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$11,464 pledged of $300,000 goal
By Jack Norton
$11,464 pledged of $300,000 goal

AnthroCine Update #1

Hello AntroCine backers! Only a few days in and it's been an amazing experience for the AFC team. We've gotten a lot of great feedback and emails from backers, and we've turned those suggestions into enhancements for some of our reward tiers. If you already backed us under the previous versions of the reward, you get the new reward tier as well!

$10- Pledge at this level and we'll put you on our advance mailing list for DVD releases. You'll be able to order our DVD releases of digitized archive video months or weeks in advance of the official releases, at substantial discounts. For life! We will also list your name on the Advanced Film Capture website as a supporter of our Kickstarter Campaign.

$25- Access to AFC scanned video via BitTorrents. Once we have an initial collection of public domain material, AFC will start seeding the high-def videos using a dedicated BitTorrent host (AKA seedbox). In addition, we will also provide (via torrent) whatever privately held material we can, under a Creative Commons non-commercial license. You will also receive the previous reward.

$95- Our originally planned DVD is now a 2-disc DVD set of digitized film treasures. The absolute best, most amazing footage we digitize during our first year of operations will be included in this exclusive, curated set. The content will consist of the the material that rights owners won't allow for Creative Commons licensing and distribution under the previous tiers rewards. You will also receive the previous reward.


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