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Visit our Kickstarter for the Adv3nture Jackets! We still have the original neoprene beverage pocket, emergency bottle opener, drinking glove, and other great functions!
Visit our Kickstarter for the Adv3nture Jackets! We still have the original neoprene beverage pocket, emergency bottle opener, drinking glove, and other great functions!
4,974 backers pledged $574,630 to help bring this project to life.

Shipping Begins Monday, Last Chance to Update Info!!!

Posted by Zane Lamprey (Creator)
Hi Everyone!

The Drinking Jackets pulled into port last week! YAY!  
But got held up in customs. BOO!
But they've now been freed! YAY!

They're arriving at our facility on Monday. After we unload the two giant trucks, we'll begin shipping immediately. Then we're going to make a killer box fort! 

Sunday evening at 5pm PST is the final deadline for any address changes! If you haven't already done so please message me your change of address on Kickstarter, update your survey, or email with your new info. 

International Backers
Our mailing system is requiring phone numbers for international shipments. International backers should of received an email asking for a phone number. These emails are from us so please respond to them with your number so we can complete those shipments 

Thank you for your patience! Here they come! Cheers!


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    1. Richard Downs on

      Still haven't received mine either

    2. Missing avatar

      Alanna Johnson-Wise on

      August 10th... still no jackets. I ordered 2 (1 Blue and 1 Merlot) and was told the blue one would take longer bc of an order issue but that my other jacket would be shipped (that was on June 22nd). What's going on here?

    3. kyle on

      I'm still waiting for mine too...

    4. Missing avatar

      Nick Kolosci on

      Still waiting on my jacket

    5. Agnes Tjan

      Still waiting for my jacket

    6. Tom Hickerson on

      Hi Zane, I take it all back about the snafu - I got my jacket last week (international mail to Ukraine) and it looks pretty sweet. Thanks!

    7. Missing avatar

      Oleksandr on

      Hi Zane!
      Any updates about delivery?

    8. Kipp Hollingsworth on

      Is it really $15 to exchange the items? The M is too big for my wife and the arms on the LT are too short for me, which is surprising as I'm only 6'2". I the included sheet the only way to process the exchange?

    9. Missing avatar

      Kari Hassebrock on

      I'm in the same boat as other commenters in that I received an email on 6/5 indicating my package had been shipped but no updates since then. Given the email indicated it would take 2-10 days, I waited 10 business days (today). I, too, am anxiously awaiting further information as having waited this much longer than anticipated during the campaign is already annoying but now having to try to track down a package that is supposedly in transit is ridiculous.

    10. Scott Randall on

      Any updates on when jackets will be arriving? Seems like a month should be long enough to unload the truck and get them all in the mail.

      I'm ready to turn my AC down to 60 and put my jackets to work!

    11. Adam westhoff on

      I still haven't gotten my jacket. I backed you for $500 but couldn't make your party in New York unfortunately. I was looking forward to it but schedules collided. I hope my jacket is in transit & will show up shortly, at the very least please respond to my comment so I know you have read it. I have been a huge fan of yours for years, I have a bunch of merch from DME & I get compliments on it all the time. Please make sure I don't regret backing you. Cheers.

    12. Marvin Koch on

      This message was sent to you at the request of Zane Lamprey, to notify you that they have shipped a package to you. For details about your shipment or to track your package, please refer to the information below.

      yeah finally shipped - hopefully everybody can sign for me...on vacation next week....

    13. Tom Hickerson on

      Just got an email from with the absolutely wrong wrong wrong international address on it! This was definitely not what I wrote in the survey. What can be done at this point?

    14. Eric Nielsen on

      Got my jacket - love it! Now we need some cooler weather... Thanks for offering this Zane!

    15. Erik Frankhouse on

      Well, my girl got the 2 she ordered for her brother and brother in law.

      We ordered the same day and yet no shipping information on my 2 blue jackets.

    16. Missing avatar

      Philip Scearcy on

      Still no jackets, i'm not even getting any updates. Have I been scamed?

    17. Missing avatar

      Richard Olsen on

      Got the Jacket a few days ago. Was very dissapointed when I tried it on. I ordered a XXLT just like all the other Hoodie jackets I own that fit well. This jacket was not even close to fitting. What the hell.... Not even close...... I have at least 8 different jackets like this from at least 3 different manufacturers and they all fit comfortably.... This one is not even close........

      I was going to return it for a different size, but they you want $15 paid up front and I would not have a clue what size I would need to order... These are way off on this size.

      I am very disappointed. This was my first venture on Kickstarter, and I bet t he last one. You can expect lots of poor feed back on this as the size is WAY OFF, not just a bit, but WAY.....

