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Lead your prehistoric Tribe to victory through discovery, achievements, civilization and overcoming the odds. Choose how you Rise.
Lead your prehistoric Tribe to victory through discovery, achievements, civilization and overcoming the odds. Choose how you Rise.
Lead your prehistoric Tribe to victory through discovery, achievements, civilization and overcoming the odds. Choose how you Rise.
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    1. Randolph Streich
      just now

      Kitchener, Ontario, Canada - Just received my Deluxe copy via Canada post. Everything looks great! Game arrived in perfect shape. Sleeving the cards right now to see how they fit. I love the modular storage!

    2. Missing avatar

      Sacha 28 minutes ago

      YEAH CANADA, just recieved shipping confirmation of my copy... can't wait to get it.

    3. Peter Vaughan Collaborator
      about 1 hour ago

      CANADA! This is exciting!

    4. Missing avatar

      mytchief about 1 hour ago

      Finally some canadian stuff. Also got my tracking number this am

    5. Cleanse FoldManipulate about 2 hours ago

      First game played, enjoyed by all, certainly one we will be playing more.

    6. Terry
      about 2 hours ago

      Kitchener, Ontario, Canada: got my tracking number and says it should be delivered today. I cannot wait to get home from work!

    7. Laniston
      about 2 hours ago

      I finally got a shipping notification here in Canada

    8. Missing avatar

      Fabien HUARD
      about 5 hours ago

      French rules for this weekend?

    9. Missing avatar

      Jorge Escalona Blanco about 7 hours ago

      Thank you so much from Spain! My game arrived yesterday. Congrats!!!

    10. Tobias about 7 hours ago

      Thx, for your LATE and CLEAR answer. This shows me your production is NA and EU standards with ISO Norm and MSDS.
      At least after 5days the smell gets better and I am positive it will vanqish within another couple of days. And if I am still unsatisfied I still can have a return for money.

    11. John Arboleda Guerra about 9 hours ago

      Thank you! my game arrived today in Colombia, and I'm very happy, the quality is excellent! and the art is so beautiful!!!!!! thank you so much!

    12. Nicolás Andrés Martínez-Conde Schell about 11 hours ago

      Hi there! Just checking in to congratulate you on the shipping. Usually here in Chile we have problems with customs and everything, which makes for a 2 or 3 month wait for deliveries to go from customs to my house. The game arrived like a week after receiving notice in my email. Let me tell you that is a biiiiig "WOW!" for me.
      Second, I just took a look at the game as I was unboxing it and... wow... just wow. It's so gorgeous I'd ask it to marry me wasn't I married already, lol. But seriously, everything is itching to take this beauty to the table.
      Thanks for the evident enormous amount of time, energy, effort and love you guys invested in this game.
      Best regards,

    13. Kyle Winston about 13 hours ago

      @Breaking Games, disregard my message about the damaged hex. I just received a replacement in the mail a few minutes ago. Thank you.

    14. Breaking Games 2-time creator
      about 14 hours ago

      @sebastian on board thanks for the great words and @marcello email customer service - and I will talk to the team about finding you new pieces if you want - just let us know.

    15. Sebastian On Board
      about 15 hours ago

      First lines should have read:" Hi everyone and Breakimg Games, I would just like to reiterate"

    16. Sebastian On Board
      about 15 hours ago

      Hi everyone and I would like to Breaking Games, I just wante reiterate:

      This game has amazing artwork and so colourful it is a complete pleasure for the eye!

      It feel a bit crowded when I first played it, put I think it is so because I like taking my sweet time to evolve and here there is always my opponent taking the few hexes available from me, thus war happens slowing you down from progressing yoir civilization( although I feel like there is so much more to appreciate throughout a few more sessions!)
      I played just once, and without the advances options( to learn), and I can't wait wait to play again with my other half with its full potential!

      I am loving this easy-to-learn evolv-and-expand-your-civilization board game!

      About the smell, I really don't mind it, as I said it smells sort of aromatic, like burned pine wood or bbq, and
      you don't end up smelling like that playing with the components.

      Once again thank you for this gorgeous, colourful and fun game!

      Could we expect any expansion?
      That would be interesting ;-)

    17. Szepes Nóra about 16 hours ago

      Mine arrived today in Belgium. Not much smell issue, bit of BBQ like smell. I like that the deluxe box fits in the normal box. My chieftain token looks a bit damaged/has a print issue and the action board has a minimal print issue.

      I agree with the others, the card quality is pretty bad... Does anyone know where can I buy good sized sleeves for this?

      @Peter Vaughan / @Breakin Games: Why does one of the mountain hex tile have a bird? Why are there more resource tokens (32 each) than resource meeples (24 each)? Why is there no meeple for the Chieftain? Does it matters, that the village tokens have numbers on them but the wooden ones don't?

