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The Parallella project will make parallel computing accessible to everyone.
The Parallella project will make parallel computing accessible to everyone.
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4,965 backers pledged $898,921 to help bring this project to life.

The Final Push!

Posted by Adapteva (Creator)

Dear (and patient) friends and backers,

We can FINALLY tell you with 100% confidence that we are in the final stage of producing and shipping ALL of the Kickstarter (and pre-order) Parallella boards!!

We have successfully built and shipped 1,500 Parallella boards so far and 15,000 new fabs came in on schedule at the beginning of March.

Unfortunately at that point we were stuck for weeks waiting for the last key components to arrive. (there are ~90 different parts on the board). Due to our standing start in January (see Update#47), the logistics of bringing in all of the ICs for the Parallella board turned out be a nightmare. We worked diligently with our distributors to bring in the parts as quickly as possible, but the standard lead times for out of stock parts is 12 weeks. Unfortunately despite everyone's best effort...the production line came to a halt due to two single source ICs.

All of the parts are now finally available and the Parallella production line is in full swing!

Here is the build schedule for the next few weeks:

4/4: 1,400 completed

4/11: 2,800 completed (including all 64-core boards)

4/18: 4,300 completed

4/25: 4,800 completed (All of the Kickstarter orders completed!!!)

5/8: All of the Pre-orders completed

We hope you are still excited about the Parallella project despite all the delays and that you will have a lot of fun with your board once it arrives. I use the Parallella almost every day and love it! Hopefully you will too.:-)



(Reminder: For any and all support question/issue/address-change etc, please contact

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    1. Missing avatar

      Julien on

      got my boards two days ago, I just need to do some shopping before I can boot it xD
      (I have no MicroSD cards)

    2. Missing avatar

      Ian on

      Just got my boards today. Woohoo! Plan to get one up and running tonight when I get home, and get familiar with the development environment. Please keep the 64 core status updated on the Adapteva site. I am keen to get a 64 core when they become available later in the year. It's been a hard slog, but you made it. Congratulations and well done.

    3. lulin on

      I received the ship order just now! WOW! Cool!

    4. Missing avatar

      Cody Snyder on

      @Adapteva can you give us what backer number you are on or any status update on anything?

    5. gareth kennerley on

      Just wondering if you are using a company called corporate fulfillment systems as apparently i have a parcel form the states that needs tax paying but i dont recognise the company...

    6. fmotta on

      I just received an email from Adapteva telling me I have a package on its way.... Anticipation!

    7. Benoit Gilon on

      Having pledged for a 64core board, I am eargerly waiting for a tracking number as I understand that, by April 11, 2014 all 64core boards will be shipped or at least built. As we say in my mother language, "les plus beaux bébés sont nés dans la douleur" ;-). The parallela boards will indeed be very sweet/nice babies. Thank you for the update and of course for all the work put into this ground breaking project.

    8. Missing avatar

      M Golab on

      Have just received an email that I now have a tracking number. So excited that its about to become real!

    9. John H Hedley on

      And the documentation????.... haven't heard anything about them and it's getting irritating.... gonna be very disappointed if sifting thru forums is what gets delivered instead. The promise of one was a key to pledging.

    10. Kent Williams-King on

      Great news! I'll make some room in my schedule for May for experimentation, then.

      Glad to see that this has worked out in the end, hopefully your next endeavour won't be as painful!

    11. Adapteva Creator on

      @symonty Thank you!!

      @wild, @gillaspy: Great to hear that you have your board and that it's up and running! Hope you will have a chance so share some of your experiences on the forum.

      @davidharrris Thanks! We'll do our best not to fall over after this is done:-) Finishing our delivery commitment is really only the beginning..

    12. Erik Nordstrøm on

      Excellent news! Really looking forward to receiving my Parallella! :D

    13. Symonty on

      I backed this project because I wanted this type of project to happen, independent ground breaking hardware, that is aligned with a richer community not profit centers.
      I cant wait to see it happen and sincerely appreciate the effort to make sure you can deliver on your promise.

    14. Missing avatar

      Phil Gillaspy on

      It was longer than expected wait, but I do now have my board in hand. It is up and running. Someday I just may get my multi-dimensional arrays up and running on the parallela.

    15. Michael Wild

      Thanks! I really like the video and have my boards. Got one running and have one in reserve. Excellent!

    16. David Harris on

      Thanks for the update, the video was great. Do you guys get to fall over after the shipping is complete, or is it onto the next challenge?

    17. Frederick Blais on

      The intro is cool :) great work guys!

    18. Willy Rempel on

      Now this I like! Having videos like this is a great idea. Thanks

    19. Missing avatar

      Nathan Malinoski on

      I agree with Aaron Holmes.

    20. fmotta on

      Thanks for the update! I prefer frequent and short updates. At least this is short :)

    21. Missing avatar

      Aaron Holmes on

      Thanks for the update. Delays are understandable, and I feel better knowing what was happening rather than waiting in the dark.