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Lead your prehistoric Tribe to victory through discovery, achievements, civilization and overcoming the odds. Choose how you Rise.
Lead your prehistoric Tribe to victory through discovery, achievements, civilization and overcoming the odds. Choose how you Rise.
Lead your prehistoric Tribe to victory through discovery, achievements, civilization and overcoming the odds. Choose how you Rise.
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    1. Walter H. Hunt about 19 hours ago

      Played the base game at BGGCon this week - very impressed! Looking forward to the full production in the spring.

    2. Peter Vaughan Collaborator
      about 20 hours ago

      @KooLio - will let you know. right now, we don't have a date on that. Can't wait to get it everywhere!

    3. KooLio
      about 20 hours ago

      When do you open de retail PM?

    4. Peter Vaughan Collaborator
      1 day ago

      @gigigun - the latest update has the rulebook pdf link.

      @Jorge - absolutely! We are working on pdfs for 8 languages! When you fill out your survey, you can select to receive one of those with your English edition game. Additionally, we are talking to partners about localization of the game entirely. News to come on that front!

    5. gigigun 3 days ago

      Hi, where can we download the final rulebook?

    6. Missing avatar

      Jorge Escalona Blanco 4 days ago

      Will you translate it into other languages?

    7. Eric on November 11

      Thanks for all the updates Peter! It's really encouraging to see the progress and I'm definitely getting stoked for this game. I can't wait to try it out on my group.

    8. Tom van der Spek
      on November 11

      @ Peter - Great news! Of course I will read a Dutch translation carefully and will give suggestions for improvement, if needed.

    9. Peter Vaughan Collaborator
      on November 10

      @Tom - we have a Dutch translator! I met him at Essen, great guy, Wim - and he's already halfway through. You're in luck! We'd love your thoughts on that version when ready.

    10. Tom van der Spek
      on November 10

      @Peter Vaughan: I am Dutch, so a Dutch translation would be fine, but perhaps I can make a translation of my own...

    11. Peter Vaughan Collaborator
      on November 10

      @Tom - Thank you so much! What language do you want to read when we have the rulebook ready in that version?

      @Robbie - helpful instructions thanks to Danny D below! Go to this link, enter your E-mail address (same one that you use for your Kickstarter account), then click on the "Get My Survey" button:

    12. Robbie Niemela on November 10

      Hey I don’t see a link to the pledge manager anywhere, I am rather sure I already did mine but want to make sure safe than sorry!

    13. Tom van der Spek
      on November 10

      Have downloaded the rules and give it a quick look. It looks clear to me, and this game looks so beautiful too! Still super exited about this, and I know my little group of play friends will be also! (As I am not fluent in English, I will leave it to others, to drag the typo's and mistakes out of the game book - if there are any...)
      Thanks in advance, you have done a great job already!

    14. Peter Vaughan Collaborator
      on November 9

      @Michael - the leader abilities are printed on cards. Due to space reasons in the rules, we opted not to print the exact card text (we wanted to, but since you'll be holding the card in hand, you'll have it), and we just printed the clarifications and flavor in the book. Thanks for checking!

    15. Michael Villarin on November 9

      Hi I just went through the rules and I noticed that the leader powers aren’t really explained. Examples are given but we aren’t told what their abilities exactly are. Is this information on the player boards?

    16. Peter Vaughan Collaborator
      on November 9

      @Thomas, Jens and Ben - thank you so much! We are deep in production, and this cheering on is amazing. Great timing too, as I was working on the update (just posted). Hope you like the rules!

      I hope, hope we can get the game in March, but it's too soon to say for sure. We picked up some potential partners in Essen (which is great news, subject of a future update), but the exact timing of production will also be TBD. Everything is coming together!

    17. Ben Stealer of Bagged Lunches on November 9

      No pressure, but my Birthday is in the middle of March. It would be a great birthday gift....

    18. Missing avatar

      Jens Larsen on November 9

      Still looking forward to what I expect to a true gem.

      Everything still on schedule for delivery in March? :-)

    19. Thomas John Bacon on November 1

      Sending love and good vibes to everyone working on this project.

    20. Peter Vaughan Collaborator
      on October 29

      @sirjonsnow - Breaking Games will be at PAX Unplugged. I don't believe we'll have a copy of Rise of Tribes at the booth. I'll update in November either way. Thanks for asking!

    21. Missing avatar

      on October 27

      Are you going to be at PAX Unplugged?

    22. Peter Vaughan Collaborator
      on October 24

      @Mike - Breaking Games is at PAX Aus, but without Rise of Tribes this time. You can still catch Asking For Trobils in our booth (TT200) which is newly released. Have a great PAX!

    23. Missing avatar

      Michael Howard on October 23

      A few of my buddies and I will be at Aus Pax this weekend, any chance there will be a playable demo running at your booth? Mike

    24. Peter Vaughan Collaborator
      on October 23

      @Thomas - will post in an update on production. It's a bit early yet to talk shipping, but we'll keep you posted. Thanks very much for checking in!

