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The Parallella project will make parallel computing accessible to everyone.
The Parallella project will make parallel computing accessible to everyone.
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Shipping Parallella to early Kickstarter backers!

Posted by Adapteva (Creator)

Last week we put together the first large scale Parallella cluster. The system consisted of 42 Parallella boards (for a total of 756 CPUs), with the total power consumption coming in under 500 Watts. This makes it possibly one of the densest clusters in the world thanks to the Parallella board! We have been drinking the Parallella cool-aid for a long time, but we were still surprised by how easy it was to put this together.:-)

By constructing our very own Parallella cluster we received validation that we are finally ready to ship our gen-0 Parallella boards to backers. It has certainly been a long time coming! It seems like ages ago (IN FACT IT WAS!) that we shipped the bulky Parallella prototypes. Yesterday we shipped the first credit card sized gen-0 Parallella board to a Kickstarter backer and approximately 40 more will go out this week to other early access backers (ROLF, 64-CORE-PLUS, and DEVELOPER reward levels) and folks who generously answered our cry for help a month back.

Today we also announced that we are ready take pre-orders for the 16-core Parallella board online at We are pleased so say that we were able to keep the Parallella entry point at $99 (for the zynq-7010 version) without losing money! It goes without saying that that the pre-orders will be fulfilled only after the Kickstarter backer orders have all shipped!

Lots more announcements and blog posts coming up in the next week so stay tuned!



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    1. Missing avatar

      agustin fuentes on

      I did not get any shipping mail at all!!

    2. Kenichi Kato on

      Didn't get any emails about the shipment of my board. Any update on when I'll be getting my board?

    3. Missing avatar

      David Hansen on

      At least update this post to remove the reference to updates "next week". The expectation is the problem, not the delay.

    4. Missing avatar

      David Hansen on

      I strongly suspect the heat death issues being experienced by the rev0 board recipients (over on the main site forums) are a much larger problem than initially thought. I hope the parallella people issue an update soon.

      My guess is another 9 months or so. But who knows?

    5. kloplop321 on

      Guess you guys are still getting delays. Seems like everyone that's making an electronic device, such as the iControlPad 2 is getting delayed by months.

    6. Missing avatar

      arthur zeidin on

      I cannot wait to get my board so i can implement it to my prototype.

    7. Missing avatar

      David Hansen on

      @Adrian Wong - Yes. Yes we were. This kind of misdirection is what we've come to expect, though. At this point I'll be happy to see my board by 2015.

    8. Robert Frisbie on

      I have moved since I participated in this kickstarter. How do I update my address for when the boards ship out?

    9. Adrian Wong on

      Weren't we suppose to get an update last week as to what is happening to shipments of units?

    10. Missing avatar

      agustin fuentes on

      It is possible to use a c++11 Compiler with this computer?
      Can be it possible some way?
      I would like to use the new multithreading capabilities of the new standard.
      But someone is going to tell me it is not possible.

    11. Adapteva Creator on

      @Thiyagarajan,@roy As mentioned in the updated pm 40 boards went out as part of the early shipments. All other shipments are still a few weeks out.

      @all We will be sending out a mass email showing the shipment address on record this week, you will have a chance to update at that time.

    12. Thiyagarajan on

      I dont think you will post the list of shipped backers...atleast let us know how many boards you shipped in first batch ...please try to answer ....

    13. Missing avatar

      Ashim Roy on

      Can you provide some specifics on shipping date? Also, how can I check if the boards have been shipped already. And, where can I check what address I originally provided and the process of updating the address, if required.


    14. Missing avatar

      alexp2012 on

      I'd also like to know how to update my shipping address

    15. Minku Lee on

      Congrats! Actually I sent a previously message about forum registration via Kickstarter message, but I got no response. I can't find any support email or so, is it a way that I can get anwser about some questions?

    16. Ammar Mirza on

      If I buy your bundle pack on your store will it have the sandisk preinstalled with linux?

    17. Jon Nebenfuhr on

      I too have changed my geographic location and require instructions for adjusting the USPS instruction set.

    18. Missing avatar

      Heater on

      I would also like to know how to update my shipping address having moved recently.

    19. Missing avatar

      terenceg on

      Ditto Tim Savage's comment. I've moved in the past year and would likely have no recourse if my reward arrived at the old address.

    20. Tim Savage on

      Where do we update our shipping address? I've asked previously and been told this will be available.


    21. Adapteva Creator on

      @gerard Most up to date schematics published on github:

      @robert The kickstarter rewards will ship before the pre-orders, still working out how much earlier.

      @robert We are preparing a post to show what we did with the cluster.

      @angel, @heri, @kenichi Thanks!

    22. Gerard Braad on

      The board looks like very densely populated; any schematics available for this?

    23. Robert David Hannent on

      @ Gareth Nelson,
      The shop says October delivery for the 4 board cluster.

    24. Robert David Hannent on

      Did you run any diagnostics against it?

