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The Parallella project will make parallel computing accessible to everyone.
The Parallella project will make parallel computing accessible to everyone.
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The 64-core Parallella is alive!

Posted by Adapteva (Creator)

Dear backers,

I am extremely happy to announce that the 64-core Parallella board is alive and well!! The 64-core and 16-core Parallella computers share the same PCB design and on paper "it should have been" a very simple bringup process. The picture you see above is a 64-core Parallella board with a socket soldered onto the board to allow for in-place testing of the 64-core Epiphany-IV chips. We powered up the board last Thursday and by Friday evening we had a program running through to completion on the Epiphany, blinking an LED for good measure. Getting the elink read path flushed out took a little longer, but by Wednesday this week we had the whole board up and running perfectly. Having debugged 4 different Epiphany chips and 6 different Epiphany based boards to date, there is definitely a familiar pattern emerging:-)

  • Chip/board arrives
  • Nothings works-->panic
  • First "doh" moment-->signs of life, relief
  • Everything seems to work-->euphoria 
  • A weird behavior manifests itself-->depression
  • Subtle "doh" moment and fix-->calm

We will start building and shipping the 64-core boards next week!

Despite all the delays and challenges along the way, the 64-core Parallella is still setting the standard in terms of energy efficiency. In fact, it could be argued that it's the most efficient computer in the world today! Amazing to think that none of this would have happened if YOU hadn't taken a chance on us back in 2012!

At one point during the Kickstarter campaign, life was a it feels more like a dream. 

On the 16-core production front, we have now shipped up to backer #2,999 and all the remaining boards have made it through assemly. We expect to get ALL of the Kickstarter boards to our shipping partner by the end of next week.

If you received your board already, PLEASE do power up your board and tell us about your experience. The Parallella project long term survival hinges on the strength of the community and we need a steady stream of feedback to make the platform better.



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    1. James Yong on

      I agree there aren't many newbie friendly guides, still reading up on the posts.
      What would be useful is a list of recommended parts like safe/compatible 5v adapters on Amazon.

    2. John H Hedley on

      Still wondering when, if, we can expect the "An Introduction to Parallel Programming", as I've stated before this perk was a key selling point. Digging around for answers in a forum isn't my idea of learning- give a man a forum and he becomes dependent on others for discovery, give a man a manual and he breaks new ground himself.

    3. James Yong on

      Received today! Getting necessary cables from Amazon. I suppose a beefy 5A 5V adapter from Belkin should be good.

      p.s. didnt know a case was available :<

    4. Missing avatar

      Julien on

      nice to see that you managed to get the 64 cores version running, it has been indeed a long way since the kickstarter campaign ^^

      @James Yong: your backer id is in the email you received from the kickstarter campaign from adapteva, I don't remember which one.

    5. Missing avatar

      Matei-Eugen Vasile

      I hope that the 64-core chips won't get stuck in prototype state forever. Right now my 16-core board is on its way, but I'm almost certain that I would love to get my hand on a 64-core one at some point in the future.

    6. James Yong on

      I'm not sure what is my backer #, but I've not gotten shipping information yet.

    7. Daniel Wingerd on

      Ok, ok... so adapteva didn't secretly have a batch of 64 core chips made. :)
      Those are still just the engineering samples of some 64 core ones chips. The people that put in the $750+ deserve them!
      I look forward to getting my two 16 core versions next week. ^_^

    8. Missing avatar

      Josh Frankamp on

      Hi! I moved! Is there any way to update my address?!


    9. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Got the case but has had as little attention from me as the board....

    10. Chris Naeger on

      Now with the recently announced new financing for adapteva will it be possible to mass produce 64-cores Epiphanys in the near future? I am waiting to see the pre-orders shop open for parallella 64 at a reasonable price!

    11. Missing avatar

      Tom Liston on

      Once the 64 core boards go beyond prototype and into production, would there be any thought for allowing Kickstarter backers a pre-pre-order?

    12. Adapteva Creator on

      We didn't meet our stretch goal so unfortunately the 64-core boards will only be sent to the folks who specifically requested the 64-core board at $750+ (~50 backers). We only have a small number of these prototype boards available.

    13. Dave Haynie on

      Yeah, same issue as Daniel... I backed at the 64 core level, and just received an email that I'm being shipped two 16 core units. I realize that pledge level says that we can be shipped two 16 core units if the stretch goal isn't met... but I had always assumed that meant that the 64 core unit might not be built if the stretch goal wasn't met.

    14. Ryan Moore on

      Please let us know when they're available beyond KS, I'm going to play with the 16 as soon as it shows up, but will want to get a 64 ASAP! =)

    15. Daniel Wingerd on

      wait... does this mean people that backed for 64 core boards will get one? i just got an email saying two 16 core boards were shipped. please say they can at least be exchanged. o_o;

    16. Missing avatar

      NotZippy on

      Great work, BTW have not heard/seen anything about the cases. Anyone get one ? Oh and Ill take a signed board too ;-)

    17. Magnus Svantesson on

      Plenty of cred to you & your people.

      Eagerly awaiting a upramp of production so that we may see a "n X 64" chips daughterboard for our Parallella's!

    18. Missing avatar

      NotZippy on

      Dang number 3019 and still waiting...

    19. Greg on

      Will 64 be available for purchase? I received my 16 a few days ago (but have hesitated to use it before I get a fan on it, especially in the face of overheating concerns cropping up).

    20. Jamie Oliver on

      Well done all! Looking forward to getting my 64 core soon.