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a perfectly clean card game for the dirtiest minds
a perfectly clean card game for the dirtiest minds
1,038 backers pledged $53,975 to help bring this project to life.

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Sparkle*Surveys Coming Up, Files Prep for Print

Posted by Peter Vaughan

Hi all,

Just checking in to say that the SURVEY is coming up soon. We're hoping to send it out this week, so keep an eye on your inboxes. We'll look to get surveys answered in July, and get files/print quantities locked in for mid-July. 


We've been busy in the month of June, working on the press ready files for Sparkle*Kitty Nights. I should say that Manny has been the the most busy! He's been creating card files for Sparkle*Kitty Nights (hundreds of card files including an amazing 18 characters!), as well as the graphic design of the cards and rules in every expansion. We've been perfecting rules for vampire and werewolf modes. These team variants add a lot of flavor to the safe words pack!

Sparkle*Kitty GEN CON! - Sneak Peek at Shadow*Kitty!

Last year at Gen Con, our early release copies of Sparkle*Kitty sold out in minutes at this show, and this year, while our main focus is on new releases, Rise of Tribes and Expancity, we do have Sparkle*Kitty and Sparkle*Kitty Nights Demos - with the designer, Manny Vega! If you're headed to the show, say hi to Manny and ask for a super secret test of Shadow*Kitty, where witches will turn this familiar game upside down! Only a few seats left in Sparkle*Kitty Nights demos - link below!

Sparkle*Kitty events at Gen Con 2018 -

Enjoy your game time with friends and family!

Peter at Team Sparkle*Kitty


Posted by Peter Vaughan

Whether you found Sparkle*Kitty last fall or on Tabletop Day or here on Kickstarter, there's something magical about it and this community, and we're absolutely thrilled to have you all here with us, creating new exciting cards and characters for this universe! 

WE HAVE FUNDED ALL STRETCH GOALS and are prepared to make both SPARKLE*KITTY and SPARKLE*KITTY NIGHTS shine on tabletops and shelves all over the world! 

THANK YOU from Shari Spiro, head of Breaking Games and Ad Magic, and all our sales, manufacturing, fulfillment, design and development, art, community and pr teams. 

We make big and small party games alike, but as an indie game studio, each one is a special effort, a personal connection and a journey, and none are more cherished than Sparkle*Kitty when we see kids, adults (kids at heart) laughing and finding THEIR game to share.

THANK YOU from Manny Vega, creator of Sparkle*Kitty. He writes, "Ever since the first moment I put the original Sparkle*Kitty in front of players, what has struck me the most about this experience is how much people can invest themselves in a silly game about matching words. Whether they identify with a princess/knight or they are enjoying the freedom to say "Jiggle Panda" or "Donkey Butter" out loud, I love that our fans jump in 1000% percent. It's been my absolute pleasure to meet, speak, play, show or just deliver this game to you. I hope it will continue to bring all you magically*sparkly people together to laugh, play and be yourselves."

We also want to say how excited we are to see the community embrace a female cast of heroes, full of diversity, tearing down towers! It means the world to us to feature badass women in illustration and so we thank you for that support, and thank our fantastic illustrators for their hard work and killer characters.

We now have 14 knights, 16 princesses, 2 dragons and 2 monsters! We have 2 game boxes, team tokens and 4 expansion packs! What an epic tournament this will be someday ;) 

After a brief break, we'll be back with art updates, survey info, and more about these great games in production.


You are all F***IN' AMAZING! 48 Hours to go!

Posted by Peter Vaughan

Final moments, but this party is just getting started! We want to summarize all the key info for all newcomers (welcome everyone!) and to make sure nobody misses anything! Thank you all for the EPIC AWESOME MEGA big push to the end!



1) $50,000 - we'll be making all the characters large scale (approx Tarot size) includes all 14 knights, both dragons and the vampire/werewolf factions! We've decided to include both original size and larger size cards in the box!

2) 1000 backers (!!) a werewolf comes to party, aka 'Team Hungry' mixed in with all the fun mouth watering words in the safe words pack. This pack is available for add on or is included with our top tier, DOUBLE DOUBLE*KITTY.

3) Using - to test word combos, and to spread the game! We're still going to pick 4 more words to add to the game thanks to all the love and fun backer ideas. Your choices of what combos to share helps us make the final game the funniest. Also, there's a special surprise to all Dragon Finger tweets from now through the end of the campaign, use it and see!


We had tons of parties happen over the weekend, crushing our social stretch goal for 2 more knights. Date Knight and Ladies Knight are in this game!

That adds to our amazing list of unlocked items on this campaign:

  • 3 new naughty knights - in every box of Sparkle*Kitty Nights
  • 3 new nice knights - in every box of Sparkle*Kitty Nights
  • 5 new MOIST and other fun words in Sparkle*Kitty Nights
  • Team Tokens (bringing team play to Original Sparkle*Kitty) as an add-on
  • Foil cards - mirror mirror and character cards in Sparkle*Kitty Nights
  • Blank words pack - unlocked and available as an add-on
  • Safe words add-on pack - upgraded with wild, dark magic and characters, and words remain squeaky clean for all Sparkle*Kitty mix and match.


