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Sequel to the classic DOS 2D platform game Jetpack! ..... Inspired by Lode Runner, Boulder Dash, Pitfall, & Jumpman.


This project has RE-LAUNCHED here: Official Jetpack 2 Kickstarter Project
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About this Project

Jetpack was a small-scale 2D platform game created back in 1993, inspired by games like Lode Runner, Jumpman, and Boulder Dash. 

Jetpack 2 will be the most advanced small-scale platform game ever made - with a realistic physics engine, incredibly fun level editor, 5 highly detailed tilesets with over 1000 tiles, dynamic sound and full musical soundtrack.

I'm Adam Pedersen, founder of Adept Software, and for almost 20 years, I've wanted to make a sequel to my game Jetpack. I've talked with several publishers, but none of them thought there was a market for Jetpack 2.  I'm hoping you'll prove them wrong.

The Story So Far...

In 2008, was launched along with a blog to show a peek inside the development process. Screenshots and tech demos were posted as the project progressed and evolved. There were some pretty fun demos, like this small experiment with particle effects for the Jetpack, this early test of physics engine integration and the first controllable demo, where you can take control of the enemies.

Current Project Status

Everyone's favorite feature, the level editor, is now in beta testing.  It's still easy enough for a child to use (see the video), and even more addictive than the original!

Items remaining on the to do list:

  • A total revamp of several sections of graphics
  • 50+ levels need to be professionally polished
  • Game map and storyline 
  • User interface and achievements 
  • A lot of gameplay polish
What's done:
  • The game engine is 90% complete, including Box2D-based realistic physics
  • Dynamic environmental sound, and complete musical score
  • The level editor is 90% complete, and integrated to the online level repository at (go check it out!)

When I started this project, I knew it would take years - I had a full time job and a 2-year-old, so I was only able to work on the project in my spare time.  That's why I was really excited to discover Kickstarter. If this project gets funded, Jetpack 2 will be finished before Christmas! 

Why Kickstarter?

Jetpack 2 is on Kickstarter because I don't want to have to put the project on hold again!  Since I'm a single dad, I can't afford to work full time on a project with no income.  If this project gets funded, I'll be able to keep working 40-60 hours a week on the project.  When you become a Jetpack 2 backer, you become a part of Jetpack, and get some great rewards too.  I'll use the money to support my family, and pay an artist and level enhancers to give the game more polish.  (Check out these sweet new doors, for the Nature & Devilish tilesets): 

If we exceed our goal, I'll be able to put more money into the graphic overhaul and overall polish of the game. I'd also like to able able to hire another developer to add some of the features I've currently eliminated as too time-consuming. If we go way above our goal, the money will be put toward developing future projects. I'll let the backers help decide which games I should work on next!

With a traditional publishing deal, developers are lucky to see 5% of net. With crowd funding on Kickstarter, developers can use 90% of what you pay. So I'm really excited about being on Kickstarter!


Here are a few notes on the great rewards available. If you have additional questions, please ask!

* A game license is available for $15 (you can add $15 each for additional licenses, to any pledge level).

* I'd like to invite everyone to join the beta testing - we're having a lot of fun playing the early versions, and the 20 existing beta testers have already created over 250 new levels! Your beta access will begin shortly after funding is completed (around August 1st).

* The Easter Egg reward is Very Cool!

* If you pledge at the Collector level or above, you may add additional boxes (great gifts) for $50 each. (Sorry, you can't add boxes at this price if you pledge below this level)

* About the "Jetpack Keepsakes" described in the Collector level: This will depend on the amount of funding we receive. The base level will include something like a stylish Jetpack t-shirt and Jetpack keychain. If we exceed our goal by $20k, I'm going to add something really sweet, like a mini-statue of a jetpack, or a laser crystal with a jetpack inside, and the text "Jetpack 2, Kickstarter Backer, 2012". The exact rewards are undecided yet, but rest assured they will be cool.


I hope you're as excited about Jetpack 2 as I am!  If you want to see the work-in-progress, head over to JetpackHQ. The latest release is posted, and you can use the level editor and play a few demo levels.

Thanks for reading this, and thanks for helping to make Jetpack 2 a reality. You are awesome!
Adam Pedersen


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  • Pledge $15 or more
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    A Jetpack 2 game license, DRM free on PC, Mac, & Linux, for immediate download when the game is released, a special "Kickstarter Backer" badge on your JetpackHQ account, and a sweet exclusive Jetpack 2 Kickstarter Backer wallpaper.

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    Play Jetpack 2 as it is being developed, with full BETA ACCESS and an official "Beta Tester" badge on As a beta tester, you can give feedback and influence design decisions, and you have access to the beta level sharing system (currently over 300 levels). Includes previous reward.

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  • Pledge $50 or more
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    Become a part of the game, with your own personalized "EASTER EGG" hidden in one of the levels! When you phase through a certain brick, your message will appear, highlighted in the status panel. After this project is funded, we'll ask for your message, like your name, a message to your child, or a note for family or friends (2 lines of about 50 chars each), then we will notify you where you can find your brick when the game is released. Includes all previous reward tiers.

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    ULTIMATE DIGITAL SUPPORTER - All previous reward tiers, plus your name in the game's credits, under "Special Thanks To:", and a digital download of the game soundtrack (hear it in the video!)

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    COLLECTOR: A special edition boxed copy of the game, an autographed mini-poster, and the Jetpack keepsakes described in the project description. One downloadable game license is also included, in case you want to keep your box unopened. Includes a special "Kickstarter Backer" badge on your JetpackHQ account. There are no plans to release a physical retail version at this time, so this may be your only opportunity to get a game box. You may add additional boxes (great gifts) for $50 each. ______________________________ Shipping: USA shipping is included - please add $15 for international shipping, or $10 for shipping to Canada.

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    ULTIMATE JETPACK FAN: The rewards from COLLECTOR, plus the ULTIMATE DIGITAL SUPPORTER rewards. (Don't forget to add international shipping!)

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    The rewards from ULTIMATE JETPACK FAN, plus your name will be printed on the special edition game box, under "Special Thanks To:". To top it off, one of your levels will be used in the final game!

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    SPONSOR: The rewards from ULTIMATE JETPACK FAN, plus your name in the opening credits, under "Special Thanks To:".

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    CORPORATE SPONSOR: The rewards from ULTIMATE JETPACK FAN, plus your clickable company name or logo in the opening credits, under "Special Thanks To:".

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    The nemesis in Jetpack 2 is an evil scientist. That evil scientist will be you. I'll distort your voice, and my artist wil make a cartoon animation of your face, along with evil scientist hair. If you choose to come to Orlando for recording, I'll take you out to lunch where we can talk about the project. I'll also give you one of my two remaining autographed copies of the original hint book.

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