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The Parallella project will make parallel computing accessible to everyone.
The Parallella project will make parallel computing accessible to everyone.
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4,965 backers pledged $898,921 to help bring this project to life.

Shipment Delays

Posted by Adapteva (Creator)

Dear Friends and Backers:

Not sure where to start… The last couple of months have been a disaster and I am disappointed to report that we are still weeks away from being able to ship the final Parallella products. What went wrong? Well, pretty much everything…

  • Finances: The Parallella project has stretched our team and finances to the limit over the past year and many of the most difficult challenges we have faced have been due to a lack of resources. Fortunately I can now state with more confidence than ever that both Adapteva and the Parallella project are going to be ok!!!
  • Team: A key member of our three person engineering team left the company in August, causing parts of the Parallella project to grind to a halt. Unfortunately, because of our tight funding situation over the last year we have never had the luxury of building up knowledge redundancy anywhere in the project. The critical employee knowledge transfer is now complete and thanks to the addition of Antmicro to the project, Parallella is back on track and stronger than ever!
  • Logistics: Despite our strong objections, a key single source part on the Parallella board was abruptly end-of-life’ed by the vendor in August. We don’t want to name the vendor here, but the BOM and schematics are open source so I am sure you can figure it out. (a lack of availability of that part was the reason the Gen0 board only shipped in July) We should have enough parts available to ship all Kickstarter rewards and pre-order purchases, but we will need to stop taking more pre-orders until we can redesign the board to accommodate a replacement part.

Parallella Board Updates:

  • Epiphany Chips: One of the biggest risk items for the Parallella project was getting the Epiphany III chip into production status. This meant we had to completely redesign our chip package and do a full mask tapeout for the Parallella project. I am happy to report that 8,700+ chips came back in September and so far the raw yield is over 75%! Our goal is to get the Epiphany product into general distribution channels so that Parallella can qualify as a true open source hardware platform. READ MORE
  • Shipping: The logistics of shipping 6,300 boards to backers is a huge challenge but thanks to our new team members, Graham and Diana, the fulfillment infrastructure is now in a great shape and we are ready to start shipping (as soon as the final boards arrive).
  • Board Bringup: Last week I traveled to our new friends at Antmicro in Poznan, Poland to finish the bringup of the Parallella Gen1 boards. Peter, Karol, and Michael, and the rest of the team at Antmicro are true “embedded rockstars”! and we made quick work of getting all the final features tested out in a couple of days. The following rough video (sorry for the quality!) shows that the major power issue that we had on Gen0 has been solved!

Other Parallella Updates:(to show that the best is yet to come)

  • Parallella Demo: During the summer we put together a demo with our summer interns showing how easy it can be to make use of the Epiphany coprocessor. It took our interns two weeks to put together the demo software and have it running on the Parallella Gen0 boards! READ MORE
  • Secret Features: Thanks to relentless testing from our interns, we were also able to finally disclose some nifty parallel Parallella programming features that had been hiding inside the Epiphany chips for years. Features like these will become very important as we scale up to 1024 cores in coming years. READ MORE
  • Backer Survey: There is no doubt that we have the best supporters, partners, and customers in the industry bar none! We recently sent out a marketing survey to find out what everyone wanted to do with the Parallella boards and Epiphany chips. Close to 50% of you responded, which is a mind boggling number! Knowing that there is so much enthusiasm out there drives us forward and keeps us committed to shipping these products regardless of cost. READ MORE
  • New Logo: A much overdue new project logo that we think fits the Parallella project perfectly! READ MORE
  • University Program: The interest from Universities keeps building. We now have over 120 universities that have bought kits and/or signed up for the Parallella University Program. READ MORE

What’s Next?

1.) This week we will be sending out the “final” design files to manufacturing and build 200 Parallella Gen1.1 boards. These final board design files will incorporate the HDMI routing fix and a couple of minor issues found during the recent bring-up work.

2.) Ship the first 200 Parallella product boards by November 15th.

3.) Ramp up to 6,300 units as quickly as we possible!

I am truly sorry that this project has not come together as planned, but I hope the data presented here will convince you that we are doing everything we possibly can to fulfill our commitments and to start shipping as soon as possible.


Andreas Olofsson


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    1. Missing avatar

      Gregor Wilson on

      Whilst as en engineer I understand delays can be inevitable, I think everyone would appreciate another update so that we know where we stand with receiving the boards. I am sure I am not alone in being someone whose address has changed since making the order, so please also make sure there is the ability to finalise shipping details again, thanks.

    2. Missing avatar

      Arvindh Rao on


      It is clear that your firm was in over its head when it raised a lot of good money. You did not have the capacity or the operational experience needed to even come close to delivering on schedule. All that can be forgiven - in your recent update you say you will deliver 200 boards by Nov 15. It is now Nov 20. Please let us know if those boards are out or if your management incompetence extends to being unable to set a realistic deadline even after everyboy's expectations is down to 0.


    3. Missing avatar

      Chris Mac Murray on

      This has been such a dissapointing experience, I dont think i will be working with kickstarter any more, and it is specifically because of this project :(

    4. lulin on

      Any good news?