Some critical things to remember, for you and for the friends you tell about this:

1) ADVENTURE PACK LAST CHANCE (Tabletop Day 2018) is offered here as a final opportunity to get it - features 2 princesses - Princess Cutlass and Princess Raptor. Don't miss this pack of adventure!

2) SAFE WORDS IS LIMITED EDITION - which includes the Team Wild, Hungry and Thirsty dark magic, a vampire and our werewolf goal will be a limited edition pack - on Kickstarter and conventions only!

3) The Horny DRAGON SPECIAL OFFER (double dragon mode) is unique to this campaign! Be sure to use dragonfinger and share to get a copy. Or you can chime in on this BGG thread, if you're active there.




Once upon a time, the darkest card in the Sparkle*Kitty universe was clearly... FUDGE. But since you all requested this version and have brought it to life, we thought it was fitting to offer this final card to the game, included in every copy of Sparkle*Kitty Nights! 

As a special treat, you may notice our Dragonfinger phrases now include this darkest of dark magic. Sparkle*Kitty loves it when people use the dark magic! Thank you so much for sharing!

Dragons & Vampires & Werewolves, Oh My!

Posted by Manny Vega

In this update we reveal the EPIC AMAZING SECRET EXCLUSIVE card, all the concept art and we go over the sweet stretch goals to get us all pumped for the final week of this campaign!

Stay tuned at the end for a fun "Which Knight are you?" QUIZ!


The secret is OUT, anyone who uses Dragonfinger during this campaign will receive the exclusive: Horny Dragon! This brings our dragon variant gameplay to your even-numbered games, and the only rule change is that dragons won't eat each other!

Breathtaking art by Sandara!

If you don't use twitter, you can still post or share a comment about this campaign to any social media. The goal is to do anything that gets the game and hashtag #SparkleKittyNights seen online. THANK YOU!


We'd like to formally introduce the sixth artist to be added to the Sparkle*Kitty Nights illustration team, the amazingly talented - Leesha Hannigan. You might recognize her art from such games as: Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder and Paladins

She's such a pro and was quick to jump on the concept art the minute you all busted through the last stretch goal. We're super excited to have her on board to create these fantastic fantasy factions. Speaking of...


This will be our FINAL BACKER GOAL once we crush the 800 backer mark! The hunger for even more backers calls to the Werewolf, and only a total of 1000 victims will satisfy her lust! A big final push means team Hungry will come out to play - and not just for the full moon...


It took a while to get her ready, but you can't rush perfection like this. Welcome the final Knight that will be available in the main box: DATE KNIGHT!


Party dates are being scheduled across the country at a FANTABULOUS pace! I'm sure we will unlock ALL of our knights so spread the word this weekend and let's get them out to everyone! You all are making this happen, and we can't even begin to thank you enough! Tell the world that this fun, silly and saucy card game with kickass illustrations, by badass women, is a not-to-be missed Kickstarter!


We designed a short and silly-fun quiz! Not only is this another great way to share the campaign, but it's fun and you might learn something about yourself. Take a look, and don't forget to post back with who you got!


These Vampires are Making Me Thirsty

Posted by Peter Vaughan

Happy questing knights! - we've brought more friends into the fold, and reached 700+ backers. 

Safe Words and Team Variants Uncovered!

New Dark Magic
We have delved deep in the dungeon (thanks to you all) and we've found ourselves... hungry... and thirsty. The safe words just gets more and more delicious!

A Vampire Faction!
So what else have we found in the Dungeon? A pair of fallen knights are at stake. At 800 backers, we'll make Team Thirsty a thing - Work together and hunt the vampire, dragging her out of the tower and into the light. Just don't peek or you'll succumb! 

Yummy Safe Words

We've had a lot of fun yelling safe words in the office, and have finally found our theme for this pack. Foodie things, a pineapple icon - it's about as safe as you can get (with still plenty of innuendo), and we think makes it a great pack for either Sparkle*Kitty or Sparkle*Kitty Nights. These are included in the DOUBLE*DOUBLE TIER and available for add-on. We hope you enjoy them!


We've had a couple of questions about how to add-on to your pledge, so here's a quick refresher!
1. Add up the prices for each add-on. Each one is a flat $2 in shipping. 
2. Click on "manage your pledge" - at the top right of the page. 
3. Click on the blue "change your pledge" button and increase the total by the extra add-on cost.
4. Confirm at the end of the campaign which add-ons you picked - we'll be using an easy-to-use pledge manager called backerkit.


With Memorial Day weekend coming up, and conventions for the long weekend - this is the perfect time to share the campaign, and your love for party games. Don't let anyone miss out here - there's KS exclusives, this game will likely be rarer than the base game and and it's the last chance to get some packs.

To help unlock Date Knight and Ladies Knight - we need to know what parties you're throwing over the upcoming weekend. Tag us #SparkleKittyNights - and we'll count it towards our parties goal to free these knights, which are the 13th and 14th knights in the game!! 

Team Naughty, Nice, Dragon, Vampire or.... Werewolf ?
We want to hear from you in the Kickstarter comments. Which side are you on now? Shout out your faction loud and find the others on your team!