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Visit our Kickstarter for the Adv3nture Jackets! We still have the original neoprene beverage pocket, emergency bottle opener, drinking glove, and other great functions!
Visit our Kickstarter for the Adv3nture Jackets! We still have the original neoprene beverage pocket, emergency bottle opener, drinking glove, and other great functions!
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Production Update!

Posted by Zane Lamprey (Creator)

Greetings Everyone!

So yes it has been a while since our last update and that has been because we have been waiting on the manufacturers to finish production. They've had a few obstacles and delays but I am happy to say that they are finishing things up and the jackets should be departing on a boat this week.

It will take a few weeks for the jackets to get here but once they do we will be shipping them out to you immediately.  

The delay was unfortunate and I apologize. I was told during the campaign that the jackets would be here earlier but problems and delays can arise when manufacturing a new product.

Updating Addresses!

If you have moved since submitting your survey then please contact us with your new address so that we may update our records. You may contact us through kickstarter (Look for the Contact Me link underneath my picture) or email  


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    1. Missing avatar

      Carol Pieper on

      Received the jacket and it is awesome! Size Medium and fits hubby perfectly (6', 185 lbs.). The first thing he did was fill the flask! Good times! Now we need some cold New England weather so he can wear it. :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Erik Nordstrom on

      1) delays happen
      2) #1 should have been incorporated into the delivery timeline; NO ONE needs a jacket for summer time
      3) perhaps most disappointing is the lack of communication
      4) looking forward to receiving this product, but will NEVER back another KS project again

    3. Erik Frankhouse on

      Shat is the eta looking like? Are the jackets getting ready to be shipped out to us?

      Thanks and I can't wait

    4. Missing avatar

      jeremy on

      I would like my jackets.

    5. Ian Hennes on

      Don't mind a bit of delay, as long as the final product is high quality.

    6. Missing avatar

      Anita Reisinger on

      I'm here at the Abbey bar or ABC on Cameron street in Harrisburg Parade.... Beer week kick off.... #HBGBEERWEEK.... Wish I had my drinking jacket... Can't wait for it to arrive....

    7. Dean on

      The race is on. What will get here first, my drinking jacket or Good Beer Week (hoping for the drinking jacket although May 16th isn't far away).

    8. Jaime Ciciora on

      I will move late June. Will there be a final update when the jackets are received so I can be sure if I need to update my address or not?

    9. Erik Frankhouse on

      Would be awesome if I have this by this weekend for travel.

    10. Brent on

      One project is not like another and anybody who has worked in any kind of production industry (textiles, software, education, ANYTHING) knows that there are hiccups and snafoos to deal with. To those who say they won't back a KS campaign because of delays - you're missing the whole point. You're not ordering on demand with Kickstarter - you're supporting the launch of a new project that you like and believe in. The idea is that this is the beginning of a hopefully successful company, and your support means a lot more than just the jacket you get. If you want a sweatshirt today, go to Marshalls. Just remember this project is bigger than your personal wants.

      Thanks Zane - keep up the good work!

    11. Laura Jones on

      Delays always happen, and backing a kickstarter project is not the same as ordering an item from Amazon. If the jackets get here late for this season there is always Fall. I appreciate the update Zane and can't wait to see the jacket!

    12. Theresa Nelson on

      Thank you so very much for the update. I'm sure you are just as frustrated as your fans. I appreciate being kept informed. Keeping my fingers cross this jacket will be worth, not only the $$$, but the wait! Cheers.

    13. Missing avatar

      Elizabeth Sabogal on

      Some constructive feedback: Communication is key and unfortunately very much lacking here. The wait wouldn't have stung so much if there had been more consistent updates, even if you had little to no info - however I'm sure you could've passed something on to us. Unfortunately, this too will probably be my last backing of KS or the any of the like.

    14. E

      With kickstarter projects delays are just a reality. The creator gives their best estimate at the beginning of the project but production issues always happen. If you're new to KS I understand your frustration/disappointment but it's the rare KS project that will deliver on time. If you back future KS projects be prepared for delays.

    15. Missing avatar

      James Crilley on

      Thanks for the update. Very disappointed by the continued delays, however. Will be my 1st & last kickstarter participation. Still a fan, Zane, just disappointed.

    16. Missing avatar

      mwarych on

      This is not cool. Really bad business practice. I've seen some comments asking how Zane will compensate all of his backers for this VERY long delay, but I haven't seen any replies. I'm hoping he will man up and not just blow it off with "stuff happens"

    17. William Pendleton on

      Oh yay! Just in time for Texas.

    18. Pam Norris on

      Thanks for the update