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The Parallella project will make parallel computing accessible to everyone.
The Parallella project will make parallel computing accessible to everyone.
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Progress report and shipping update

Posted by Adapteva (Creator)
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Parallella Beta Cluster

We are happy to announce that we can finally offer updated delivery schedules with some confidence. We wish we could have done it earlier, but there was simply too much uncertainty around parts availability, long lead times, and platform stability to be able to offer a meaningful schedule update. We are as disappointed with the schedule slips as you are and do apologize (again). We take this updated shipping date seriously and do see it as a major milestone to be able to commit to an updated schedule and don't take it lightly.

Updated Delivery Estimates:

  • Early access shipments(~100) by the end of June. This has been pushed out another two weeks due to a part number change on these Parallella "Beta" boards. These Beta boards will go out to backers who had deliver dates of February (or earlier).
  • All shipments by the end of August. (~6,300)


  • Full mask tapeout went out some time ago and we are scheduled to get ~50K 16-core dies by the end of June. Once we get distributors set up with these Epiphany chips, the complete Parallella BOM will be generally available from standard distribution channels.
  • Redesigned the Epiphany-III package to have better thermal characteristics. Because the Epiphany die is so tiny, thermal dissipation was a significant challenge.
  • Significant progress made in stabilizing and optimizing the FPGA logic and Epiphany software drivers/SDK. This is hard and rarely appreciated work that lays the foundation of a great product.
  • Ran through a number of intense benchmarks from Phoronix, demonstrating that the platform is quite stable and has pretty decent performance even without turning on the Epiphany cores.
  • Headless parallella system is now stable at 667MHz for the ARM and 667MHz for the Epiphany CPU. Once we have all the key features working together we will get back to further improving the clock frequencies.

Upcoming Tasks:

  • Test, test, test!
  • Finish bringing up HDMI transmitter
  • Release latest schematics to get last minute feedback from the Parallella community.
  • Spin the board to fix any Beta board issues.

Help Needed:

At this point we are running flat out and unfortunately we are still not meeting our schedules. Having done this for 8 months since the start of the Parallella project (and really 5 years since the beginning of Adapteva) fatigue is starting to become a factor. We could really use more hands on deck immediately to not slip further! If you have significant experience in the following areas and want to get involved in the Parallella project, then please contact us right away.

  • Linux drivers, board support packages, and board bringup
  • Logistics (shipping, procurement,...)
  • Product testing (chip, board, system,..)
  • Technical customer support, field application engineering
  • Parallel programming


It has been incredibly rewarding to be able to interact with some ridiculously gifted and experienced programmers at @tnt, @hoernchen, @timpart, @tjt7a, @sundance, @embecosm, @dar, @dad, @Dr.BeauWebber, @simoncook, @theover,@shodruck, @e2dk, @solardiz, and many others. Together, we are showing the world why collaboration and openness will win in the end! If we have this much positive momentum with less than 30 boards in the field, imagine what will happen when 6,300 power up!


As you surely have noticed, we are running late but we are making progress every day!  We will never give up on this project and sincerely hope that you will all stay with us until the end.

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    1. Missing avatar

      alexp2012 on

      I second Travesty's question - I also recently moved and I'd like to change the shipping information.

    2. Missing avatar

      Travesty on

      Apologies if this question is answered somewhere on the kickstarter page (searched the kickstarter page, website, etc to no avail); is there some way to update / change the shipping information for parallella backers? As someone who just recently moved and is still interested in playing with this exciting product when it ships out I would definitely be interested in updating my shipping info!

    3. Missing avatar

      Andres Huwely on

      I am very pleased with the ongoing, indeed. With all this news these days I am thinking of ordering more boards - and "misuse" it as low power 24/7 server (e.g. email). So the long time stability / temperature robustness would for me be a reall issue. Maybe I will try to make gentoo work on it...

      Where would I look for ordering more pieces? Would you be able to ship em (with the original backers one) all together? (and safe shipment fee)

    4. Missing avatar

      11011 on

      Same here, no reply.

    5. Missing avatar

      Matteo Vit on

      I wrote the same a week ago, but no reply yet.

    6. Dacian Herbei on

      I wrote I can help and got no answer.
      did anyone get any answer?

    7. James Yong on

      no problems with waiting as long as shipped hardware is stable!

    8. fmotta on

      Thanks for doing what so few project managers seem to do... communicate and update with estimated deliveries. it really should not be that difficult. But, evidently that 5 minutes type out a few lines that include any alterations in the definition or the schedule seems to be a major undertaking. Thanks again!

    9. Yankee Doodle on

      Slow and stead wins the race. take your time, perfect it before putting it to people's hands. Its better to have a good product out than sending a half baked one and taking the blame and reputation issues later. I was seriously hoping that you make enuf money to give 64 core out to all :)

    10. Missing avatar

      11011 on

      oops, his email.