    5. Missing avatar

      Benton Bullwinkel on

      Any new updates? It's been a month.

    6. Missing avatar

      Paul Tsai on

      Seriously, when will we get these boards?

    7. Missing avatar

      Lloyd Geo Scott on

      Dear Team, I await your success.Sooner is better than later but later is better than not at all. Lloyd

    8. Missing avatar

      Al Hopper on

      In the early days of this project, updates were pushed out in a timely manner and showed great resolve and a genuine effort to be honest and up-front with the backer community.

      However, that is clearly not the "vibe" I see in the last few months. Very few updates - and each update more marketing fluff and political spin that the previous one.

      You guys have lost a lot of credibility from me - both technical credibility and trustability. And, obviously there were reasons for that "critical" tech resource to leave this project after investing so much. You have not been upfront with us on that matter either. Obviously there are deeper issues here ....

      Call me skeptical at this point - as to whether or not I'll receive a board. Call me very disappointed regardless of the final outcome of the project.

      Good Luck!

    9. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    10. Jace Remacle on

      I know you guys are doing the best you can with what you have. Some people don't understand that deadlines can be broken, especially if a key member leaves a team. I'm as excited as everyone else to get my board, but I'd rather have it done right.

      Keep up the good work

    11. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      Ian, you clearly don't understand the underlying issue. Everyone understands what marketing is for, but you don't seem to understand that what a company needs more than marketing for "continuing life" is the capacity to deliver a product. Of course anyone can opt-out with a simple spam filter, but that is not the point. You may want to read between the lines on the information given. 3% *may* go out Nov 15th, if you believe this 4th estimate. Extrapolate that and toss in some extra time for further delays, and then ask yourself how you feel about this thing being a year late instead of just the 6 months it's already behind.

    12. Missing avatar

      Kris on

      So it has been 2 weeks now. What is the estimate that how many more weeks it will take?

    13. ian deal on

      Hi, to be fair, I did not mind the marketing email one iota. It was purely aimed at those involved in next generation development.

      We must also remember, Adapteva is a commercial enterprise, whose continuing life, is wholly dependent on continuing ongoing commercial sales of all it's products. That being said, they have my total full and unconditional support.

      For those, who do not wish to receive automated marketing emails, it should not be very difficult to integrate an opt out section, at some future date.

      The Parallella team, have worked very long hours, to both create and have advised as to when they will deliver this fantastic innovative product. .

      Recently, a new kickstarter project called "HDMIPi", a 12 volt affordable 9" Hi def LCD screen, resolution 1280 by 800. There is no reason, why this screen cannot be used with Parallella's HDMI output.

    14. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      I'd have to agree with Marcos also. At a minimum, they should feel a little awkward sending marketing emails trying to sell a product when they're already 6 months behind on delivering the original (with no real end in sight). Given the +15% funding here, I guess I'm a little confused how they've been broke for the last year. It does seem to indicate either a decent sized shortfall in planning, or some misappropriations in funds.

    15. Alejandro Cortina on

      Hi Guys,

      sorry but I agree about what Marcos says, I've got an email from you on september about "pre-shipping confirmation" and still nothing. Then I've got another email trying to sell us another board "ready to ship" where I didn't got the previous I pledged... not a very good feeling..I trust you and I guess we all do, but PLEASE don't use our mailboxes to sell things where you haven't delivered the previous product.


    16. Missing avatar

      Marcos Scriven on

      @davidhansen - yep :

      And now we get yet another marketing email trying to sell us something else before they've delivered... Olofsson seriously needs to focus.

    17. Maximiliam Luppe on

      Is it possible to create a donation link at Adapteva shopping site ( So everybody that wanna help could send more money.

    18. Missing avatar

      Daniele Tesema on

      Parallella and the team have came back from the impossible before (it is nothing new), we will stand with you to the end. I can contribute more if needed.

      Welcome new team members :)

    19. Kent Williams-King on

      Hello again!

      To echo what others have already said . . . "Done right >= Done fast". I'm too busy to make proper use of my Parallella at least until Feburary anyhow, so according to me, all you've done now is save me from a couple of months of temptation. :)

      I'm really enjoying reading through the architecture manual. In particular I'm thrilled to see the multicast support; I was wondering how I was going to implement support for that in software. Good to see you guys anticipated that! That, and the hardware loop support, have me excited. I've not seen that before in an architecture, but -- much to my shame -- I've only really seen Intel and ARM in any detail.

      Regardless, best of luck with finishing everything off. To echo other backers once again, if you need an extra $20 to get everything done, I'd be more than happy to chip in. :)

      Oh, and a welcome to the new team members as well! Thank you for helping make the Parallella happen. :)


    20. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    21. Missing avatar

      Adam Warkiewicz on

      Dobra robota Panowie!

    22. Kristofer Björnson on

      Following David Hansen's suggestion I'm willing to contribute $80 (4*$20) if needed.

