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The Parallella project will make parallel computing accessible to everyone.
The Parallella project will make parallel computing accessible to everyone.
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4,965 backers pledged $898,921 to help bring this project to life.

First Shipment Status

Posted by Adapteva (Creator)

Since last Wednesday we have been busy ramping up our production test flow and validating all the features on the Gen1 Parallella board. We are very pleased to announce that we will be shipping 50 boards on Wednesday the 18th and another 100 (at least) by Monday 12/23.

Parallella boards heading into wave solder
Parallella boards heading into wave solder

Who will get a board?

The very first recipients will be the 15 Kickstarter backers who supported us at the EARLY-ACCESS ($2500) and 64-NOW ($10,000) levels. Going forward, the rest of the 16-core Parallella boards will be shipped in order of backer number . The total number of rewards we can ship in this batch is dependent on our production yield ramp, but we hope to get up to backer #130. 

Shipping Details:  

We have selected DHL Globalmail ( for shipping to all backers. Having reviewed many Kickstarter projects, we know that getting international delivery right is a huge challenge. We think we have found the most practical solution, but of course we are open to feedback. Please do note that in some countries there may be VAT, fees or import duties due on your purchase that you will need to pay upon receipt of the board. Once your order ships, you will receive an email with a tracking number. Please be sure to add to your contact list to avoid it getting stuck in your spam filter.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please send an email to us at


Graham and Diana

Parallella boards waiting for QA
Parallella boards waiting for QA
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    1. Missing avatar

      Richard Maquilan on

      when can I order additional Parallella boards?

    2. Chainmail on

      I backed "practical meter", "HotPi" "Solar Pocket Factory" and "OUYA". All shipped using UK/USPS to Canada Post. All the couriers (especially UPS and DHL) offer discounted volume rates to the shipper. Then recoup their profits by charging fees to the recipient

    3. Owen Hahn on

      My order number is in the 1600s. If I buy an accessory bundle can I have it shipped with the board?

    4. Adapteva Creator on

      @Chainmail, @all Do you have a pointer to a big Kickstarter hardware project that got it right?

    5. Adapteva Creator on

      @Nick Writing a book is a very big undertaking and because of the challenges with the board it had to wait. It was an either/or proposition and we felt the board was more urgent for the majority of kickstarter backers. At this point, we can't say when the book will be published, but it will be done! In the meantime, we have started the preparation work of creating code examples for the Parallella board. You can find about 40 code examples here:

    6. Adapteva Creator on

      @Canada We appreciate the input and will check with our fulfillment house to see what we can do..we'll make every effort to ship directly with USPS to Canada to avoid fees.

    7. Missing avatar

      Julien on

      There is a long way to go before my backer number but I am glad you solved your issues and started production :)

    8. Nick McCloud on

      In the meanwhile, for the fourth time of asking, where is the programming pdf??

    9. Nick McCloud on

      Having plenty of experience getting things from the US if you simply mark the package as a sample with a cost value (cost to you, not to us, the cost is the REPLACEMENT cost, not it's commercial value) under $15 then your EU customers will not be screwed for import, tax and admin fees.

    10. Kevin Carriere on

      Gotta throw in with the rest of the Canadian herd- USPS beats all comers. Hand over to Canada Post [Royal Postal Service... say what?] is pretty seamless. Plus, in the couple of years of bringing boards and components across I have never been hit with additional charges.

      A $10.00 surcharge on top of the $20.00 international surcharge is a third of what the board costs.

    11. Jon Lundy on

      The backer number was in the Pre-shipping confirmation email they sent out.

      I am backer number is 2631.

    12. David Harris on

      I agree with other comments about CANADA, USPS is best choice for us.

    13. ian deal on

      Excellent timely news. :)

    14. Chainmail on

      OUYA set up with DHL. We were given tracking numbers that showed no progress or showed the tracking code did not exist. If you looked at other KickStarters and decided the best solution is DHL you are liars. Either you did not do the research, or you chose DHL despite your research. Living in Canada, completely pumped about this project. Now feeling completely deflated. ACTIONS speak louder than WORDS

    15. fmotta on

      @Tom Clarke: Read further below where Jay gave you the info you need.

    16. Missing avatar

      Chris on


      Not quite correct, here in the UK in addition to any import duty or tax, they will charge £8 as an 'admin' fee.

      On most of the items I've bought recently, this was more than the duty/tax incurred.

      Good news that things are moving forward.

      Also, like others, wondering what the announcement was that was mentioned for earlier in the month ?

    17. Missing avatar

      Tom Clarke on

      How would I find out my backer number? I'll not be one of the first batch, but would be good to have a rough idea of when there's a chance the one I ordered is sent out. Also, still going to be emailing before shipment to confirm postal addresses?