    18. Becca Schauss on

      Where is my jacket? Got info it shipped and was supposed to be delivered June 3 but still no jacket.... And no help from zanes team. Disappointing to say the least

    19. Bob Husbands on

      I ordered 2 jackets/2hats/2 flasks and have received NADA to date. Based on the comments I've read, my expectations are low. What gives?

    20. Jonathan Henderson on

      Have not received any information on shipping or tracking for the jackets I ordered anyone have any info.

    21. Missing avatar

      Sean wheet on

      Where's my jacket? No email or any thing about where they could be.

    22. Missing avatar

      Michael Ryan on

      Just got mine! But a little disappointed in the size, I ordered a Large-Tall, but the sleeves are still a bit short (monkey thumbs are useless) and a bit short on the torso. It's very comfortable fabric but I don't think I could wear it in public without looking like I got it at Baby Gap.

    23. Missing avatar

      Jim Jeffers on

      Just received mine. Fits great, can't waiting to take it on our hashing Scotland and Ireland tour in 3 weeks.

    24. Missing avatar

      jessica Roth on

      When do international backers get there jackets?

    25. Missing avatar

      Joel Smerchek on

      Just got my jacket! Super comfy, albeit on the small side for a L. Too bad it's getting close to summer, so I probably won't be able to break it out for a while...Thanks Zane and Team!

    26. Missing avatar

      Darren Robinson on

      Any international peeps got their jacket yet ? It's getting damn cold here in Australia and it's a long drinking weekend this weekend. Need some Drinking Jacket love.

    27. Missing avatar

      Paul West on

      The Jacket is awesome! Any washing instructions? You can't sell a drinking jacket and not expect it to stay clean. Be patient you naysayers, it's worth the wait.

    28. Missing avatar

      Danielle Taylor on

      I have not received any shipping information. Got two jackets. Please help!

    29. Jasmyne Ramirez on

      Wondering when to expect my shipment; I have not received any information since this last post. Thank You!

    30. Darren Robinson on

      Got the Drinking Jacket! Now just have to wait about 5 months for AZ to cool off enough....

    31. Missing avatar

      Geraldine Robben on

      I was backer #729. Got the shipping email on 5/28 and got my jacket in Seattle on 6/1.

    32. Missing avatar

      Gus Rossi on

      When will we get a tracking #????

    33. William Cottam on

      NO e-mail - no word - no contact - starting to get very upset!!!!

    34. Missing avatar

      Shaun Curtis on

      Hi! I still have not gotten an e-mail.. and I live local! Any updates to share?

    35. Missing avatar

      Ray Bosques on

      My friends received their jackets but I haven't received mine yet. I also didn't receive any tracking information. Can someone point me in the right direction?

    36. John Justus on

      My tracking now shows movement. Package left CA yesterday 5/31. Whoop!

    37. Missing avatar

      Jim Jeffers on

      Now June 1, any update on shipping timetable?

    38. Ward Chandler on

      Nothing yet ....

    39. Erik Frankhouse on

      No tracking info yet. Can we get an update on how much is left to ship?

    40. Missing avatar

      Corey Nyman on

      Unfortunately, still no jacket received. Any update?

      I would liked to have had it this weekend for maximum drinking and enjoyment this weekend at BottleRock in Napa, but I'm out of luck.

      Any update on shipping to Vegas?

    41. Missing avatar

      Fred Frank on

      Still no jacket. Starting to feel like a scam.

    42. David Ontiveros on

      Got mine today!!!! Too bad it's turning to summer but I'll be ready for those possible "cool" summer nights in Texas

    43. Missing avatar

      Daniel Hitt on

      +1 - I haven't received anything yet. :D

    44. Josh Roberts on

      Hey Zane checking in with you....when should we expect a tracking email ? I understand the weekend & the holiday slowed it down.thanks for everything

    45. Missing avatar

      mike schuhart on

      Please update, no word on when/where my drinking jacket is.

    46. Kyle kohn on

      Still no USPS code emailed. Please Update.

    47. Missing avatar

      Ed Dutra on

      Still waiting for my Drinking Jacket. I'm hoping it arrives this week. No USPS mail yet...fingers crossed

    48. Marvin Koch on

      how many hoodies are left to go out? (waiting for my mail)

    49. Zane Lamprey 3-time creator on

      You will receive an email with USPS tracking info once your package is ready to go out. We began shipping last Tuesday but there are a lot of hoodies to get through. Cheers

    50. Missing avatar

      Jonathan David on

      Will we be getting shipping info once the jackets are sent to us? Not that I don't trust my neighbors, but I don't need to get home to see some kid wearing my jacket!