      Thanks for the game, I'm happy with it so far. I'll test play it later this week and write a review :)

    18. Tore Hatlen about 16 hours ago

      @Peter, Thanks for the update. Sorry if I seem quite eager. It's frustrating seeing all the fun others are having with the game. I want to get in a game and join the fun! :-)

    19. Kyle Winston about 17 hours ago

      @Breaking Games, One of the mountain/stone hexes in my game came damaged when I opened the box. I submitted a request about a week ago through the link for customer service you included in the update but have not received any response yet.

    20. Peter Vaughan Collaborator
      about 20 hours ago

      @Tore - I can see the labels have started in Canada, still waiting to get confirmation of tracking. Will keep you posted as soon as I have info.

      @Dan - The Kaha power, Wayfarer's is in addition to your move. You have to take the move action to activate it, but then before or after your move, you can use this power.

    21. Tore Hatlen about 20 hours ago

      Hoping for an update on Canadian shipping. The game seems to be arriving everywhere else in the world but Canada. What's happening? Please let us Canadian Tribes fans know!

    22. Dan Parr
      about 20 hours ago

      Smells aside, i have a rules question :) Does the Wayfarers ability count as a move? ie, can meeples moved to a different outer hex with the ability then be moved with the Move action?

    23. CK Lai about 21 hours ago

      Got mine in Malaysia today. Wheeee...!!!

      A word to Breaking Games though : if possible please avoid using blackbox to ship your games. Mine came with totally inadequate packing inside and the game was rattling around inside the packing box, resulting in one corner of your beautifully designed game box being slightly crushed :-(

    24. Marcello
      about 21 hours ago

      @Carl F yes, it’s the foam insert from the deluxe upgrade box. I will check the meeples from the core box when I get back home, since yesterday I didn’t notice anything when I opened the box, but maybe because I didn’t unpack the meeples.

    25. Missing avatar

      Carl F
      about 22 hours ago

      @Marcello. I assume the foam insert you refer to is for the deluxe version with the extra wooden components. I can tell you that its not the foam that is responsible for the foul smell as I have the standard version - and my components smell.

    26. Marcello
      1 day ago

      @Breaking Games thanks for your response.
      As I stated before, in the end I don't mind the smell, as long as it's not a potential hazard for my health (and people I play with of course).
      @Mr_Blue you're lucky! ;-P

    27. Mr_Blue 1 day ago

      Received copy in Belgium! Looks awesome! Great artwork! No smell issues! ;-)!

    28. Breaking Games 2-time creator
      1 day ago

      @Marcello see my response to @Tobias - the games manufactured by my company Ad Magic are all fully tested and we would NEVER distribute a game that is anything less than World Class and Safe to Use to our valued and awesome backers. We love you - we have created something to be proud of here. Thank you for your support.

    29. Breaking Games 2-time creator
      1 day ago

      @tobias - Our games are FULLY TESTED AND SAFE TO USE - as are all of Ad Magic’s games! I have been in manufacturing for over 20 years and my company Ad Magic is highly reputable. To suggest otherwise is disturbing and completely untrue. Certain manufacturing methods have smells that need to dissipate - but to suggest that we have distributed anything less than a world class game and a SAFE PRODUCT to our backers is proliferating a falsehood. @tobias please contact customer service and we can refund your money and work out a return.

    30. Charly187 1 day ago

      Right now I just received my copy in Seville (Spain)... ouh yeah! 😎

    31. Missing avatar

      Astadia 1 day ago

      Hi ! Little issue with the delivery. Could you please send me the tracking number of my order ? Thanks

    32. Tobias 1 day ago

      @Martin: The smell of lasercut will fade away with time the smell of PAH smells almost the same but is much more toxic, and it will last much longer.

    33. Tobias 1 day ago

      My meeples do smell also.

    34. Tobias 1 day ago

      @Marcelle: the meepels die smell also. For me it seems the wood or the paint is the source of the smell. My meepels still smell strong after 3 days. Tomorrow I will do another smell test, because today is my daughters Birthday. I will keep you informed, Peter says something that he will listen to my smell problem, but I don't know if I will get a compensation or not. Good to hear someone else have the same concerns about the toxic smell.

    35. Marcello
      1 day ago

      As long as it's not proven that is not toxic, I can take the smell, but I don't think this is the case.
      I don't wanna sound paranoid, but when it comes to these thing I rather be safe than sorry.

    36. Missing avatar

      Martin Rathke 1 day ago

      @Marcello: The smell reminds me on some Lasercut Models I have. Its like burned Wood. So I guess it comes from the Meeples. Normally the Smell will become better after time. I personally like this smell.

      @Breaking Games: Thanks for the cool Game. I cant wait to test it with my Frineds at the Weekend.


