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Visit our Kickstarter for the Adv3nture Jackets! We still have the original neoprene beverage pocket, emergency bottle opener, drinking glove, and other great functions!
Visit our Kickstarter for the Adv3nture Jackets! We still have the original neoprene beverage pocket, emergency bottle opener, drinking glove, and other great functions!
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Update on Estimated Shipping Timeframe

Posted by Zane Lamprey (Creator)

I have been working closely with the manufactures of The Drinking Jacket. And, while I am extremely happy with the final prototype and accouterments, I am frustrated with the speed (or lack thereof) by which this stage in the process has proceeded. With all of the delays, that have been out of my hands, it appears that The Drinking Jackets will not ship until late April.

I know, it's not ideal. But, as this was a Kickstarted project, and not something that was already underway, hiccups like this can happen.

I don't like that your hoodie will arrive to behind schedule, but I am confident that when you do receive it, you'll agree that it was worth the wait!



PS: I'm consulting for another Kickstarter project (gratis). Kabeer, who launched his Kickstarter campaign in December with lackluster results, reached out to me for advice. As most people on Kickstarter just ask for me to help promote their campaign, rather than asking for advice how they could improve their campaign, I checked out his project, loved his product, and happily went through the campaign and gave my input.

He took my advice and shut down his Kabaccha shoe Kickstarter campaign, tweaked his video, modified his campaign, and lowered his prices. I happy (and proud) to say that his campaign is now at $220,000 and well on its way to being the highest crowd-funded footwear campaign EVER. I'm stoked to get my Kabaccha shoes!

Another campaign that I'm digging is the Smart Rope. Pretty cool stuff!

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    1. Josh Roberts on

      Hey Zane just checking in on the drinking jacket ! I know it's only mid April lol

      Long live pleepleus !!

    2. Missing avatar

      Paris Polcyn on

      It is now mid-April, is end of April for getting these still accurate? Anxiously awaiting! Can't wait to use it for camping season! THANKS :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Michael Sheridan on

      Any updates on the time frame??

    4. Tommy Meškis Wong on

      I'm changing addresses in May, how can I change my shipping address?

    5. Missing avatar

      Bill Sanders on

      Seriously from some of these comments, people actually think they are ordering a product on kickstarter! Read the fine print. You are supporting a product or cause you think should exist. You are in essence betting on a person and their commitment and vision. Relax, don't count on it and you may be pleasantly surprised if the project makes it. Having expectations will just increase your blood pressure and stress. Go have a beer! ;-)

    6. Michelle DeMakes on

      How do I change my shipping address? I am moving the end of April.

    7. Lyubomir Hristev on

      That is freaking embarrassing! It`s only that I want my hoody now, but due to the false info given in advance I`d like to get my money refund. The product seems indeed pretty cool, however the production and delivery processes are quite fucked up!
      Thankx for lying to all of us!

    8. Missing avatar


      Thanks for the update. Can you provide another update on this? I ordered a XL in charcoal as a Christmas gift for someone. By the time it arrives, it will be warmer here. Will we receive a kickback on this item since it is not being delivered on time? Thank you.

    9. Missing avatar

      Matt Jolly on

      It's going to be cold in Australia in May. I see no downside. :)

    10. Missing avatar

      BL on

      It'll still be cold in late April for lots of people. Especially when drinking beers in the backyard on chilly evenings. False advertising? Ha!

    11. Missing avatar

      Robert Monkel on

      I remember something about receiving this product "when it is still cold". How about a "kickback" before false advertising gets handed to you?

    12. John Justus on

      A drinking jacket of this quality and stature is worth the wait.

    13. Missing avatar

      Rick Harris on

      4 months just to order a hoody is kind of ridiculous.
      By the time I get it I wont need it.
      I will not be ordering product through a kickstarter again.
      I am looking forward to my hoody I guess I will enjoy it at the end of 2015 when I need it.

    14. Missing avatar

      Cassandra Haines on

      This is a gift for someone, is it possible to have an express or rush delivery???

    15. dMan on

      Right on Bro! We'll enjoy the hoody a lot more for the next fall.

    16. Missing avatar

      Bo Hill on

      I understand you have no control over the production of the jacket and you wanted to make sure it was the best it could be. It just sucks that by the time it arrives it will be to warm to wear and will sit in the closet for six months.

    17. Missing avatar

      Shelley Zajic on

      Since the ship date is changing, I need to change the delivery address. How can I do that? Thank you!

    18. Phillip Eurs on

      Thanks for the update, Zane. No worries on the delay - I know you will deliver!