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The Parallella project will make parallel computing accessible to everyone.
The Parallella project will make parallel computing accessible to everyone.
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4,965 backers pledged $898,921 to help bring this project to life.

"The Announcement"

Posted by Adapteva (Creator)

Dear Friends and Backers,

It took much longer than expected, but we can finally disclose more details about "the announcement" that we mentioned back in mid November. The really great news is that Ericsson (the Swedish telecommunication giant) and Carmel Ventures (a large Israeli VC firm) have made a significant investment in Adapteva, ensuring that we can finally deliver all the Parallella boards. The funding came in on December 19th, 2013. You can read more details about the funding announcement HERE.

The hard truth is that we made some fatal mistakes at the outset of the Parallella Kickstarter campaign and we have spent a year living through a nightmare as a result. To put things in perspective, by the time we ship you the Parallella boards, the total money spent by Adapteva on the Parallella project will be 2X the money brought in through the Kickstarter campaign. The Parallella project funding goal of $750K was somewhat optimistic from the outset, but we were confident in our ability to bring in additional funding and revenue to make up the difference if needed. We were right about our ability to raise funds, but we completely underestimated the challenges we would face along the way. We started aggressively fund raising in January 2013 and although there were many points at which funding seemed imminent, the latest funding round only closed in December 2013.

Now that our financial challenges are behind us we will put all of our energy into shipping out the Parallellas as soon as we possibly can. We will post a second status update later today about material acquisition status, Parallella board builds and shipments.

We will never forget the incredible support and patience that you have showed us through this year and we will do everything we can to pay it forward!



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    1. ian deal on

      Many thanks, excellent information, Andrew.

      In the interim, DVT-B USB dongles incorporating Realtek RTL2832U chip can be used as the basis for a low-cost PC-based SDR (RTLSDR). DVT-B is a European digital TV broadcast standard, and the original purpose of these dongles is to turn a PC into a digital terrestrial TV and radio receiver. The dongles contain a programmable tuner followed by the RTL2832U chip that acts as an ADC and output to USB. The raw output (8-bit I/Q data) can be captured by software and subsequently processed by a PC. The frequency range can vary according to the tuner chip used. The units that include the Rafael Micro R820T tuner chip, have a frequency range of 24-1,766 MHz. :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Andrew Back on

      @Ian Deal You may be interested to learn that Sylvain (tnt) is planning to create a daughter card which integrates the Myriad-RF module (SDR) and, IIRC, a replacement iPhone screen (as can be sourced via eBay for a modest sum). I really cannot wait to see this! :o)

    3. Kertus R on

      I'm glad everything has worked out! You guys are awesome for always moving forward and making this happen!

    4. Anton on

      As long as this project stays on track I'm kinda happy. Of course I (im)patiently wait for my board to arrive but from the beginning this project is more about changing face of computing rather than delivering of boards.
      And a true story of nightmares you came through could be very educative. I might even pay for it :)))

      BTW, if it is possible I also would like to receive a signed board ;)

    5. Dacian Herbei on

      it seems incredible that in a short time I'll have my own board!
      when will the sales open again for clusters and normal boards?
      best wishes,

    6. Dacian Herbei on

      @adapteva signed board would be awesome!
      You should make a booklet with the updates from kickstarter side by side with pictures and story until it is still fresh in the memory and sell that signed by the whole team.
      I'm sure you would have tons of things to put in such a booklet and most of the people here would like to have something like that.
      I'm sorry I didn't suggested this at the beginning of the project...

    7. Federico Lucifredi on

      Woot. Great to see the universe move in the right direction! Well done guys! -F

    8. ian deal on

      Thank you. A job done properly, is the best job done.

      One possible use, is to add the HDMIPI project screen to create a powerful custom full open source linux based mobile tablet which may also includes SDR. One, that does not use either Google Android or Windows CE operating system software. The self created custom built tablet will be easily upgraded.

      The uses of your micro size computer, will be only limited by the imagination of the end user.

      As for other uses with robots with real time vision and control, perhaps some one can create an add on expansion board fully tailored to fit your computer as a separate 'Kickstarter" project?

