Parallella: A Supercomputer For Everyone

by Adapteva

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    1. Kenichi Kato on

      Blue, my favourite color!

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      Kurtis Mullins on

      That's great news. Thanks for the updates!

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      Hector Silva

      The blue reminds me of those old iMac boards

    4. Anton on

      Can you give some more details about the change "Made the USB port host-mode only as default build option"?

    5. Adapteva Creator on

      @kenichi Mine too!

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      Khushwant Peswani on

      Blue is good! Thanks:-)

    7. Adapteva Creator on

      @Anton We were having some issues booting from a USB drive and wanted to take the safe root. One of the issues was not having the required 100uF capacitor on the VBUS. All the Zynq boards we have reviewed so far all had build or jumper options for choosing between OTG and host mode.

    8. Federico Lucifredi on

      I love blue boards, and Yay on the progress!

    9. David Preece on

      Nice one, well done :)

    10. Dacian Herbei on

      I can't wait to get mine!

    11. Missing avatar

      Fedor Rusak on

      Looks awesome!

      Parallella plans became reality. Can't wait to play with it :)


    12. Simon Huwyler on

      pfffff..... blue..... booooring! I'd prefer mine in porky-pink! ;-)

    13. 'Yngvald' aka HannesFury on

      "take the safe root"... ha, I geddit, clever!

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      Andres Huwely on

      I am so looking forward to see what can be done with that piece...

      With the new ceramic capacitor - did you recheck that the different (lower) esr of ceramic is still OK?

      Here some hints what I mean:…

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      Miro Karnik on

      I love it :-) for me it can be even pink with red dots, sofar it is working well :-)

    16. James Kennedy on

      it's magnificent; scout's honor!

    17. Beau Webber on

      Love the blue ...
      But also worried re the Tant => Cer capacitor change.
      Tantalums damp resonances and so are good for decouplers.
      Ceramic are higher Q. I like to use both, for best performance.

    18. kloplop321 on

      Glad there's progress!

      Seems like they aren't meeting the small size as initially desired :)

    19. David Harris on

      The strips on the top and bottom break off, I think.

    20. Raymond J. Harmon on

      Nice! Glad to hear things are moving a little better. Thank you for your diligence.

    21. Corey O'Connor on

      Thanks for the updates!
      Anybody else going to work on haskell (ghc) support for these systems?

    22. Adapteva Creator on

      @all Thanks for the encouragement and feedback about the color. Looks like we made the right choice!

    23. Adapteva Creator on

      @beau, @andres The caps being switched out were 100uF decoupling capacitors for the Zynq supplies. We "should" be OK baesd on calculations and reference design comparisons.

    24. Adapteva Creator on

      The good news is that the new boards are on schedule and will arrive tomorrow.

      The big "announcement" has been delayed by a few more days, unfortunately the timing is largely out of our control.