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Lead your prehistoric Tribe to victory through discovery, achievements, civilization and overcoming the odds. Choose how you Rise.
Lead your prehistoric Tribe to victory through discovery, achievements, civilization and overcoming the odds. Choose how you Rise.
Lead your prehistoric Tribe to victory through discovery, achievements, civilization and overcoming the odds. Choose how you Rise.
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    1. Peter Vaughan Collaborator
      about 4 hours ago

      @Moried2 - I will reply as soon as I can. Will look at messages this weekend, and try and reply to all by Mon, then production update next week as well!

    2. Missing avatar

      Moried2 about 4 hours ago

      Hello Peter, please is it possible to confirm if you receive my message/confirmation regarding my upgrade to deluxe edition. (not to push you, but just to make sure you get the request, as I am not sure if my message get through)
      Thanks and regards

    3. Missing avatar

      Andrej Milovac about 6 hours ago

      @Julian Yes. You need to go to Review Details -> View Confirmation -> Edit Pledge Question and the second one is about the deluxe.

    4. Adam Skava
      about 7 hours ago

      Hello Peter,

      I had the same problem as @Julian Adams. I tried to upgrade to deluxe but backerkit is closed to any changes. I also contacted Breaking Games but without a response. So I'm glad that the situation is being handled...

    5. Missing avatar

      Julian Adams 1 day ago

      Hi Peter,
      Thank you for the response. I don't mind being patient as long as I know it's on your radar. Is there anything that I need to do now?

    6. Peter Vaughan Collaborator
      1 day ago

      Hi Julian,

      I am very sorry about the delay. Please be patient with me. I explained before that upgrading via backerkit is a bit complex and manual at this point - but rest assured even though we're going to get to everyone's survey with enough time to fix just right.

      Basically, If you haven't been charged (ie had a KS balance of $0 and didn't buy anything), you're likely just 'locked' and I can reset that. If you DID buy something post KS and were charged, it's pretty frustrating, I need to do this backer by backer, and on my end, so I need to verify with each person. Either way, it's manual.

      Bottom line - I am not only the bottle neck, but won't close the door until we get everyone inside. So no worries

    7. Missing avatar

      Julian Adams 1 day ago

      Hi Andrej Milovac! How did you upgrade to deluxe? I've been trying to do that for 2 months. I"ve messaged via the backerkit website and through Kickstarter and I haven't received any responses. There is no option to upgrade through the survey. It's extremely frustrating.

    8. Missing avatar

      2 days ago

      this project deliver will delay?

    9. Missing avatar

      Justin H 3 days ago

      This game in production mode yet? I can't wait, it looks beautiful and seems like it will be a lot of fun to play.

    10. Missing avatar

      Andrej Milovac 6 days ago

      The more I watched the more I want it... just upgraded to deluxe :D Would like to ask when do you will collect founds?

    11. Missing avatar

      Stefan Van Everbroeck
      on March 15

      3-6 months delay in KS are very common, at least for the ones I backed. I always add at least 3 extra months before expecting delivery, if it comes sooner so much the better.

    12. Henk Allaert on March 15

      @Jack B : I understand you mean well, but I also think you are too harsh here. If you have only a few KS that had a delay more than 1 month, you are very lucky.
      I can say that in KS a 3 months delay is very common and more times than not, the delay is even longer.
      I'm not saying that is a good thing, I just want to point out that if you keep buying games on KS, many disapointments will follow if you find a 3 or 4 months delay to be disturbing.

    13. Kraig on March 15

      Hi Peter,

      Any update on my request please?

    14. Peter Vaughan Collaborator
      on March 15

      @Jack B - it's all good. Worth speaking up, always - so thanks for your post and reply. My delivery window dates will get better and better as I, we (Breaking Games) do more. We ran into stuff that wasn't me per se, but I take full responsibility for picking March and us not hitting it. We have a few things we are correcting even now with the plant from copy #1, and it's going to make the game solid and better. Thanks for believing in us and this game.

    15. Jack B on March 15

      I think, well I hope, that Peter gets it. If the world can't take feedback then the world will never grow

      If I offended anyone other than Peter with my comment please know the feedback was for Peter who is making a great looking game but missing the promised delivery window

      No big deal, no anger, just feedback

      Someone mentioned I have backed a lot of KS and that is true. Only this and one other has ever missed the delivery date by more than a month.

