactive PDFs and beautiful print versions; your contribution helps make this work possible.

You’re probably wondering what distinctly differentiates each of these adventure series.

The A-Series was where it all began with Todd Gamble and me back in 2010. We dreamt up an entire world called Aventyr to use as a campaign setting available only on with adventures which could be played in the setting or easily moved to a GM’s own campaign or setting of choice.

Primarily adventures dealing with the struggle of nature vs. civilization, with cause and effect as opposed to good and evil having a profound and lasting impact upon the world in which the PCs exist. 

With this Kickstarter we’re unlocking all of the Aventyr Campaign Setting content on so anyone can access information on the setting absolutely free. So whether you plan on using the A-Series in Aventyr or your own setting of choice, you’ll be covered. 

Samples of A-Series Adventures:

Crow's Rest Island

Search for the Tri-Stone

Incandium's Eruption

The B-series was created by special guest authors and includes over 24 adventures designed for use in any campaign setting and a multitude of environments from city to wilderness, desert to temperate and everything in between. You’re sure to find something useful for your new game or ongoing campaign in this fantastic series of adventures.

Samples of B-Series Adventures:

Cave Beast's Hoard

Tower of Screaming Sands

For Rent, Lease or Conquest

The C-series is inspired by and pays homage to tabletop roleplaying game legends such as Gary Gygax, Dave Arneson, and David C. Sutherland III. Dangerous dungeons and exotic encounters with challenges which can only be overcome by using one’s wits. These adventures will surely challenge both players and GMs alike. 

Samples of C-Series Adventures:

Alagoran's Gem

Sufferhorn Castle

The Sussurus Tomb

It was that email which set all the gears in motion. My dear friend Todd Gamble, who was previously the cartographer for the D&D 3.5 core rule books, the Forgotten Realms campaign setting, Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil, and hundreds of other products, set off with me on the journey of a lifetime. As the years went on, we would gather a close-knit group of people who acted not only as a team but more importantly as friends. Joshua Gullion (RIP), Stephen Yeardley, Will Myers, Tim Tyler, and many others helped craft that which we would ultimately become. 

Now that eight solid years of releases have passed we decided the time has come to take the culmination of our efforts in the three major series we produced and put them into a retrospective omnibus, looking back at all we have done, capturing a moment in time if you will, and performing careful surgery upon ancient files in such a way as to produce something that has exactly the feel and quality of the original whilst adding in updated page numbers and links to accommodate for each series and the combined nature of the product. 

Behold, the Adventure Omnibus for Pathfinder Roleplaying Game! A culmination of works from 2010-2018 in four massive volumes numbering well over 2,200 pages in length! 

We are keeping our pledge levels straightforward for this campaign. At the $9 pledge level you'll get updates on the Kickstarter, access to a la carte add-ons, and all bonus PDF stretch goals unlocked. If you're looking to support us without diving in full force this is the level for you. You also have the option of adding just one, two, three, or all four volumes of the Adventure Omnibus.

If you want to get everything, you can back at the $99 pledge level. At this level you'll be getting over 2,200 pages of adventure from the A, B, and C-series in PDF. If we unlock all the stretch goals you'll receive every single adventure PDF we've ever released. You also obtain access to the Adventure Omnibus Collector's Editions (4 huge books) in softcover or hardcover at printing cost + S&H. When all is said and done you could rake in over 4,000 pages of adventure spanning release dates from 2010-2018. 

If you would like to include a copy of the A-Series 1 & 2, B-Series, or C-Series PDFs as add-ons to your pledge rewards, simply increase your pledge by the appropriate amount.  

Help us unlock more stretch goals by sharing this project with your friends!

"El Magicia" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Risks and challenges

This is a big project but we've already begun work and are well ahead of the game. Risks and challenges exist with every product and usually stem from members of this small team having family emergencies or illnesses which are not preventable. If anything causes a delay with this project you will be kept apprised via our updates here on the Kickstarter project. Our goal is to deliver well ahead of schedule!

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    Over 2,000 pages of adventure are contained within the four Omnibus books.

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