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The Parallella project will make parallel computing accessible to everyone.
The Parallella project will make parallel computing accessible to everyone.
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4,965 backers pledged $898,921 to help bring this project to life.

Parallella: 100,000+ cores shipped!

Posted by Adapteva (Creator)
The  Adapteva team (Fred, Diana, Andreas, Graham, Shiri)
The Adapteva team (Fred, Diana, Andreas, Graham, Shiri)

Dear Friends and Backers,

Last week we reached a MAJOR milestone. We finished shipping the bulk (97%) of the Kickstarter rewards!!

The 64-core boards are in the final stage of assembly and should ship late this week or early next week.

At this point if you signed up for a 16-core board and haven't received a shipping notification yet, then something probably needs to get fixed and you should contact

We do hope you are enjoying your Parallella boards. We loved seeing all the nice messages on Twitter (@adapteva and @parallellaboard) over the last few weeks and really look forward to hearing more about your projects. Once you start using the board, we hope you join the Parallella community forum to let others benefit from your experiences.

Best wishes,

The Adapteva Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      mingrong chang on

      I never received my rewards. I don't know what's the problem

    2. hiruki on

      I never received anything! Where is my pledge?

    3. Missing avatar

      Liad Weinberger on

      Hello all,

      Perhaps a public clarification is in order:

      I still believe with all my heart that Adapteva has a winning technology with the Epiphany processors. It is a really remarkable design, and they deserve all the applause for it!

      The purpose of my previous comment was to hopefully get replies to the questions I asked. I am truly sorry if it offended anyone in any way, as that wasn't the goal.

    4. Missing avatar

      Liad Weinberger on

      Hello all,

      I have been believing in the Epiphany technology long before this Kickstarter project. Almost 4 years ago I presented Adapteva's solution to my team leader at my previous work-place, saying we should follow this and perhaps get funds to test it. Since then, as an independent consultant I have proposed this solution to several different clients for inspection and testing, but was never able to convince them. Then came the Parallella project and I was thrilled I will finally have a way to demonstrate why this technology is what I believe it is. I backed the project myself, raised awareness of it in Facebook and Twitter, and did all I could on my part to help this project get funded. I was so excited when I saw it cross the goal-line.

      On May 9th Andreas sent an e-mail to all 64-core backers. The e-mail presented backers with a poor situation, and a decision to make. Apparently Adapteva doesn't have enough 64-core devices to fulfill the pledges, and the very few devices they do have are flawed due to SRAM coherency issues (with one or more cores disabled). They cannot produce any more chips at the moment due to tremendous costs.

      Backers were presented with 3 options:
      1. Get a full refund for the 64-core pledge.
      2. Get 8 boards with the 16-core chip on them.
      3. Insist on getting a 64-core board, with one or more cores disabled.
      The e-mail also stated that if everyone will choose option 3, Adapteva will be forced to randomly select people to refund.

      I have posed Andreas with the following questions regarding the 64-core chips:
      * What is the effect of the defective SRAM?
      * Do relevant cores get completely shut down?
      * How does it affect data transfer on chip? Did you ran computational coherency and sanity tests on the chips?

      Unfortunately I have received no reply. I have then asked if Adapteva is planning on eventually producing more 64-core chips, and if so, will 64-core backers who now choose to take option 2 will be given the opportunity to purchase 64-core Parallella boards at a discount when such boards become available. Unfortunately I have received no reply to this question as well.

      This lack of communication on Andreas's part is more of a disappointment to me than the status of the 64-core chips. We all backed this project because we believe in the technology and want to see it flourish, and I find it odd that Adapteva will choose to ignore its backers.

      Since I got no reply to my questions, I had to choose option 3, by sending a reply e-mail to the e-mail Andreas sent all 64-core backers. This was 2 weeks ago. I have yet to receive any confirmation that my selection was noted, nor if it will be fulfilled or not. This behavior doesn't stand in line with Adapteva's commitment on the project's main page:

      "The one thing we can guarantee is that we will put our heart and soul into this project (like we did for 4 years when we built the Epiphany processor chips) and that we will be honest and transparent about our progress throughout the Parallella project."

      It doesn't seem very honest and transparent to this disappointed backer.

    5. Andreas Scherren on

      Important! I got a message from customs office that i got a package from:
      Corporate Fulfillment Systems
      without content description. Could this be the Parallela board?

    6. Missing avatar

      Holger Trahe on

      i picked up my parallela pair today from the german customs, print out of the email containing the payment information and inside the parcel Pick Pack Slip of the order, was enough for the customs to charge me 30,08€ (19%VAT)

    7. Missing avatar

      Torfinn Ingolfsen on

      Thursday, May 8th 2014: I received my 16-core board today! Thanks!

    8. George B - Knowledgepower on

      Congrats guys, this was a great Kickstarter (and post Kickstarter) achievement!

    9. Mark on

      Hi Andreas and the Parallella Team, Thank you so much for all your efforts in bringing this amazing development to us and the world. I am proud to be a part of it and wish you and Parallella great success over the coming months and years. I received my two Parallellas yesterday and am now trying to put together all the accessories I need to make this run.

      I am amazed at the incredible job you have done of a laser cut and engraved clip-together case. It is a bit of a Chinese puzzle to put together and instructions might be helpful to some.

      Will a micro USB male to USB A female OTG cable be OK for connecting Parallella to my powered hub which has a male USB A connector?

      Thanks again.

    10. Chainmail on

      Got a Tracking code. Tracked it on USPS mobile app. Got it today. Got my accessories kit. Attached the heatsink. Connected to my TV, and logged in.
      I look forward to spending a lot of time on the parallella forums.
      Thank you, thank you, thank you.
      This is just the first step. Good luck.

    11. Missing avatar

      Hasse Schougaard on

      Any news in regards to the book?

    12. Missing avatar

      Nathan Malinoski on

      Can you guys produce a VESA mount addon for those with the Acrylic cases? All we need is a new top, larger top plate with 100mm x 100mm-spaced mounting holes, a set of rubber nubs, and a set of appropriately-sized screws.

      By replacing the top plate, a user would still have his/her choice of the Parallella logo plate on the outside, and the end-pieces, which fit neatly around the ports, would not have to be replaced. The only downside I can see is that the green LED would then be facing the monitor (I don't see this as a big deal, though).

    13. Adapteva Creator on

      @james, @luka, @hugo Thanks! Great to hear that you received your boards!

      @esteban Thanks!
      It would probably be better to do this at
      -If you are downloading the ISO then it will take up the whole 8GB card, if you create your own partitions, you can do with less.
      -You should use a high quality 5V 2A DC supply (USB not recommended)
      -The note about conforming USB hubs no longer relavent with the latest boards, limitation was only on first 1,500 boards shipped.

    14. Missing avatar

      Kris Van Lier on

      Congratulations with this 100K core milestone !

    15. Esteban Corrales on

      I'm very happy. I received yesterday my 2 16-core boards. However I haven't plug them. I'm cautious that I need a "conforming USB power cable"??? also do I need a 16Gb SD card or a smaller one will work too? Please provide me some advice.

      I'm very grateful and proud that this project became a reality.
      Thanks Adapteva team

    16. Missing avatar

      Hugo Levasseur on

      I received my mini-cloud :)

      Thanks a million and congrats to the whole team.

      Great job!

    17. Luka Dornhecker on

      I received my 16-core board this very day. :D
      Looking forward to make something cool with it.

    18. James Yong on

      Received. Thanks! Can't wait for the 64-core version too.