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Join a battle across the centuries against the immortal evil of.. Dracula! 1st book in a new action packed sci-fi & horror series.
Join a battle across the centuries against the immortal evil of.. Dracula! 1st book in a new action packed sci-fi & horror series.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Matt Bleasdale 4 days ago

      He’s not signed in since March ‘15...

    2. Richard Durham on

      Last update I had was Nick basically saying that not all Kickstarter projects succeed and that he himself had backed projects that simply didn't pan out.
      Utter BS if you ask me.
      Getting on for 5 years later and still no book.
      Total rip off.

    3. Rebecca Grayden on

      05th March 2018. Still nothing. Any update?

    4. Richard Durham on

      2 years on and still nothing. �

    5. Missing avatar

      Matt Bleasdale on

      I have reported this project to kickstarter but looks like we were sold a dud.. No update for over a year.

    6. Missing avatar

      Matt Bleasdale on

      Any news........ yet?

    7. Nick Moore Creator on

      That should have read two 'updates' inbound today, they really need an edit feature on here :-)

    8. Nick Moore Creator on

      Two comments inbound today :-)

    9. Missing avatar

      Lobes on

      Nick, may we please have an update on the status of this project?

    10. Gwen Frazer-Dennison on

      What has happened with the book?

    11. Nick Moore Creator on

      Hello all apologies for the lateness of this reply. I've had some tricky health issues which has kept me away from everything the last couple of months, I automated social media and got stuck into sorting myself out. I don't post personal stuff on social media, and the very few of you who know me in the real world, would only have seen me put weight on, and drop it pretty quick. I've got things under control, and will be throwing myself back into getting my dream project sorted asap. I was about to do a proper update tonight, but, seriously you couldn't make this stuff up, and I'm an aspiring writer, but my mother-in-law's husband just beat her to a pulp and everything is chaos. I'm waiting to hear from my wife at the hospital, but with KS open and ready I figured I'd at least give this brief update.

      The project is still very much alive, life, just keeps getting in the way of fantasy time, and I can only apologise. Proper update asap, Nick

    12. Amy Stetzl on

      Just reaching out again, I have yet to hear or receive anything. Any updates on the shipping?

    13. Oli Wright on

      Is the project still alive?

    14. Amy Stetzl on

      Hey! I still haven't seen anything in my mailbox for this. Just thought I would drop a line

    15. Brian Leahy

      Any progress on the book?

    16. Missing avatar

      Colin Wernham on

      Just got my reward (T-shirt and artwork), looks great, thanks Nick!

    17. Richard Durham on


      Did the rewards get shipped the first week of May? Just asking as I have not received anything to date.

    18. Nick Moore Creator on

      Glad to say all rewards will be on their way 1st week of May, and as we got so far behind there will be an extra reward packaged with the originals. The fates have been against us getting everything sorted but we're finally winning :-)

    19. Gwen Frazer-Dennison on

      Hi there just wondering if you have any more updates on the rewards such as the tshirts

    20. Nick Moore Creator on

      Hi Christian, sorry for the late reply been up to my neck getting things organised. I'm currently building a brand new website for Flint that will have a blog feature with updates on how things are progressing, as well as some here too. I'll have a better review of the writing process when I'm out the other side of it for this book, but do feel free to contact me with any queries you may have, either by KS message , or email at If you've got ideas and character get writing, it's great fun! :-)

    21. Christian Brandt Kaarup on

      Hey, I was wondering - and this is just a suggestion, and I am 100% understanding if it's not possible - but maybe you could make an update of some sort (either here, or on Heracles Flint's homepage) with updates just on the writing process. It'd be interesting to read, it'd feel like we're still involved in the project, and it could prove helpful to others who have a dream of similar size and scope of making their own graphic novel. Again, it's merely a suggestion, but I personally would be very interested in it, if at all possible. But, maybe it's because I do a bit of writing in my free time, and I have literally dozens, if not hundreds, of characters just stashed away in the back of my head, or in various text documents or writings I've made over the years. Plus, it'd be something to do while waiting for the novel to be finished :)

    22. Nick Moore Creator on

      Thanks Gwen :-)

    23. Gwen Frazer-Dennison on

      Congrats can't wait for the tshirt & obviously the book

    24. Nick Moore Creator on

      Thanks Payton and Jeremy, that was close, but FUNDED!!! Thanks so much for your support :-)

    25. cobie on

      cripes! £86 to go! dig deep, everybody! make this happen!

    26. Nick Moore Creator on

      Fingers crossed Brian, almost there :-)

    27. Brian Leahy

      Cant help but think we might have been comfortably over the line already if this was in 'comics' and not 'fiction'. Here's hoping we get the small push needed to get over the line anyway

    28. Nick Moore Creator on

      Thanks so much for joining the party Billie, really appreciate it :-)

    29. Billie on

      This looks amazing! Best if luck :-)

    30. Nick Moore Creator on

      Many thanks Christian, your support and faith mean a lot, fingers crossed we make it :-)

    31. Christian Brandt Kaarup on

      I'm just going to say this now, while we're in the last 3 day stretch: If this project does not make it (though, of course, I hope it does) feel free to send me a message the next time you try to do something similar, and I will absolutely make a pledge again. Also, for what it's worth, I've shared the link for this project on my wall on Facebook. I don't know if anyone there ends up making a pledge, but I've done what I can to promote this. Here's to the last 3 days. Hope they bring joy :)

    32. Keith on

      Sorry if I am missing something obvious but how would I add either the electronic or physical posters to my printed book option?

    33. Nick Moore Creator on

      Thanks for the kind words and support Christian, very much appreciated, fingers crossed we make it to 100%, share Flint's adventure everywhere :-)

    34. Christian Brandt Kaarup on

      Here's hoping the book gets backed, the artwork shown, and the idea behind it, is absolutely brilliant. Good luck! Awesome projects deserve backing :)

    35. Nick Moore Creator on

      Thanks for all your support Chris, you've been amazing! :-)

    36. Chris Cotter on

      Here's my fingers crossed, too! From an article supporter and Bleeding Cool reader.

    37. Nick Moore Creator on

      Many thanks Stefano :-)

    38. Stefano Liggeri on

      This book looks really interesting. Good luck from a bleeding cool reader.

    39. Brian Leahy

      Awesome, cheers Nick. Best of luck with the campaign: off to a solid start

    40. Nick Moore Creator on

      We'll consider Ireland within the UK for shipping purposes Brian, Flint's an Irish hero after all :-)

    41. Brian Leahy

      Is Ireland covered by the built in shipping or so we need to add the fiver for being outside the UK? I knew that would cost us in the long run.....