    37. Missing avatar

      Christopher Krauss 1 day ago

      @Marcello: I threw the foam insert away because of that and I don't need it. I don't think it will get better. It has too much surface that binds smelling particles. You could try to wash it but it doesn't make sense to me.

    38. Marcello
      1 day ago

      The smell improved just slightly by having the box open on the balcony all night. I'm not happy about this. Has anybody established if it's the foam insert or the meeples btw? Or both?

    39. Missing avatar

      Maxime Maurer 1 day ago

      i’m on holiday, my neigbour get the package. I can’t wait to come back home!!!

    40. Missing avatar

      1 day ago

      @Chris I noticed quite a few chipped edges, but relatively small (maybe 1mm), so that didn't bother me too much. The "wobble head" dice might have more impact (since TMB I learned to check if all dice have the correct faces and lie reasonably flat on all sides)

    41. Chris Henthorn 1 day ago

      I think the card quality is not good for shuffling, they bend really easy and feel like cheap thicker stock paper. It should have been linen finish as suggested through the unlocked goal. The size of the cards means that there are no matchable card sleeves. I had to purchase some mini and am going to have to manually cut the top part down to better fit the cards. The cards on their own are not good for shuffling at all though. Very cheap when compared to any other game card components. Having said that, the game is beautiful and plays very well. I absolutely love the game. I was bummed on the card quality, and left a little bitter when I realized we were supposed to have a linen finish. And the 4 chipped dice do not look appealing at all and not sure if they have an impact on the dice rolling odds or not, but they are less balanced now.

    42. Chris Henthorn 1 day ago

      did anyone have chipped dice when they received theirs? 4 of my dice were chipped and I reached out to breaking games to see about getting replacement dice but have not heard back. Do they have a customer support staff to assist? The game is absolutely amazing and beautiful, but the 4 chipped dice are buggin'

    43. Yra
      1 day ago

      As much as I understand that exposure to this substance may increase the risk of cancer, the comparison in Wikipedia is done with chimney sweepers that were breathing this for 8 hours per day, every day, per 20 years.
      The game is amazing but I will definitely play it for less time than that xD

    44. Marcello
      1 day ago

      I left the opened box on the balcony for the night and I’m going to bed. Hope the smell goes away and that no bird will eat a fish meeple. Will update tomorrow about the situation.

    45. Marcello
      1 day ago

      Ugh, as soon as I opened my deluxe box upgrade the smell kinda punched me in the face :/
      It's really awful. Not sure if it's the foam insert or the meeples.
      Hope I didn't inhale much of it and that the situation will improve with airing.

    46. Omid TF
      2 days ago

      Received in Sweden!

    47. Ryan Kinnaman 2 days ago

      When will the winners of the Unboxing video be announced?

    48. Peter Vaughan Collaborator
      2 days ago

      re: Canada - Snakes & Lattes should be shipping this week, any day, will keep you posted!

      re: linen - we traded linen on the mini cards for making some other production upgrades - the tray details (main box), action board backing and spot UV coating on deluxe box were all plussed. Based on the pre-production cards, I thought the mini cards shuffled/printed well, quality great as is, and the other things desired for the final game. I should have updated everyone in Feb, and I apologize.

      re: smell. based on the wiki shared, it seems this is the same as when grilling meats. I am fairly confident that airing out any copy with heavy smell should be enough of a fix for most copies, and I trust our game manufacturing testing processes for safety. I will share with our team at large of course. Tobias, feel free to email me - peter AT breakinggames DOT com or use the cust. service form as we posted, so we can discuss with you further. We are extremely sorry you are not happy with your copy. I appreciate the apology for your earlier comments at me.

      re: unboxing videos - these are all awesome! We're done with round 1, and will announce a winner in the next update. In the meantime, if you're just getting your copy, your unboxing is also welcome! We'll begin round 2 - also for a sabertooth dice tray - with full details in the next update!

      re: rules translations PDFs - coming up. German and French are about ready to share, Spanish, Dutch, Italian and Mandarin in progress next, and all of them coming soon.

      Also, a note - I am out of town this week, but still of course looking at all Rise of Tribes posts, staying on every reported issue or delivery, working with Blackbox, Print & Play, Dogmight, shipping centers, etc. Please bear with us as we respond to everyone's needs in time.

      Thank you!

    49. Tom van der Spek
      2 days ago

      @ Tobias: That is really strange. My meeples don't smell at all. I agree that some look as if some tiny parts of wood are glued together. However, as long as they stay fitted together, I don't mind.

    50. Missing avatar

      woocheol Jeong 2 days ago

      Hey! where is linen?
      It's also important to tell the rules of the game, but it's also important to let them know why it's not linen finish!

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