    25. Thomas John Bacon on October 22

      Any update on estimates for shipping? I’m UK based if that helps

    26. Peter Vaughan Collaborator
      on October 19

      @Tobias - thanks for asking, didn't miss it. We're in Hall 7 - 7D102. I hope to see everyone who can make it out. I'll post an update soon about that and the state of things. We have several meetings in Essen about the game, and the rulebook ready to share!

    27. Tobias Schmidt on October 18

      Did I missed it?
      What is your booth in Essen17?

    28. Peter Vaughan Collaborator
      on October 15

      Thanks for all the comments!
      @Greg and Richard - it's always so amazing to hear your game is highly anticipated, thanks so much for saying that! We can't wait either!

      @Matthew Bower - the hex size is looking to be 80mm flat-edge to flat edge, 94mm corner to corner. The reason for that size will be clear when I show a preview of the hexes fitting in the tray. :)

      @Mike B - we are not in production yet, so no updates on shipment dates at this time. We'll send an update again soon, and I expect a production timeline by our Nov update.

      @swampfox01 - no worries at all. Backerkit does default to high shipping at first but then adjusts. Glad you caught it!

    29. Swampfox01
      on October 15

      OK it must have glitched. I just went back in, and shipping is now $7 for deluxe. That appears to be correct.

    30. Swampfox01
      on October 15

      I just completed my PM and shipping for the deluxe version to the US was $21!

      Is this correct? It seems a lot higher than expected. Please clarify and confirm!


    31. Richard Short on October 14

      Just adding my name to those super excited to get this laid out on a table in front of me and show it off! Can't wait.

    32. Missing avatar

      Mike B on October 14

      Any updates on product shipment?

    33. Matthew Bower on October 14

      What size hexagon tiles did you guys end up choosing?

    34. Greg Phillips
      on October 12

      Definitely one of my most anticipated games of this year on KS, I am excited to get it on the table.

    35. Peter Vaughan Collaborator
      on October 12

      @PacificNW Gamer - Awesome to hear from you! We're getting close to another update - I'll send one by end of Oct with the latest and greatest news. Cheers!

    36. PacificNW Gamer on October 12

      It's been a month since the last update! I'm so excited for this game!! When can we expect the next update!

    37. Phill on October 9

      Glad to hear it, hope i didn't ruin any surprises

    38. Peter Vaughan Collaborator
      on October 8

      @District 31 - you are welcome. We're glad to have you for tribal council and lockdown.

      @Phill - thanks for the message! Don't worry - your fears of floating sabertooths and lost villages shall not come to pass! We have a wonderful tray planned. (Actually set of trays). All will be revealed. I've been modeling the tray in 3D and discussing with the team and the plant. I'll share in a future update!

      @Jens. Thanks! We're can't wait either! We do have flavor text re: the leaders, which is on the KS page. I'll cover the leaders in a future update and show off their powers in detail, along with some BGG posts so we can cover strategy of each!

    39. District 31
      on October 8

      Peter: Thanks for keeping the PM open until the end of the month. Need to get my pledge level in there and locked down. Can't miss my mammoth! :D

    40. Phill on October 7

      So after looking at the Grimm Forest's most recent update they added these trays to keep the materials easily accesible for when playing the game. Take the tray out on the table open it up and you have easy access to the materials. When I look at this game something similar would be of great use. I'm also not seeing anything here for a insert inside of the game box, which in my head mean everything will be floating around and that I will have to get a lot of ziploc baggies...

    41. Missing avatar

      Jens Larsen on October 3

      For the record: still very much looking forward to bringing this game to the table!

      I don't recall... is there anything resembling flavour text regarding the different tribes and their leaders?

    42. Peter Vaughan Collaborator
      on October 3

      @Justin - forgive the delay, the invite should be resent.

      @R. Schuyler Devin - we have a hotmail email address for you. If that is not the correct one, please send us a PM to breaking games acct and we can enter a new one.

      @Cristina - the meeples will be painted, and we trust will be beautiful!

      re: backerkit lockdown and orders. Looking at a lockdown and charge at the end of the month. Will post about it in the next update.

    43. Justin Jay on September 30

      @Peter Vaughn I replied to your message, but haven't heard back. I replied again. Please help me.

    44. Tobias Schmidt on September 26

      @R.Schuyler Devin: Yes, in August. You should have recieved a mail from breaking games, check you spam folder.
      maybe you can get help here:

    45. R. Schuyler Devin
      on September 26

      Has the pledge manger link been emailed yet? If it did, I did not receive it. Thanks!

    46. Missing avatar

      Cristina Chiu on September 26

      Anyone knows if the meeples will be plain wood color or will they be painted?

    47. Loremaster J.B. on September 25

      @QuoteStar/Peter - Thanks for the info, I'll be standing by!

    48. Peter Vaughan Collaborator
      on September 25

      Hey there Loremaster J.B. and Jens - I am investigating with Backerkit and will let you know. I was under the impression that it wasn't until we closed the survey that it was charged. If it's tied to lockdown, I will get that info and put that in the next update with our plans. Thanks for asking!

    49. Missing avatar

      Jens Larsen on September 25

      So when can we expect to have it locked down?

    50. QuoteStar
      on September 23

      Usually credit card payments through backerkit aren't charged until the creators lock it down.

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