    11. Missing avatar

      11011 on

      I know of someone who might be of help with "Linux drivers, board support packages, and board bringup" as well as (possibly) parallel programming. I could send you he's email if you would like ?

    12. David McCoy on

      It's great to hear you've got a batch of Epiphany III ICs coming out, I'm currently designing an FPGA development board. I've been considering putting one of these on it. Do you have a perspective distributor? Is there a chance that I can get 6 samples?

    13. Adapteva Creator on

      @Tom You are 100% right, but it's still advice that's very difficult to follow when you are behind schedule.(speaking from personal experience...)

      @Kevinm @11011 We definitely won't ship before we are ready and thanks for the patience!

      @Louis @Futuresweet Thanks! A great place to start is to start by being active on the parallella forum with Q&A as new users get ramped up with the SDK. (

      @Michael A great quote from one of my favorite books! I quote it often..."adding manpower to a late software project makes it later"

      @Mark Thanks! We definitely have another 3 months of hard work left in us before getting to E. Seeing all the positive comments here really gives us a boost.

      @Kalyok Yes, definitely 1GB still. The complete specs can be found at

      @jjs0sbw @eric @Nicolas Thanks!

    14. Missing avatar

      Tom Clarke on

      Burnout is a real danger, would recommend that everyone on your team take a holiday for a week, it's not going to be that much of a delay to the product launch, and gives you chance to recharge your batteries. I've recovered from burnout before, it slowed me down much more than if I had just taken a holiday early on. Please consider it. Thank you.

    15. Kevin McCaughey on

      No problem on running late - don't run yourselves into the ground! Just ship when ready :)

    16. Missing avatar

      11011 on

      I second that; Please don't shortcut on quality or compromise reliability to satisfy schedule.

    17. Louis Ruffino on

      Thanks for update. I have every confidence that you will deliver an outstanding product in due course.Please don't shortcut on quality or compromise satisfy schedule.You have done a great job so far, keep up the good work.

      If I can help on FAE type support and evangelizing Epiphany board in SE Florida, count me in.
      I am planning my own applications, and would enjoy the challenge of sizing up and solving the implementation of other parallel processing problems.

    18. Nicolas R Dufour on

      Better later than never! It's really great to see updates. Thanks for that!

    19. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    20. Missing avatar

      Futuresweet on

      I would love to get in and do tech support for you, but I have limitations that would limit me to working at home. I can do chats / email support calls or do webcam conferences. I've done phone support and chat / email support for a major software company and server support for major hardware firm.

    21. Missing avatar

      kalyok on

      Following my previous post - I found that the board was supposed to have 1GB or RAM, so then my question would be if this number changed in any way?

      Thanks! ^_^

    22. Missing avatar

      kalyok on

      Guys, I am sure this was asked many times and, in fact, may be somewhere on documentation, but I cannot find info on how much RAM does this Parallella board has? I know that it has 32k local memory per core (total of 512k of L1 cache per 16 core chip), but I don't seem to find how much RAM the complete board has. Help me out, please!

      Thank you in advance!

    23. Missing avatar

      mark foley on

      Hi guys,

      I could sense the exhaustion in your words in the update. Let me just say, this is an amazing and inspiring project, and to achieve something like this with such a small team is really just too amazing for words. I didn't order a board myself but I've enjoyed backing you guys and seeing how much you've achieved. Well done and good luck for the final push!

    24. Missing avatar

      Eric on

      Thanks for keeping the updates coming guys! I can't wait to get mine!

    25. Lami on

      Images are broken (they link to page instead of image), but I suppose you can see them by browsing their gallery here:

    26. Missing avatar

      jjs0sbw on

      Keep up the great work...

      On this exceptional product..

      Ever onward..

    27. Missing avatar

      Liad Weinberger on

      @Adapteva - great. Can't wait to get my hands on the 64-core Epiphany IV device and see how well it suits the applications my clients are looking into.

    28. Adapteva Creator on

      @kaylok Thanks for the kind words!

      @Andy T-shirt and books should be ready for the shipment in August.

      @Liad They will be shipped with the rest of the boards in August

      @Beau Thanks!!

      @the_summer Not sure what happened? Kickstarter doesn't seem to offer html editing. Looks OK in my browser.

    29. Missing avatar

      kalyok on

      I concur - only second image is visible. Could you please fix the links to the images?

      It is great to see the progress on such an amazing project! Way to go!!!

    30. Andy Lau on

      I ordered a t-shirt and a intro to parallel programming. Is there any status of those?

    31. Missing avatar

      Liad Weinberger on

      When are the 64CORE-MAY pledges expected to be shipped?

    32. Beau Webber on

      Brilliant to see this progress - Go for it, we are all pushing too !

    33. Missing avatar

      the_summer on

      My browser shows several placeholders for images, but I see only the (supposedly) 2nd image with the beta-boards stacked to a jenga-tower. Maybe the urls to the other images are not correct?

      Otherwise it's nice to see some progress.