      Will patiently await the delivery of the assembled units as ordered, in due course.

    9. Missing avatar

      Tina Wuest on

      @Adapteva Does Erlang take advantage of the epiphany? My two boards were intended to be used with a lot of Erlang. :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      "we made some fatal mistakes at the outset ... and we have spent a year living through a nightmare as a result."

      Probably sums up how every successful Kickstarter campaign feels. I haven't backed a project that delivered on time yet! Don't sweat it guys, just keep up the awesome work. It's great to hear you have secured funding! :)

    11. Missing avatar

      charles griffiths on

      @Adapteva @dacien I want a signed board (whether dacien does or not).

    12. Christopher D. Long on

      Thanks, appreciate the update. Looking forward to playing with the board!

    13. Espen Sae-Tang Ottersen

      Great news! I was getting a bit nervous by the (relative) lack of updates, but I was not aware of the legal implications with regards to the announcements. Heck, even if you failed delivering you would have delivered beyond what other (failed) projects have delivered. Congratulations with the investments; I belive it will open possibilities in the future as well. Oh, and looking forward to receive my parallellas and start playing with them!

    14. Adapteva Creator on

      @claudia Thanks! Actually, Erlang already runs on the Parallella thanks to Erlang Solutions. Lots of exciting stuff going on in this area.

    15. Claudia Doppioslash on

      That's quite great! :D
      I hope that since Ericsson is involved, we'll end up having Erlang working well on the Parallella soon.

    16. ed2k on

      you make me an insider now.

    17. Adapteva Creator on

      @Hewson Thank you for the wisdom and for making me smile:-) Really look forward to seeing your FFT implementation!

    18. Adapteva Creator on

      @Preece Thanks!! OpenCL performance will should be great if you write the code to take advantage of the Epiphany architecture. Unfortunately, some OpenCL code written for GPGPUs won't run great because the memory architectures are quite different.

    19. David Harris on

      Congrats. A signed 'something' would be great.

    20. Missing avatar

      Adam Duracz on

      That is fantastic news!

    21. Adapteva Creator on

      @clark $3.6M doesn't go a long way for a chip company unfortunately, especially since a big chunk of it will go towards fulfilling our Kickstarter commitments...still if we can get the Parallella board out into the field and the Kickstarter backers do something great with them, it was all worthwhile.

    22. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    23. janisozaur on

      Signed boards? I'd love one, but that makes me wonder - if that's with regular black marker on PCB, it would come off easily. Something more permanent yet not intrusive? Maybe not on the board itself? Would be lovely.
      And glad to hear you finally almost made it :)

    24. David Preece on

      Congratulations and well done. I, at least, always view kickstarters very much as a "might work, might not" kinda thing and consequently I'm delighted to see your progress in what is one of the very hardest corners of technology.

      I have a suspicion that the numbers off OpenCL will prove to be less than entirely exciting ... but that the parallella chips will prove to have excellent real-time characteristics (hence the interest from a telco giant). But hey, carry on, let's see how it goes :)

    25. Clark Hartsock on

      I really appreciate the update, a little more transparency would have been very appreciated, but I had realistically considered my pledge speculative and I am thrilled to have received my board yesterday!

      My question is now: What awesome ways to the big money have in mind to use the Epiphany, and might we get a chance to be early birds with those developments as well?

    26. Adapteva Creator on

      @al Thanks for the understanding, not sure we we ever disappeared for months but I know what you mean. Just want to add a that in the US you are actually not allowed to mention that you are in the middle of fund raising. I played through scenarios in my head a hundred times, but couldn't find a better course of action. With regards to "personel" issues, let's just say that bad things happen when companies are under financial pressure. My colleagues Roman and Yaniv have families to support..

    27. Missing avatar

      Al Hopper on

      On the one hand I have sympathy for you guys and the hell you went through to see this project through to completion.

      On the other hand you went "radio silent" for months and never divulged the true source of the delays. And, I believe that you also had personnel related issues which you still have not divulged to the loyal community of backers and true believers.