    23. Beau Webber on

      Ask us for more money if you need it. We know haw much grief these projects can be, from the most unexpected directions.
      I recently have just managed to make a project fly, where I put a new PCB, new firmware, and new software together, and expected it to fly - it turned out everything I had done was right, but two changes in a firmware VHDL compiler lost me much of two months.
      You will be too busy for to follow the link, but I put it here in case there is anyone who does not believe you can be bitten by problems that are not your fault. :…

    24. Missing avatar

      David Hansen on

      @Marcos - They spent backer money on a highly-paid marketing manager? Do you have a source for this?

    25. Missing avatar

      Marcos Scriven on

      I would have much more sympathy for this if you weren't spending money on experienced marketing managers and logo redesigns when you should be focussing on actually getting the work done.

    26. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Paasch on

      Totally ok with delays to be frank, I just would like a bit more updates to keep all of us backers informed on what's going on. It is nice to know what the struggles are, or the wins etc. I echo the sentiment that if you need a few more $'s in order to prevent the project from shutting down I'm totally ok with giving a bit more.

    27. Gareth Nelson on


      Just kidding, kickstarter is all about backing innovative and possibly risky projects, so long as you guys are doing all you can to get us our devices i'm sure your backers will back you.

      Really looking forward to getting my cluster.

    28. Missing avatar

      Christian Toft on

      It's so good to see all these positive comments! I expected to see lots of complaints here, but apparently Parallella supporters choose a larger perspective. And I agree totally. Just pleased to see it come to fruition, and lay a foundation of experience for further development. Keep up the good work!

    29. Missing avatar

      Ian Foster on

      I realize that I don't need my board: it would be fun but I am overcommitted on other projects. Please use my payment as a contribution to your wonderful project.

    30. Missing avatar

      Jim Peters on

      Delays happen despite the best planning. Please, we want your company to survive this process and to support the ecosystem long-term.

    31. Missing avatar

      Adam Duracz on

      Thanks for keeping us in the loop, best of luck getting the boards out the door!

    32. Dacian Herbei on

      huge amount work... good luck with the further development...
      I wish thou that you reply to my e-mail when you have time.
      So I guess I have to wait until end of November for my board.
      I'm not sure if m project will ever lift from the ground if more delays come in.
      best wishes,

    33. Missing avatar

      Sylvain Munaut on

      Anyone figured out which part is EOL ? I did a quick check but didn't find anything. The PMICs seem to be out of stock but I didn't see an EOL notice for them. Also couldn't really find anything on the Marvell PHY.

    34. Missing avatar

      Yann Vernier on

      Sounds pretty much like back on track to me, and terrific news about the previously undisclosed features! They each sound quite helpful (detour actually near necessary), and I particularly like the multicast feature.

    35. Missing avatar

      Marius TIVADAR on

      Keep on going! We are all here to support you. I wouldn't mind to donate some $ to support this project. Of course, every project has delays and funds issues, I guess we all expected this. No worries!

    36. Missing avatar

      Fedor Rusak on


      I just wanted to say that I am checking news on your site nearly every day. I can't even grasp all the things that are so different in your project.

      It is backed by ordinary people, not by some greedy VC, you have small team, you are making a super-cool multi-processor stuff, you want to produce ready-to-use combination of software for new piece of hardware. And I hope you have great time with all the challenges and great people involved.

      Don't forget about rest and family. Life does not end after this project.

      Best wishes,

    37. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    38. Missing avatar

      kalyok on

      I concur with all previous comments - keep up fighting the fight! Even though I didn't order the physical board I really wish the project to succeed.

      Go Adapteva!!! Go Parallella!!! :)

    39. Missing avatar

      Miro Karnik on

      It's sas to read about next delay, but better to get full working New Year present than buggy St. Nicholas gift. What to say else? "GO Epiphany!", "Go Parallella!" :-)

    40. ian deal on

      This is excellent news, thank you for the latest update. Please note, I have absolutely no problems with the current delays in the progress of this amazing project or shipping.

      ditto all previous comments.

    41. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Ford on

      Not at all worried about the delays - real products are complex and difficult. Also, have to say - I really enjoy reading the updates on here, the blog and twitter. Keep going!

    42. Missing avatar

      Liane on

      Ditto to David Hansen's comment - we'd rather donate an extra $20 than see the project shut down.

    43. Roberto Arias on

      delays are normal in this type of project, please let us know.

    44. Missing avatar

      galustiza on

      Thanks for the update and keep up the fight. Your backers support you and your team 100%

    45. Paul Taylor on

      Keep up the good fight people! I'm looking forward to your success!

    46. Missing avatar

      jjs0sbw on

      As they say...

      The improbable accomplished immediately...

      The impossible takes just a bit longer..

      Great job guys... let the backers know if you need more $$ ..

      Would rather pay a few more $$ than have 0.. nada.. nothing.. and so on..

    47. Missing avatar

      David Hansen on

      If you guys run into irreparable financial issues, PLEASE at least offer backers a chance to buy back in for $20 per board or whatever you need rather than just shut the project down. I'd much rather have my board for $120 than nothing for $100, and I suspect most backers would agree.

    48. Dave Graham

      thanks for your transparency, Andreas. looking forward to see what you've accomplished!!!

    49. Missing avatar

      Brian Yarmak on

      I'm sure many will agree with me.

      Done right > Done fast