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The Parallella project will make parallel computing accessible to everyone.
The Parallella project will make parallel computing accessible to everyone.
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First Parallella User Created Video

Posted by Adapteva (Creator)


We thought you might like to get external validation that the Parallella actually works so here you go..

One of the most active Parallella forum members "@shodruky" received a board a few days ago and check out what he did! Simply Amazing!

Combining the Parallella with a $25 Raspberry Pi makes so much sense. Each board performs the job it does best. Parallella crunches numbers and the Raspberry Pi handles the graphics. Heterogeneous computing at its finest!

@shodruky also played around with the board to try to reproduce what we did for the Kickstarter demo video last year. We still have some tuning left to optimize performance, but it's not a bard start. We have a computer!

In terms of production and, we are still busy beating on the board from all directions trying to find as many issues as possible as quickly as possible. Here is one issue we found this week:

On the power front, we can tell you that a 5 Watt credit card sized board will get hot! The thermal picture below shows that we are doing much better with the Gen 1.1 board than with the Gen 0 board from the summer, but power and cooling is clearly going to be an ongoing challenge for the life of the Parallella project. For now, we have decided to throw in a heat-sink for the Zynq device with every Parallella board.

Parallella with Zynq Heatsink
Parallella with Zynq Heatsink
Parallella with Zynq Heatsink and Light Airflow
Parallella with Zynq Heatsink and Light Airflow

On a separate note, the event for "the announcement" happened, but since most of the world is now on holiday, we'll wait until after new year to announce.:-) It's good news!

For the lucky few who received their boards or are about to receive their boards, for the benefit of rest of the Parallella kickstarter backers..PLEASE power up your board and start using it!! New product validation is a team effort, the more testers there are the better the product becomes. If there are any issues that we might have missed, we would rather know about it now than after shipping all 6,300 boards!

Wishing everyone joyful and restful holidays and a happy new year!


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    1. Mark on

      @ JK. Pretty much where I was going. Maybe now you've put it out there Adapteva would care to confirm (or deny) it ;) Seriously though, I think whatever is going on Adapteva currently have their hands full and will get back to us minions in due course. I'm sure they are not going to let us down. This whole thing is too big and important in the world of computing.

    2. David Harris on

      Maybe we are now just the poor neglected cousins?

    3. Missing avatar

      JK on

      Pretty sure the "BIG" announcement is that they got $3.6 mil is funding from VCs. I hope that will move things along. I was really hoping for something a bit more exciting. I figured I would let everyone know because apparently sharing information is not something Adapteva cares to do and love to push off.

    4. Mark on

      I think it might be time to start guessing what the announcement might be!

    5. Mark on

      New year is here, guys. Can we have the announcement, please?

    6. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      Brooks that doesn't tell us anything about the progress. We knew a month ago that the first 200 were going out. You're probably one of the 200 just getting a late notice - esp since you are very near the top at 41.

    7. Brooks Moses

      Woo! Just got a shipping notification for my board.

      (For those keeping track: I'm backer #41, so it seems that there were a few delays compared to the hoped-for schedule, but they're now making progress.)

    8. Heri Sim

      Outrageous. Workarounds are ok if they carry no risk of not doing them right. Fry the board? No way.

    9. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      Like David said, even something like x per week allows me to begin to make inferences that I'm looking for something around month y. Then I can make plans or adjustments for that period of time. Planning is esp important for people that travel. Right now we have nothing to go on other than you hit the first 200 mark. That just doesn't tell us a lot about what's happening now and what to expect.

    10. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      @adapteva I'm not sure how much more clear I could make the question. Where are we on the other 97% (6100 boards)? Surely by now you have some reasonably good estimates for rollout since you've started shipping. It would stand to reason that the bulk of the engineering on this iteration is done at this point and parts are rolling off, so it's unclear what are the outstanding variables preventing you from making the posts you've discussed before. Saying that we've sent group x something isn't quite the same as telling group y what to expect or what is their status. Congrats on what you've got done, but this isn't a resting point yet. There's still plenty to go, and I think there's at least some interest in the status of that journey. If I'm the only one don't worry about it, but I doubt that's the case.

    11. David Harris on

      I thought Jason was pretty clear: we would like the postponed 'announcement' now, rather than in January, and an estimate of ship dates, even if it just x units per week.

    12. Adapteva Creator on

      @Jason Could you clarify what kind of a status update you are looking for?

    13. Adapteva Creator on

      @Cody @Hector The Epiphany chip has been tested up to 1GHz in the lab. On the Parallella board the frequency is limited by the clock output from the Zynq. That being said, we are working on ramping it up and have run it up to 800MHz on the zedboard. Once platform is stable, we'll release a new SD boot image to update the frequency.

    14. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      I don't get the logic in intentionally postponing the announcement when it's almost a month late. That aside, what's the ramp up time looking like? Great for the people that got the 200 board, but that's a whopping 3%. Where are we on the other 97%. Since boards are being printed and rolling out, it's time for some real estimates and status.

    15. Missing avatar

      Kevin on

      sure would be nice to get the two boards I paid for and was promised back in August...

    16. Missing avatar

      Hector Silva

      What about Cody's question?

      Cody Snyder about 14 hours ago
      @Adapteva in your video it said 600mhz Epiphany core I thought the Epiphany core was 800mhz?

    17. Federico Lucifredi on

      Impressive advances in the thermal pictures... well done!

    18. Adapteva Creator on

      @j geagan - Send any address changes to

    19. Missing avatar

      j geagan on

      @Adapteva Since it has been so long since giving the our ship-to addresses, will backers have a chance to change it? For example, I am no longer living at the address you guys have on file. How do I update it?

    20. Jabari Dawkins on

      @Adapteva Thank you all for working so hard, this looks amazing, and I can't wait to start playing with mine! :D Happy Holidays!

    21. Missing avatar

      Cody Snyder on

      @Adapteva in your video it said 600mhz Epiphany core I thought the Epiphany core was 800mhz?

    22. Adapteva Creator on

      @Sylvain Yes..unfortunately we made a chip that seems to be IR-camera "stealth". Checking with a different IR sensor, it measured about 40-45 deg C as far as I remember. As a secondary observation, I touched the Epiphany chip for an extended time without sustaining second degree burns:-)

    23. Missing avatar

      Sylvain Munaut on

      What's the temp of the epiphany chip ? In the picture above, it's way too cool to be real so I assume the new package is just too reflective of long wave IR to image directly.

    24. Missing avatar

      Rolf Andersson on

      Merry Christmas to Adapteva and everyone.
      I agree with anydmaginnis below.

    25. Missing avatar

      Udi Finkelstein on

      Can we get an estimate on the rate at which you will ship board from now on?

    26. Missing avatar

      andymaginnis on

      Merry Christmas to you guys as well, I think what you have achieved is really awesome and even though I would love my parallella board, I personally am not bothered by the delay as long as everything works out for Adepteva.
      I think its been a great story,