      Like others have stated, the long calendar delays have dulled the technical significance of this project. That's disappointing. I still won't (mentally) "see" this project as complete until I see the board I've been waiting on... and waiting on...

      Hey - Lessons Learned. I wish you all the very best of luck going forward and I hope you achieve economic success. You guys have gone through hell and back - and stayed the course.

      Congrats on the funding. Perhaps now you can concentrate on building the technology of building higher density and higher performance variations.

      Best Regards,

      Al Hopper

    28. Adapteva Creator on

      @Magnus @Michael @suckerman @eismcc Thank you for the kind comments and empathy!

    29. Adapteva Creator on

      @dacien Do you want a signed board?

    30. Adapteva Creator on

      @jk @branislav @Keeble Please contact and we will give you a complete refund 100% of your backing. Clearly we have not lived up to your expectations and we never will.

    31. Dacian Herbei on

      can we get like a signed something from the team with the boards?
      like this I can say I was part of this.

    32. Missing avatar

      Branislav Kobar on

      2 Paul Keeble: You said it in very civilized way. Thanks.

    33. Magnus Svantesson on

      Poor sods!
      Not only being on the technological bleeding edge, but economic woes on top!

      Thank you for staying on the job & hope you now rightfully can start relaxing while the technology you help created, can start transforming parallell programing!


    34. Missing avatar

      JK on

      There were several early comments that it wasn't enough money yet you replied to them all saying you had experience and it was the right amount. It is frustrating that you lied to get people's money without letting them know you would need to get more on your own for it to workout. As the other user stated this would have been a great project if delivered when promised but now it is, like all things in the mobile embedded space, old. Dishonesty is what bothers me the most. Plus this press release was out in the open over two weeks ago and you are just telling us now?

    35. Michael Wild

      Congrats and know that we have been pulling for you.

    36. Missing avatar

      zuckerman on

      I'm relieved to see that you guys keep moving forward. I appreciate your openness to the community. Yours is probably the most ambitious project I have backed so far, and I am glad to learn that you are still on your way to get boards shipped. To be honest, there was a moment that I started doubting, and thought "oh well, at least they released the specs etc." :-)

    37. Missing avatar

      Paul Keeble on

      If the project genuinely needed $1.5m and couldn't complete without it then the kickstarter should have:
      a) Stated that despite funding the project could collapse as half the money was coming from somewhere else
      b) Realistically the project should have had a funding target that represented all of the money.

      This project would have been amazing a year ago, things have changed and moved on with technology and it releases it a sea of alternatives that in many ways are better. The sad fact is the way you chose to go about funding this project eroded the value of your product along the way.

      You didn't come clean until recently about the project not being fully funded, infact most of the mails I have tell me your problem is one of manufacturer and faults not of money. You have repeatedly lied to your customers for the past year. That is a recipe for a lawsuit frankly, it was dumb and I for one do not appreciate it.

    38. Adapteva Creator on

      @joshua I promise to write up all the hairy details of the Parallella project eventually..but it might have to wait a while.

    39. kloplop321 on

      I have been behind many (failed) small hardware adventures. It always seems like the moment you don't have that extra funding to get things going, it just keeps getting more expensive and scarce.

      Then there's natural disasters like tsunamis that hit Chile's copper mines and other various things that affect the manufacturing ecosystem.

      What kinds of hits like that have you seen?

    40. Joshua Wise on

      Yes, Michelle seems like she has a good idea -- it would be interesting to read a real post-mortem when it's all said and done.

      That said, I support the idea of getting all the boards shipped first, and not wasting time on writing that sort of thing until other things are done :-)

    41. Adapteva Creator on

      @Michelle Fatal mistakes were: optimism & generosity

      @optimaler Thanks!

    42. Michelle Thompson on

      What were the fatal mistakes?

      In the spirit of being open-source, I think that fully describing the hidden, tricky, and lurking lists of "don't do these things" is extremely important.

    43. Missing avatar

      optimaler on

      Now THAT is some good news for all of us. Thanks for the update, Adapteva! (And Ericsson and Carmel Ventures for the extra funds).