    25. Kenichi Kato on

      Now my 20 year-old wish has finally come true. Looking forward to my very own supercomputer!

    26. Heri Sim

      Awesome! Add PoE, and an additional RJ45 header in parallel, to daisy chain.

    27. Angel Leon on

      Great news, can't wait to see how fast it will be to process massive amounts of data

    28. Adapteva Creator on

      @Hewitt Thanks!

      @kalyok There have been some discussion about this at We would definitely appreciate your inputs on the subject of scaled up motherboard designs.

      @Samuel With our ship target moving and folks moving a lot it's turning out to be quite a challenge to keep track. We will need to freeze all changes about 4 weeks before shipping and will send out a notice at that time.

      @Anton Thanks! Great suggestion, we'll see what we can add to "the store".

      @matthew @brian The GLFOPS performance numbers are going to be OK at best. We were much more excited about having 756 CPU cores (albeit small cores) at our disposable.

      @George I think the question is what are YOU going to do with that many cores:-)

      @gareth @nelson Given our track record for giving ship dates, we want be 100% sure before we give you an updated ship date on the next batch of boards.

    29. Missing avatar

      kalyok on

      Hi Adapteva Team,

      I am reposting my message from main thread with some changes in hopes that at least one of them will be answered. I would like to ask how difficult would it be to design a "compute" version of Parallella supercomputer without network/power/etc. external connectors and use header pins along one long edge instead? Then it would be possible to design a mainboard where these would plug without cable clutter. I would think about standard 1U-sever-chassis-sized mainboard with headers and power elements to power and interconnect, say, 128 of these boards (I believe Parallella boards will fit into that by height, otherwise 2U chassis). Also I see a reason to think of any other existing motherboard standard best suitable for is so people can use existing cases and power supplies to connect power and network to these mainboards to create their own supercomputers. Main idea would be to create your own standard header connectors which can be used in future developments so people can remove 16+2 boards and install 64+2 boards in the future, when they need more compute power (well, mainboard needs to be capable of handling the load, of course, but that's obvious).

      Another thought would be to develop (if it isn't done yet) some sort of firmware code to have LED(s) on another long edge of the board (opposite header connectors) illuminate when hardware malfunction or failure is detected. Or head node could send a signal to turn on LED(s) when erroneous code is being sent back from a "compute node. You know, having pop up lid open on 1U server and figure out which one of 128 boards is out would be quite a challenge, which would turn into no-brainier with these LEDs.

      Also, wouldn't it be justifiable to have these "compute" boards to come without MicroSD connector (to make boards even smaller) and have 1GB (or whatever is appropriate) flash chip soldered onto the board. There may even be an option for customers to order larger chips soldered on the board for slightly higher cost. Reason for that (as well as for all of the above) would be corporate users. From that standpoint sneaking out of facility MicroSD card and later downloading bits from that card would be much easier than from Parallella board. Much better solution would be to have RAM disk for all of the "compute" nodes to prevent this scenario from happening, but with current limitations on memory size I yet to see the future in that...

      My wild ideas may be far from reality, so please let me know if any of them would make any sense to develop.

    30. Samuel Barney on

      So... I never received an email to comfirm my shipping address, and I have moved since I backed the project (and I will be moving again in the next two weeks). Is there somewhere I could update my address to where I will be moving?

    31. Missing avatar

      jeff on

      Great job all

    32. Benjamin Gordy on

      This is fantastic!

    33. AJ on

      So exciting! Can't wait for the other backer orders to ship!

    34. Anton on

      What do you think, when it might be possible to make available Parallela-64 for (pre)order?
      Also it would be awesome to add to your shop power supply that could support few Parallela boards at once
      And one more thing. I would like to order Parallella Accessory Bundle so it could be shipped with my board. Is it possible? I would be win-win solution - I will get my card with all required cables already and this way I could support you a little bit more :)

      One more idea - add an upgrade(?) for single Parallela board with metal standoff legs. It will allow me to buy boards one by one, gradually upgrading cluster without spending too much at one time. After all. this project is exactly about it. Need more computing power? Just add more processors!

      And congratulations with first Parallela cluster!!

    35. Brian N. Makin on

      @Matthew Epiphany III specs at 32 GFLOPS Peak Performance
      so Theoretical peak is ~1.3Tflops

    36. Worrix on

      What was the real world flops for the 42 board setup?
      I would love for this to be competing agents Nvidia powered systems.

    37. George B - Knowledgepower on

      756 CPUs, awesome. Sooo... what kind of things are you guys doing with that? Obviously we have to know how many of these to buy and stack :)

    38. Gareth Nelson on

      When will CLUSTER be likely to ship?

    39. Owen Hahn on

      That's fantastic!

    40. Dacian Herbei on

      great can't wait to run my sw on it.

    41. Missing avatar

      Nathan Malinoski on

      Congratulations! I can't wait to try these things out.

      Any word on the design or shipping for the cases?