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The Parallella project will make parallel computing accessible to everyone.
The Parallella project will make parallel computing accessible to everyone.
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4,965 backers pledged $898,921 to help bring this project to life.

Parallella production update

Posted by Adapteva (Creator)

Good news!

All 1,500 Parallella boards from this batch are through assembly at our contract manufacturer. 800 orders have passed tests and are now in the "shipping" pipeline stage with the remaining units still undergoing testing. Not surprisingly, testing has been the major bottle neck so far. Needless to say, we are now working on speeding up test times.

Many of you will be getting shipping notifications in the next couple of days!! 

As a reminder, we are still waiting for more bare PCBs to complete the build cycle of the remaining ~4,800 Parallella units.

I hope you have time to check out the ray tracing demo above from @shodruky, one of our most prolific supporters. We absolutely love that all of his work to date has been published under an open source BSD license! Check out some of the projects that he has created in the last 6 weeks (without ANY support from us!).

1.) An openGL command server that allows the Parallella to leverage a Raspberry Pi as an inexpensive "graphics accelerator".

2.) A scalable parallel Mandelbrot demo.

3.) An open source parallel ray tracer tutorial for the Parallella. I highly recommend looking through his source code. Lots of neat tricks in there.

4.) Debugged our Ubuntu desktop environment.

The hardware was always the easy part. The real fun starts at the application level:-)

I am confident that if  >10% of our Kickstarter backers turn out to be as prolific and collaborative as @shodruky, the Parallella project is going to be an enormous long term success!!

Best wishes,


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    1. Adrian Wong on

      Hi Adaptiva it's March 21st is there any cool updates on the rest of the build?

    2. Missing avatar

      Pierre G on

      Greetings. I am really glad that you were able to manufacture the boards and get moving given the difficulties you have reported. This is an awesome project. However, I still have not received any shipping notice... Could you please provide us with an update? Are there more delays? Thank you and best regards.

    3. Paulo Pereira on

      Just wondering on the order of shipment.
      I was asked at some point if I would like to have one of the 1st boards or prefer one at a later stage. Disregarding that I pledged 500$ I offered myself to pass and give opportunity for other developers to help on the project by receiving it later. But I wonder now how much later is later and when will I finally have my most expensive board (as I also pledged for a 2nd one at the 99$ rate). Regards and keep the good work. True supporter!

    4. Heri Sim

      Let's collaborate!

    5. Adapteva Creator on

      @rolf, We haven't forgotten:-) 64-core build up starting next week

      @tyler Approximately...we'll get back soon with info regarding backer number shipped to so far.

      @uis, @Michael: Thank you!!!

    6. Rolf-Dieter Klein on

      Dont forget my "ROLF" pledge, I spent a rather high sum on this project.

    7. Tyler Burton on

      Does this mean all backers up to #1500 will receive boards? Just looking for some clarification. Thanks...

    8. Louis Ruffino on

      Excellent, and a beautiful demonstration.
      I believe I am watching Computer Science history being made.
      Thanks for update.

    9. Michael Wild

      I have my shipping notice and watching it DHL.

      Thanks you for making this possible. I am so happy for you and it is my honor to be part of this.