    18. Missing avatar

      Udi Finkelstein on

      1. Once the current batch is shipped, what is the expected shipment rate for the next batch (units/week)?
      2. Is the promised "Dec 6 Announcement" was simply about finally shipping, or should we still expect this mystery "announcement" (I will keep my speculations to myself)?

    19. fmotta on

      BTW: Glad yo hear you are shipping!

      Sorry to seem a wet blanket about the actual fulfillment. No matter how wonderful the package contents are, if they don't arrive; don't arrive promptly; don't arrive without additional premium cost; don't arrive without having to carry it the last 10 miles ourselves; or don't arrive undamaged then the value seems moot.

    20. fmotta on

      The only value I have seen in DHLGlobal (for USA) is that they may actually carry the package to my door and ring before they stick the tag on the door (I have a few videos of UPS just bringing the sticker to the door and walking away - no ring, no package). Now if DHLGlobal can retry or hold the package somewhere near my home for a few days (after all many are traveling for the holidays so the delivery may not be responded for several days). I forget if DHLGlobal also uses the same "depot" as DHLExpress which is not nearby (as in I may as well just go get the package myself at the fulfillment house). If DHLGlobal is like SmartPost then we are basically paying for courier quality up to the local post office - then it gets lost in USPS for several days while it is hidden under a wet 40lb box.

    21. Adapteva Creator on

      To Clarify: DHL Globalmail is not the same as DHL Express – DHL Globalmail is partnered with international postal services worldwide and uses first class, trackable parcel delivery through your local postal services. We believe this will be the most reliable, track-able method of delivery. DHL Globalmail will deliver the parcel to your local mail service, who will deliver it to your address or inform you if any processing is require.
      In countries where there is import duty or VAT – you will get a notice to pay and your parcel will then be delivered.
      To the best of our knowledge the only countries where there is a fee for this service is in the UK and Canada where the Royal Postal Service charges a fee of $10 for clearance.
      Per DHL Globalmail, the expected shipping time is:
      ( and tracking via
      USA: 3-8 business days
      Australia, Canada, China, Brazil, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore and the U.K: 4-6 business days
      Other countries: 6-11 business days

    22. Esteban Corrales on

      What a lovely Christmas present a parallella board to hack during the holidays :)

      I have no problem waiting for mine, I´m in the "Pledge $199 or more" (903 backers) and wanted to know if I can still buy the case for the parallella?

      Merry Christmas to the Parallella Team and to all backers

    23. Jay on

      Backer numbers are in the email sent at the end of August with the subject: Parallella Pre-Shipping Confirmation

    24. janisozaur on

      Found it in a mail from adapteva, it's waaaaay past 130 :(

    25. janisozaur on

      How can I know my backer number?

    26. Norman Jaffe

      Please don't use a courier to Canada - UPS adds a surcharge that can be bigger than the cost of the item plus shipping, and hold the package hostage. FedEx isn't quite as greedy but they, like DHL, are often impatient and only give you one chance to be home to receive the package. USPS / Canada Post is by far the fastest delivery, most reliable and lowest cost! And they will hold your package at a post office for more than a couple of days before sending it back to the shipper, unlike a number of couriers.

    27. Magnus Svantesson on

      Looks great! Lucky {}#%^!! who gets the first bunch!

    28. fmotta on

      Ugh... I agree with Anthony... DHL is mediocre in Europe (well probably good there). DHL is the worst (even worse than USPS or SmartPost) in USA. Better luck with "trust mail" (aka handing it to someone traveling in the general direction and hoping they are honest) than DHL.

    29. Frederick Blais on

      USPS in Canada is the way to go.

    30. Missing avatar

      Richard Huntrods on


      Please offer us the use of USPS instead.

      Couriers always rip us off with huge $$$ "brokerage fees" walking the box from one counter in customs to another. It's a joke and a huge rip off. USPS delivers straight to the door (using Canada Post across the border here) without fuss, without muss, and WITHOUT EXTRA COSTS.

      If we have to pay taxes (there should be NO DUTY on this stuff), then with USPS we pay the minimum legally required. Couriers just jack up the cost with tacked-on fees.


    31. Anthony on

      Do not not NOT use DHL! The vast majority of the Ouya's shipment problems were thanks to DHL. My device arrived two months after shipment and soaking wet. (I'm in the US.) Please use a courier that deserves your money, like UPS or FedEx.

    32. James Kennedy on

      They look pretty wonderful. can't wait to get one. I'm far down in the 2676 list; hope you get to me early next year. Happy 2014 and Merry Christmas to those lucky enough to get a Parallela just in time to trim the tree. LOL!

    33. Missing avatar

      NotZippy on

      Please don't use DHL to ship to Canada, they always charge an additional fee for "processing" the import which is total BS. Use USPS or UPS instead..