      I am currently in one more that is going to miss delivery by over a year. Believe me, they got my feedback and I wont be backing them again

      I know Peter is putting out a cool product and has generated a lot of great hype with design, theme, communication, and a great community of people like all of us

      Is it wrong to push people to be even better? I don't think so... and I hope I have shed some light on my feedback

    16. Peter Vaughan Collaborator
      on March 14

      Hey all - great chat here. I am so thankful for this group, no hate or bullying as Tobias says, and likeminded fun-loving people. I can't help but chime in since it's about communication, and I think - I should get my March update ready! I am at a trade show - GAMA - where all the publishers, retailers and distributors get together. People love the look of this game! Several people have stopped me to ask how they can get it. Soon, it shall be everywhere!

    17. Dan Parr
      on March 14

      @Johan "Schwanhof": Sorry, I just realised I addressed my comment to you when it was meant for @Tobias who was wondering why there is so much hate on some projects. Sorry :p

      @Laniston: The allure of extras/discounts/etc certainly make people willing to wait to get their stuff, but when they have already delayed gratification for months, any further delay is often unbearable and provokes anger.

      I'm generally accepting of delays where they are understandable (loads of stretch goals cause production to take longer/bad weather delays shipping/there's a printing fault so things get re-printed). It can be disappointing when things get held up, but the initial delivery date is always an estimate. I have been vocal in my frustration with a couple of campaigns, but that was generally where there was limited/no good communication to explain the delays, or the delays were, in my opinion, harder to justify (like GamesQuest pushing Rise to Nobility to the back of the queue for months whilst they shipped a bunch of CMON projects...grrr lol).

    18. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Savage on March 13

      @Kelvin, hopefully you see this in time.

      44.5x67 60 pieces. 65x65 8 pieces. Copied from someone who copied from way down in the comments.

    19. Laniston
      on March 13

      @Dan Parr, see I feel the same sometimes about instant gratification, but then I was reading on a miniatures company facebook. They wanted advice on how to run a kickstarter because they said making models and having them immediately available on their web store was becoming a worse way to make sales compared to running a kickstarter campaign which forces people to wait longer to receive things otherwise (in am instance like this).

      I think that is really interesting. There certainly is something fun about a kickstarter, and the allure of possible discounts and free stuff seems to be enough to make people wait instead of go for instant gratification.

    20. Johan "Schwanhof" on March 13

      @Dan Parr: I agree. Not to post rude comments, but all the games I backed make me feel like a kid on Christmas. The good anticipating way.

    21. Dan Parr
      on March 13

      @Johan "Schwanhof": I think it's yet another symptom of a much greater societal change; Our hyper connected lives, with everything designed to give instant gratification, have eroded our patience. If we can't have it immediately then we'll go elsewhere, and if we can't get it elsewhere then we'll do what internet users do best: post angry :)

    22. Johan "Schwanhof" on March 12

      I expected several updates after CNY, but as a parent I also know it's high season for the flu and other things. Hope to hear something soon because I'm hyped for this game.

    23. Tobias on March 12

      @Laniston: I wonder why there is sometimes so much hate. Some projects have good comunication and still recieve massive bulling. Here is no hate no bulling.

    24. Laniston
      on March 12

      I should add, I don't find a problem here. It is happening for a couple other projects I am doing, but this one is fine.

    25. Laniston
      on March 12

      I have had a number of projects fulfil on time or early, but delays are also not surprising.

      For me, delays are something not really to count on, but to be aware are possible. I don't like the idea of thinking every campaign will have delays, since not all of them do.

      The thing that bugs me is when along with delays come communication blackouts. Sometimes even a "Hey, nothing really going on still waiting for x and y, but look we took a picture of the office cat and made a meme" would be enough but some companies... I don't know.. they get embarrassed about the delay or something and can't take 5 minutes to talk to the people helping to fund their project. It feels like a lack of respect. (in one instance it literally was a total lack of respect from the company's 2 owners I came to find out).

    26. Mr_Blue on March 12

      @ Jack B: Every kickstarter project I’ve done ( about 24) had at least a delay of 3 months. One is over a year now. And a friend of mine waited 2 years for a bike. So don’t worry! It is pretty normal.

    27. Kraig on March 8

      Hi Peter, please can you confirm my upgrade too? Please let me know if you have any problems charging my card. I couldn't change it in Backerkit. Thanks.

    28. Missing avatar

      Moried2 on March 7

      Hello Peter, after you unlock my pledge, I did make the request for duluxe edition and give my Credit card number, but not sure if its worked, pleased can you confirm my upgrade to deluxe edition, regards,

    29. Missing avatar

      djs326 on March 7

      @Jack B I'm surprised youve backed as many things as you have and still feel that way-- 4 months is a comparatively short delay for KS

    30. Missing avatar

      Kelvin on March 7

      Making a bulk purchase for card sleeves soon and was wondering if you guys could provide the dimensions for the cards that can be sleeved?

