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The Parallella project will make parallel computing accessible to everyone.
The Parallella project will make parallel computing accessible to everyone.
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Parallella Shipment Update

Posted by Adapteva (Creator)

Dear Friends and backers,

Now that everything is finally on the table, we can provide a more complete summary of where the Parallella board production pipeline stands.

But first, we want to share this awesome demo that community member @shodruky did! It's a great example of how an application can be broken down to run in parallel on the Epiphany with minimal effort. Check out his close to linear speed-up improvement going from 1 to 16 cores. Very impressive! His code example can be found HERE.

Parallella Shipments Status:

  • $10,000 and $2500 Backers received a final version Parallella board
  • Backers up to #90 have either received boards or have boards in transit
  • All $25 backers have been shipped T-Shirts

In order to build up all of the 6,300 Parallella boards we need to get every single part on the board in house. All in all, that's over 3M components. We were able to order some of the longer lead time parts back in early December and we wish we could have ordered the whole BOM at that time, but unfortunately our purchasing power was essentially dropped to zero for a few weeks until the new funding came in.

Unfortunately in today's environment, few distributors carry inventory in major quantities so it only takes one missing part to cause significant manufacturing delays. We are working with our distributor to get every single part for the 6,300 unit build in house asap and will let you know if any delivery issues come up. At this point the time critical item is the Parallella PCB and there is little we can do to speed up the delivery of these parts.

Parts Status:

  • 1,500 PCBs expected by January 28
  • 10,000 PCBs expected by February 15th
  • Zynq, DDR, PMIC, Clock Driver, Ethernet Phy, Epiphany all set with 7,000 units
  • Rest of BOM is in the process of being procured.

The next major milestone will be when we have all the material procured and ready for use in a massive Parallella board build.

Other Material Bought To Date:

  • 1300 Accessory kits
  • ~3000 Power Supplies
  • 1900 Cases
  • ~3000 SD cards
  • ~5000 different cables
  • 10,000 boxes, antistatic bags, and box labels
  • 10,000 heatsinks
  • 110 Ethernet switches
  • 550 T-Shirts

There is certainly still a lot of work to be done to make sure the massive 6,300 unit Parallella build happens quickly and ships without a hitch, but at least it's more or less under our control.

For those lucky few who already received one of the first 100 boards sent out, please post pictures/videos!



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    1. Tim Johnson on

      I'm #89, should I have gotten an e-mail with a tracking number or something by now?

    2. Missing avatar

      Chris on


      Did you get the 1,500 PCB's ?

    3. Sippakorn K on

      #708 not even close yet I'm exciting somehow.

    4. David Harris on

      Backer number -- only way I know is to use the iPad / iPhone KS App, and look at your pledges.

    5. Missing avatar

      PhilTomson on

      Did anyone figure out how to determine your backer number?

    6. David Harris on

      IF you look at your survey response, attached to your pledge to the right -->, it says "If you need to make a change, please send a message to Adapteva. " @…
      Hope that works.

    7. Samuel Barney on

      Will there be a way to confirm our shipment address before they ship? I've moved.

    8. Adapteva Creator on

      @Liad The 64-core rewards will be part of the 1,500 unit build (PCB fabs due back end of January), we will get an updated schedule on build once all the parts are in house (too much lead time uncertainty right now).

    9. fmotta on

      OK - so, I got some information that does not appear to include current estimated shipping dates (since the backer number is not provided by KS I cannot seem to get a SWAG even from the text above).

    10. Missing avatar

      Liad Weinberger on

      So realisticly speaking, when would the 750$ 64CORE-MAY pledge level be shipped? Will it still be in May only 2014 instead of 2013? TBH, I've had high hopes I can push this solution to several clients who might then commit to purchase many such cards (or Epiphany chips for an in-house developed card) but the wait is making this difficult (as other alternatives become available).

    11. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      So realistically what does this mean... 91+ around mid March at the earliest (assuming you can still get the rest of the parts)?

    12. Danny Hage on

      @DanDelapena They once sent a pre-shipping confirmation around August. The backer number is at the end of that email.

    13. Dan Delapena on

      anxiously awaiting a tshirt, the board, all of it for a $99 backer :):)

    14. Missing avatar

      Christian T. on

      How do I determine my backer number?

    15. Brooks Moses

      Nathan: I saw something about the case on the main website. Looks like and should give you all the info.

      They're a lot niftier-looking than I expected; I should have ordered one!

    16. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    17. Missing avatar

      Nathan Malinoski on

      You say you've already procured cases, but I don;t think you ever posted anything about them, and I've been waiting for ANY details on them since the Kickstarter was funded.