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Dragons & Vampires & Werewolves, Oh My!

Posted by Manny Vega (Collaborator)

In this update we reveal the EPIC AMAZING SECRET EXCLUSIVE card, all the concept art and we go over the sweet stretch goals to get us all pumped for the final week of this campaign!

Stay tuned at the end for a fun "Which Knight are you?" QUIZ!


The secret is OUT, anyone who uses Dragonfinger during this campaign will receive the exclusive: Horny Dragon! This brings our dragon variant gameplay to your even-numbered games, and the only rule change is that dragons won't eat each other!

Breathtaking art by Sandara!

If you don't use twitter, you can still post or share a comment about this campaign to any social media. The goal is to do anything that gets the game and hashtag #SparkleKittyNights seen online. THANK YOU!


We'd like to formally introduce the sixth artist to be added to the Sparkle*Kitty Nights illustration team, the amazingly talented - Leesha Hannigan. You might recognize her art from such games as: Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder and Paladins

She's such a pro and was quick to jump on the concept art the minute you all busted through the last stretch goal. We're super excited to have her on board to create these fantastic fantasy factions. Speaking of...


This will be our FINAL BACKER GOAL once we crush the 800 backer mark! The hunger for even more backers calls to the Werewolf, and only a total of 1000 victims will satisfy her lust! A big final push means team Hungry will come out to play - and not just for the full moon...


It took a while to get her ready, but you can't rush perfection like this. Welcome the final Knight that will be available in the main box: DATE KNIGHT!


Party dates are being scheduled across the country at a FANTABULOUS pace! I'm sure we will unlock ALL of our knights so spread the word this weekend and let's get them out to everyone! You all are making this happen, and we can't even begin to thank you enough! Tell the world that this fun, silly and saucy card game with kickass illustrations, by badass women, is a not-to-be missed Kickstarter!


We designed a short and silly-fun quiz! Not only is this another great way to share the campaign, but it's fun and you might learn something about yourself. Take a look, and don't forget to post back with who you got!


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    1. Missing avatar


      I totally thought F***IN' PARTY PUPPET was the answer #SparkleKittyNights #skndf

    2. Missing avatar

      Nikita Foreman on

      I'm knight Light!

    3. Peter Vaughan Collaborator

      I love this update! So much fun art to look at. I cannot decide what I like best. For the quiz, I got School Knight! (Told ya, team Nice!)

    4. Topios on

      I'm getting some exciting error messages and stuff at my end, but there's no stopping the crafty from sharing screencaps on facebook. Of my very titilating combo PIE CORN. (and then I tried again and got FRESH BUTTER so. Hm. Clearly somebody's trying to tell me something)

    5. Manny Vega Collaborator on

      @Marcus Lawrence - Facebook works for us, thanks for sharing! The dragon is indeed badass!

      As for choosing a Knight, you don’t have to worry, the knight chooses you! You can take the quiz or it’s a random deal in the game, the only thing you’ll be worried about is if you are Team Naughty or Team Nice.

    6. Marcus Lawrence on

      Oh wait- there's a quiz to take.

      EDIT: well, guys, I'm actually Knight Ryder. Whowouldathunkit?

    7. Marcus Lawrence on

      I don't have Twitter, but you guys DID say any social media, right?
      I really want that new dragon- it looks epic!

      Choosing between the knights is pretty hard- Lady's Knight, being the only male, seems like what I should go for as I'm a dude, but Game Knight just calls to me. The chainsaw, the attitude- she's like my spirit animal.

    8. Bree (blakwngbrd)

      @Manny what do you mean it's not super scientific?!? I thought it was SUPER SCIENTIFIC! 😮😮😮

    9. Manny Vega Collaborator on

      Any one answer should not sway the vote, unless you were really close between two knights. It’s not super scientific, but FB quizzes have been around for a long time and it’s interesting to see what they can do behind the curtain. We kept it fairly simple just to maintain sanity :)

    10. Mike Vander Veen on

      @Kraigonus42 - I chose "Christopher Walken" and got Nightie Knight. No knowing where else we diverged on the choices as I might not remember. But, yes, my results are very fitting too.

    11. Missing avatar

      Kraigonus42 on

      I got School Knight, which is utterly unsurprising to me. Given the description, I would have been surprised if I had gotten anyone else.

      I'm curious of choosing "Christopher Walken" would change my result, though...

    12. Manny Vega Collaborator on

      Most are pretty easy to match up, but we will also ask people to provide their info on the survey so we can match it up. We are not going to be brutal gatekeepers either, we would just really appreciate it if you all can go out there and share the campaign with people who might enjoy it ;)

    13. Jeff (IdleHacker) on

      How do you know which KS backer is matched up with the tweet though?

    14. Manny Vega Collaborator on

      Dragonfinger takes care of all that, by setting up the tweet with all the right hashtags. If you prefer to post on Facebook, Instagram or elsewhere, just use #SparkleKittyKnights and we will find it.

    15. Evan Schmalz

      How will you know I used it?