      From what I gather, there are 60 Goal Cards and 8 Leader Cards that are sleeveable. Is this correct and what are their respective sizes? Thanks and keep up the amazing work!

    31. Tobias on March 7

      Peter: Rise of Tribes is my most anticipated game of the year 2018. Besides Deep Madness, Dawnfall, Time of Legends: Joan of Arc.

    32. Skolo
      on March 7

      @Jack B: its nothing out of norm if you ask me. If you are participating in the KS project you should calculate in 6 months of delay. as a standard. if less - its awesome. Some projects are taking years to deliver.

      @Peter: the most important thing is honesty and constant update on whats happening. even if you have some bad news. thanks for being here in the comments section

    33. Peter Vaughan Collaborator
      on March 7

      @Dustin - I hear you. Thanks for keeping that train moving. I can't wait! More updates to come shortly.

    34. Peter Vaughan Collaborator
      on March 7

      @Jack, my day job is literally making games for you and I to play. I won't ever quit it, my friend. You're going to love Rise of Tribes!

    35. Jack B on March 7

      A 4 month miscalculation is pretty crazy and disappointing to say the least. I’d lose my job if I did that

      I can only hope no further delays occur

      The videos look cool, I can’t wait but I guess I have to

      Thanks for the transparency and thorough updates and don’t quit your day job 😉

    36. Missing avatar

      Dustin Malmberg on March 5

      The hype train for this is real. I’m hungry for updates and for the game’s arrival. 😭😭😭

    37. Kraig on March 5

      @ Peter. Please can you manually upgrade my game from the standard version to the deluxe game and charge my card. I backed using my credit card and cannot unlock my pledge. Many thanks. Kraig.

    38. Missing avatar

      Andrej Milovac on March 5

      @Peter, I don't need it anymore so thanks and sorry.

    39. Khaleesi on March 5

      @Peter, I have sent a message to you regarding you manually charging the extra for the deluxe on the 2 copies I ordered. I expect I will hear back from you if it is something you can and are happy to do. Thanks for looking into it. Silly me not going Deluxe to begin with!

    40. Missing avatar

      Andrej Milovac on March 1

      Maybe I found why I can't add the deluxe. When asked if I want to upgrade to deluxe I did select No thanks! when I was compliting the backerkit. I haven't add my card in it and I have pay it via KS, so is any way to unlock the deluxe add-on? Thanks.

    41. Ryan
      on March 1

      @Peter - thanks for the additional info. I guess I was too quick on the Backerkit as I'd already finalized my order when it was initially released. I guess at the time I hadn't seen how nice the deluxe version was.

    42. Peter Vaughan Collaborator
      on March 1

      Re: upgrades. I've learned some critical info from backerkit that I will share here, and in a future update. If you have already ordered via backerkit - ie, given them a credit card and paid, then upgrading is a more complex situation. Basically only I can manually add the deluxe game and charge your card. That's not something I feel comfortable with unless I have a written message stating exact which item(s) you are authorizing, where I will confirm price and new shipping cost with you.

      This explains though why if you had only bought via KS, and not given backerkit a credit card yet, I am able to unlock you for this new upgrade/purchase.

      Hope that makes sense.

    43. Ryan
      on February 28

      How do I upgrade to the deluxe as well?

    44. Missing avatar

      Moried2 on February 28

      Upgrade completed, thanks

    45. Missing avatar

      Sarah Kate Duckworth on February 28

      Thank you for unlocking my pledge! I am all deluxified now!

    46. Missing avatar

      Mike B on February 27

      Have you guys signed off to start mass production yet? I’m quite excited for the finished product!

    47. Peter Vaughan Collaborator
      on February 27

      @Andrej, Khaleesi - I'm inquiring with backerkit. Don't worry, we'll get you taken care of! :) Absolutely no reason why you wouldn't be able to get the game you want!

    48. Missing avatar

      Andrej Milovac on February 27

      @Khaleesi, same here :(

    49. Khaleesi on February 27

      Thanks Peter. It states that the survey is answered. Rewards and add ons are locked and credit card is charged. Can’t find a way to change. If it is not possible that’s ok. The deluxe just looked awesome in the last update.

    50. Peter Vaughan Collaborator
      on February 27

      @Khaleesi, I don't see your account as locked in, so you should be able to change. That's odd, will take investigating. I clicked a 'resend' on survey in case that triggers it.

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