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'Tear it up in Tanzania' is the first episode in a series that follows the trials and triumphs of several 'voluntourists.'

'Tear it up in Tanzania' is the first episode in a series that follows the trials and triumphs of several 'voluntourists.' Read More
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About this project

Western civilization is in the midst of a social mid life crisis. The general public is looking for a way to participate in something larger than themselves and the developing industry of 'voluntourism' is providing an option.  'Tear it up in Tanzania' is the first episode in the 'Adventure Activist' documentary series that follows the trials and triumphs of a band of charitable travelers beyond donating money and into the journey of donating effort and their valuable time as part of their vacation. 

There is a whole exciting industry being born that is anchored on the concept of blending short term aid (volunteer work) and long term sustainable tourism growth in the local region (adventure travel).  While the industry is growing quickly the documentation and multi-media content available is still sparse.  We created Adventure Activist productions as a way to highlight this fast growing industry and the possibilities that lie within it.  

We'll follow the 'voluntourists' as they travel to Moshi, Tanzania and use their limited time away from the grind to experience the world while making a difference.  You will see what happens to non-profit donations as we study an 'on the ground' organization (Mama Hope). You will get a taste of third world working conditions as you watch several city slickers work with their hands to install a drip irrigation system in harsh African conditions.  You will watch them experience the joy of seeing a job completed while learning a new culture and open your own eyes to some of the world's most beautiful sights as they climb Mount Kilimanjaro and take the children from the local school and orphanage on a safari.  

In only ten days you will see people cry tears of joy, pain and frustration.  You will witness an urgency that comes with trying to experience as much as possible even while past the point of exhaustion and coupled with pressure to complete a project.  You will see the light in children's eyes as they get to witness some of nature's wildest animals.  And you will see the steps necessary to have this adventure yourself.

Why We Chose This Topic

We've all seen the mass media coverage portraying sad and pathetic situations around the world.  We've all been asked for money to sponsor a child, a dog, a project, a school.  But how many of us have seen this money make a difference?  How many of us have participated in using these donations to improve a situation?

During travels to Haiti, where billions of dollars in aid have disappeared, we learned that improving the quality of someone's life is actually more pleasurable than dismissing it with money.  And being involved makes the sense of satisfaction lasts a lot longer.

Upon our return we were greeted with enormous amounts of inquiries, from friends and family, asking how they could also have this type of adventure and do humanitarian work. 

Who We Are

Adventure Activist is a travelling production company developing still photography exhibitions and a multi-episode documentary series focused on exploring the growth of the ‘voluntourism’ industry and its main protagonists (the volunteers, the non-profits, the geographic locations and the activities that make them desirable travel destinations).  We are compiled of world travelers, inspiring photographers, a film and post-production team and the many people who have joined in the effort to create change on how we impact our travel destinations.

We hope to be at the forefront of content production, helping shape this nascent industry that will no doubt become a cornerstone of the non-profit volunteer world as well as the for-profit travel world. 

The First Step

We are currently seeking funding for full production of an episode, ‘Tear it up in Tanzania.’   Funds raised will go towards standard production costs including additional sound and camera equipment rentals, air fare, accommodations, post-production costs and  crew including sherpas, translators

This episode will not only shed light to the plight of Tanzania and Mama Hope’s mission there, but will also highlight some of the regions available activities that depict its touristic value.   We intend this documentary to provide a visual and intellectual story that blends the right amount of entertainment and education to inspire viewers to participate in voluntourism activities around the world.  

How You Can Get Involved

We offer the option to join us, or send a friend, during the filming of 'Tear it up in Tanzania' as the reward for the maximum donation, and sincerely hope you will become a part of this documentary!

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