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a perfectly clean card game for the dirtiest minds
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You are all F***IN' AMAZING! 48 Hours to go!

Posted by Peter Vaughan (Collaborator)

Final moments, but this party is just getting started! We want to summarize all the key info for all newcomers (welcome everyone!) and to make sure nobody misses anything! Thank you all for the EPIC AWESOME MEGA big push to the end!



1) $50,000 - we'll be making all the characters large scale (approx Tarot size) includes all 14 knights, both dragons and the vampire/werewolf factions! We've decided to include both original size and larger size cards in the box!

2) 1000 backers (!!) a werewolf comes to party, aka 'Team Hungry' mixed in with all the fun mouth watering words in the safe words pack. This pack is available for add on or is included with our top tier, DOUBLE DOUBLE*KITTY.

3) Using - to test word combos, and to spread the game! We're still going to pick 4 more words to add to the game thanks to all the love and fun backer ideas. Your choices of what combos to share helps us make the final game the funniest. Also, there's a special surprise to all Dragon Finger tweets from now through the end of the campaign, use it and see!


We had tons of parties happen over the weekend, crushing our social stretch goal for 2 more knights. Date Knight and Ladies Knight are in this game!

That adds to our amazing list of unlocked items on this campaign:

  • 3 new naughty knights - in every box of Sparkle*Kitty Nights
  • 3 new nice knights - in every box of Sparkle*Kitty Nights
  • 5 new MOIST and other fun words in Sparkle*Kitty Nights
  • Team Tokens (bringing team play to Original Sparkle*Kitty) as an add-on
  • Foil cards - mirror mirror and character cards in Sparkle*Kitty Nights
  • Blank words pack - unlocked and available as an add-on
  • Safe words add-on pack - upgraded with wild, dark magic and characters, and words remain squeaky clean for all Sparkle*Kitty mix and match.


Some critical things to remember, for you and for the friends you tell about this:

1) ADVENTURE PACK LAST CHANCE (Tabletop Day 2018) is offered here as a final opportunity to get it - features 2 princesses - Princess Cutlass and Princess Raptor. Don't miss this pack of adventure!

2) SAFE WORDS IS LIMITED EDITION - which includes the Team Wild, Hungry and Thirsty dark magic, a vampire and our werewolf goal will be a limited edition pack - on Kickstarter and conventions only!

3) The Horny DRAGON SPECIAL OFFER (double dragon mode) is unique to this campaign! Be sure to use dragonfinger and share to get a copy. Or you can chime in on this BGG thread, if you're active there.




Once upon a time, the darkest card in the Sparkle*Kitty universe was clearly... FUDGE. But since you all requested this version and have brought it to life, we thought it was fitting to offer this final card to the game, included in every copy of Sparkle*Kitty Nights! 

As a special treat, you may notice our Dragonfinger phrases now include this darkest of dark magic. Sparkle*Kitty loves it when people use the dark magic! Thank you so much for sharing!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Paul on

      I went to dragonfinger and all I got was F***IN' SHAVED BOOTY #SparkleKittyNights #skndf

    2. Missing avatar

      Steve Huckabee on

      F***IN' TACO MASSAGE shall set me free #SparkleKittyNights #skndf
      Shared on Twitter and created a BGG post

    3. Michael Schwartz

      Chimed in on the BGG thread to claim my Horny Dragon special offer, as I have no Twitter account! F***IN' AWESOME!!

    4. Bree (blakwngbrd)

      I F***IN' LOVE IT!